Monday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: The panel reacts to the
  • Friday’s numbers: CNN/midnight-Tucker Carlson-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Murdoch speaks out on bias, lack of transparency at Facebook.
  • First look: Fox News’ new newsroom; Q&A: Becky Quick.
  • Megyn torches Fonda: She has ‘no business lecturing anyone’.
  • Greenwald torches Maddow: ‘scripted, dishonest, partisan hack’.
  • CNN asteroid menace debunked.  ICN: Zucker killed CNN’s brand.
  • SwampWatch videos: The Clinton Foundation
  • Levine: Does CNN, with few female hosts, have a woman problem?
  • CNN analyst’s vicious Tony Romo tweet.  CNN’s fruitful Hanoi deal.

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      • I don’t know how her viewers tolerate ten minutes of nonstop yabbering buildup (in which she sounds like Mr. Rogers painstakingly reiterating to a Special Ed. class) only in order to make some snarky convoluted quip/point.

          • I’m an anomaly. I watched Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, but refuse to watch The Rachel Maddow Show. All I know of her show is clips on The Greg Gutfeld Show or MediaBuzz (and previously, Red Eye) or Bob Somerby’s critiques.

          • So similar the host, Rogers, an ordained Presbyterian minister with a background working alongside child psychologists, Maddow, the former volleyball player and mixologist.

        • Maddow’s show really isn’t a news program, it’s more like The Daily Show or one of the other so called comedy daily event programs. She thinks she is smart & witty, but her snarky & immature comments make her & MSNBC the joke. The formula works however as liberals flock to her, where she is usually in the top 3 in cable news, recently placing first many times. Also it helps that fellow ultra-liberals like Brian Stelter & Erik Wemple, refuse to call her out for her frequent false statements & crazy conspiracies.

  1. Kona and I are in mourning today. On the bright side, we’re expected to get up to a foot of snow today and tonight.

  2. Smart move by Megyn, her response to Jane may not appeal to most liberals, but conservatives and independents likely have no tolerance for Hanoi Jane.

    • Megyn is such an enigma. Hard to figure out who she will be on any given day. All of a sudden she is a conservative again?

      • This is why I don’t get when Fox news watchers get angry at the suggestion their network is a conservative mouth piece. It seems, by in large you think fox personalities past and present are mostly conservatives as well.

        • Same reason the few CNN viewers explode if you call it a liberal network…….they see it as fair and balanced… do MSNBC viewers even though you almost never see a pro-Trump or even a pro-conservative view on their Main shows.

          Some people are just to dumb to be able to tell the difference between Opinion programing which on Fox does tend to be conservative and the “NEWS” programs which does not…..while on CNN and especially MSNBC you can hardly tell the difference between opinion and news programing.

          • So just to be clear, do you see Fox as a fair and balanced network, or do you see it as an answer to what you perceive as liberal bias from CNN and msnbc?

          • On the News side….IE: Smith or Wallace..or..Corke..or Harris…just to name a few I find it very fair and balanced…….you get somebody from both sides…..I like that…..its why poll after poll……year after year….show that MOST Fox News viewers are not conservative. I used to watch MSNBC from 4P.M. to 10PM CST…..not anymore its unwatchable and CNN is in 3rd palace in a 3 way race for a reason.

            On the opinion side IE: Hannity…….Tucker……I find Fox News is conservative for the most part but certainly not all……and its a answer to MSNBC and CNN who have few if any conservative on in any manner especially the opinion side.

          • Well, hafta disagree somewhat. CNN and MSNBC, both have had in the past personalities, I think of as leaning to the right, (more lean left I’ll grant that, certainly on MSNBC) but many of those are very critical of Trump and his brand nationalism. Were say Mitt Romney president, I don’t think that’d be the case for some of those personalities. Quick question though. I’ve never seen a poll that says most fox viewers are not conservative. You don’t by chance, know which poll said that or where I might find that? thanks if you do.

