Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: the the
  • Reliable Sources: Attacks; protests; attention spans; SuperBowl.
  • Megyn vs Savannah & Hoda feud spurs on-air ‘mean girl’ jabs.
  • Kennedy video: Juan Williams, Guy Benson play
  • Zucker play: CNN chief lobbying for top job at ESPN.  Or is he?
  • Adams: Joy Reid is ‘MSNBC’s shame‘.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Q&A: Neil Cavuto talks news, Trump, etc.  Profile: Nicole Wallace.
  • Fox News, NYT top Momentum Awards.   Five years of CNN Films.
  • What does CNN’s Sanjay Gupta really know about Trump’s health?

66 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Oh come on Joy, I’m with you, MSNBC host wearing tampons on her ears and making fun of a man’s adopted kids will always be it’s shame. No, it’s the guy who proposed defecating in a lady’s mouth he didn’t like. No, it’s… oh heck, this is so hard!

  2. Actor Dean Cain, still looking good at 51 years old, co-hosting “Fox and Friends ” this morning. He guest hosted the 4th hour of the “Today” show with Hoda earlier this week. Is he just promoting his new Hallmark Channel movie, being considered for future hosting gig, or maybe both? Interesting.

  3. Of topic, but that’s what many of us do best. I really like the new “Young Sheldon” show on CBS (spin off of Big Bang Theory set in 1989). This week Sheldon was wanting to get the new tandy 100 SL System from Radio Shack. He was boasting that it had an Intel 8086 running at 8 MHz with 5 1/4 floppy drive for $998. Oh those were the days. My first was an IBM PS/2 with 30 MB memory, monochrome monitor and I paid nearly $2,000.

    • I purchased my facility’s first PC in 1982 with no idea what we’d do with it. IBM 5150, 256 KB ram, no hard drive, two floppy drives, green-phosphor monitor. With printer and a bunch of software and junk, I burnt through ten grand of the company’s money in one afternoon at Computerland. That’s in 1982 dollars. Today, I augment retirement income by refurbishing and selling them on eBay occasionally. Nostalgia market booming.

      • I’ve got an old AT&T 6300; upgraded to a Z80 chip. It worked last time I tried it. I looked on Ebay; they’re going for anywhere from $150 to $300. I don’t know if I’d want the hassle of selling and shipping it.

        • oh, so now you can collect the materials that can turn your home into an EPA superfund site….. oh man, money to be made. i could hardly give away my modern film nikon motorized stop action with multiple lenses in 04, modal 7000 something i forget, standard pro nikon then, but got like 800 for an old Minolta SLR, 600 from my high school bomber jacket, You gringos are freaking weird. duh.

        • FedEx is good for large package shipments and paying though eBay gets you a nice discount. Always have the buyer pay for the shipment. I buy from JET.COM often enough that I can just hand over my package to their FedEx delivery guy.

    • My first computer was an IBM PS/1 486 that I bought in 1993 for about $1750. 4MB RAM, 175MB hard drive, 5.25″ and 3.5″ floppy drives, Windows 3.1, and a 2400bps dial-up modem preloaded with Prodigy and AOL. I still have a working IBM ThinkPad 486 laptop from 1995. Only thing wrong with it is that the display is corrupted and I have to use an external monitor to see. Reverted to Win3.1 but it had Win95 and OS/2 Warp on it before. Didn’t all PS/2s have OS/2 on it?

  4. OK……against my better judgment I opened a twitter account today. Its part of a school project but my twitter book marks have gotten out of control 75+…….so I’m bitting the bullet. I turned off notifications so if you want my attention that wont work and I of course blocked ALL Disgraced Racist stooges and their obsessed defenders so I wouldn’t be temped to reply to the lies and racist stuff from Iceboy and MT or his 40 fake profiles..

    Following J$ lead I got gatxer01 which was available.

    So if you see me in your follow list that is me……..I know i’m going to regret this.

    Its likely that I will only be really looking at this during school so be aware.

  5. Interesting that the MSM is showing like 3000% more of the womans march protesting rights they haven’t lost…..then they did the Iran protest where women died fighting for rights they NEVER had.


      • I’m going to build that if we ever get enough snow…….in the years since I saw that pic its only snowed enough once and it was -15 the next day.

        • The weather here has been freaking frigid. COLD. We haven’t walked or gone swimming in two weeks.

          We’ve done nothing but lay around and eat. I made a chicken pot pie and we finished it in one and 1/2 days.

          If this keeps on we’ve going to need all new clothes.

          • With little work needed outside during the winter, I use the extra time to bake. Made an apple crisp today. Not helpful to the cause.

    • One point made in the article is that they can’t think of an explanation Warren could give that would satisfy the doubters.

      I can. Her opponent has sent her a 23-and-me DNA test package. take the test (in a public way so we know it’s her blood), send it in, and the results would probably satisfy most anyone. I can’t imagine any reason she didn’t do this years ago. Unless, of course, she did.

      Pocahontas indeed.

      • The article also glosses over the fact that when Harvard Law School was being criticized for their lack of diversity, a spokesman cited Warren as being Native American.

        Warren had listed this alledged lineage in a legal directory and later too on federal forms she filled out as faculty at Harvard Law.

        Warren says she never disclosed her ancestry as a way of getting ahead, but she sure put it out there in vehicles purveyed by employers.

      • The over-the-counter DNA tests have a limited catalog of Native peoples. However, the Cherokee is a large enough population to be in every major test. However, the only accurate test is a blood test. A number of tribes have offered to pay for Liawatha’s blood test. A test that would show Warren to by my people’s version of Rachel Dolezal.

  6. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 preview
    4 is he
    3 really know
    2 MSNBC’s shame
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Megyn vs Savannah & Hoda feud spurs on-air ‘mean girl’ jabs.

  7. “It’s the Schumer Shutdown.”
    “It’s the Trump Shutdown.”
    ? STOP, you’re both right! It’s two shutdowns in one!
    ?Double your shutdown. Double your fun!?

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