          • I’m doing homework so maybe J$ will find it first for me….only about 46% of Fox viewers are conservative….If J$ doesn’t see this I will try to find one of the polls….I know I saved it but I use 4 browsers and I don’t see it right now……..if somebody else doesn’t post it I will here tomorrow afternoon after class.

          • I have a similar recollection.

            There was polling that put the conservative audience at just under 50%.

            But I have also seen Pew polling from 2012 that put the percentage at 66%. I guess it’s possible they lost 20% of their conservative audience since then,,,seems unlikely though.

            To wit:
            Fully, 60% of Fox News viewers describe themselves as conservative, compared with 23% who say they are moderate and 10% who are liberal, according to a 2012 survey by the Pew Research Center.

          • heres some stuff i found in my bookmarks


            “Fox News is one of the most-used outlets in the survey (used by 39% of respondents in a typical week). It draws significant portions of its audience from across the ideological spectrum, but its overall audience composition skews to the right. Conservatives make up 46% of its audience (vs. 26% of all respondents).”


            see this pic…


            Fox News 40% Republican 33%Independent 22%Democratic

    • I agree. Plus, I think this is Megyn standing her ground against many of the haters at the Today Show where the last comments by Fonda were made. I’m thinking she’s ticked off since since NBC hired Katie Couric to cover the Olympics instead of bringing her along. Gotta feel like a slap in the face.

    • Love her or hate her, no one can deny Megyn is tough. She probably could have ended her monologue after showing the plastic surgery interview clips. But, she went for the jugular and Fonda is probably wishing now she hadn’t been whining so much.
      Just curious: how are Megan’s ratings now? Are they up now vs when her show debuted?

      • Last month it was reported that her ratings were increasing as she focused more on sexual harassment. I haven’t seen anything recently though.

    • Well, it once was a cable show so I vote ON TOPIC, but that’s a non-binding vote. How much shock could an old shock jock shock if the old jock was shocked out?

      • On topic. We cover graduates from cable like Megyn to track how they do, and in the comments the content rules are a little looser anyhow, so Imus is certainly not disallowed.

    • The I-Man was a part of my youth. I’d listen to the show on the way to school from 5th grade to my last college semester. If I didn’t have school, I’d watch the MSNBC simulcast.

      • I never was in an Imus radio market, but would watch the MSNBC, and later FBN, simulcast in the mornings while getting ready for work.

        I lost a lot of respect for the guy after the Imus Ranch expose. Tens of millions wasted to help so few kids and now the thing is closed and he can’t even sell it.

        • Here’s a paragraph ripped from wikipedia:
          “The main ranch house is a 14,000 sq ft (1,300 m2) adobe hacienda with Native American rugs and rustic chandeliers in the great room. It has five bedrooms for the ten children who attended each week in the summer, a library, and a dining hall which served only vegetarian meals. The design was largely under the direction of Deirdre Imus, who never had any training in finances, design, or much of anything, at a cost of construction placed at more than $25 million. — money that was sent in for kids with cancer, not for interior decorating.”

          The Ranch originally offered for sale at above $30 million remains unclaimed after a 2017 auction with a starting bid of $5 million.

      • I would watch the MSNBC and Fox Business showings until the end, been harder to listen to just on the radio post FBN. Plus he’s been having some health problems so the show seem to lose it’s lively ness in the past couple of years.

    • I used to watch the MSNBC show every day till it ended but the Ranch stuff got old. Havent seen him since he left MSNBC.

  3. What a half-arsed shutdown that was. We never did get an official ruling whose shutdown it was. I think that decision should be referred to the Speecial Prosecutor’s grand jury.

    • Crazy but one of the Marsalis brothers liked Joe’s music. As crazy as it sounds, to be it looks to me like a suck up kind of thing. Though I really can’t figure out why ANYONE would suck up to Joe.

  4. Friday was a big news night, but Shannon Bream somehow lost the demo to Don Lemon and total viewers to Brian Williams. Ouch!

    Time to reconsider her show. I hear Tomi Lahren is available.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 torches Fonda
    4 killed CNN’s brand
    3 new newsroom
    2 torches Maddow
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN analyst’s vicious Tony Romo tweet.

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