Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: on the Fake News Awards.
  • Lean Forward: Joy Reid recants racial attack, blames Raw Story.
  • Sanjay knows best?  What CNN didn’t say about Trump’s health.
  • Doctor poses: Joe Scarbourgh calls WH physician ‘political hack‘.
  • CNN takes third.   Tweet sparks harassment of Heather Childers.
  • Wednesday’s numbers:  Maddow-Hannity-Tucker/Laura (t) 1-2-3.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Maddow-Tucker Carlson-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Concha: CNN beefs up Moscow bureau.  HLN adding contributors.
  • Wemple: ‘Staffers’ gripe about Hill writer (who’s seen on Hannity).
  • Tucker video: when Obama was attacking Fox?

54 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. CNN now wishing for the President of the United States to die of a heart attack? I have never seen any television network stoop this low. Sickening.

  2. On last night’s SPECIAL REPORT, General Kelly could only sadly shake his head at his disapproval of Jeff Flake. There, my task was to include one of the finest people in Washington and one of the worst in one sentence and I’ve done it. If you don’t know which was which, get off my lawn.

    • Cutting to the chase: gotta stop thinking being nice will get you places (I’m talking politics here) Republicans always thought if they were kind in response people would applaud that. The reality is more people like a fighter. Don’t be the kid that cries when someone whups your as*, hit the bully back harder.

      • Being nice isn’t always a political strategy that’s employed in an attempt to win friends and influence people. Most often people are nice…and even-handed…and open to considering the views of others…because they are nice. They are fair. That’s who they are.

        However, its not mean or rude or “unpresidential”….to treat thugs like they are thugs. And frankly, it’s the mindset of a thuggish bully to kick the shite out of their targets and scream like little girls when they get thrashed in return.

        It’s the mindset of a bully and a tolitarian to be so self-referential as to preface their every whim upon some inarguable absolute that would justify disloyalty and unethical behaviour from government careerists and their own “end justices the means” thinking.

        When you’re part of an apparatus that is 90% negative about a democratically elected regime and predicate that on reasoning based on nothing more salient than culture clashes, and “where there’s smoke, there must be fire” rationale, you need to ask why you would consider yourself above getting some mud slung back your way.

        Frankly, you need to be shown that you are, indeed, a tyrant.

  3. Joy Reid says something racist nearly weekly. Eventually, MSNBC will have to admit that they have a Joy Reid Problem.

  4. Chris Cillizza tweeted something positive about President Trump. As a result, lockstep Trump haters are replying hatefully for going off the reservation. That led Joe Concha to tweet this:

    This may break the ratio-to-retweets record for today. Note: offer any positive perspective on POTUS, even something as benign as commenting on giving a good speech, and run for cover from there #safespace

  5. Now Brit Hume’s twitter account and others are the latest to be hacked by Turkish cyber army. It has to be an inside job at twitter.

  6. Whom do you trust? (sorry, Johnny Carson, but our Michael C. is a stickler for good grammar)
    Fox News ranks as the most objective information source (24 percent) followed by CNN (13 percent), and NPR (10 percent).

  7. I knew watching it that General Kelly was going it get in the POTUS doghouse which is:
    a) scary I understand Trump better than his Chief of Staff
    b) just Kelly knowing a turn in the doghouse is a calculated necessity
    c) Special Report being the true NO-SPIN-ZONE
    d) why only Bella is truly suitable for the job

  8. It was odd that Unfiltered was hiring contributors that were specifically for the show and not CNN/HLN as a whole. Having them on other shows makes more sense. I wonder if Charles Cooke and Dave Smith are also going to be contributors for other shows as well.
    Doesn’t seem all that likely that they would be used because CNN/HLN doesn’t seem to like putting on many libertarians.

    These hires didn’t make much sense for either the show or some of the contributors. Unfiltered now has six different people paid to be on-air talents and this is while it is still the least viewed show on the network and one of the least in all of cable news.

    Those contributors likely have exclusive deals. So, that would mean that they would not be allowed on other networks’ shows that would have them be seen by much more people. Hopefully they are at least paid fairly well.

    If HLN was smart, they would move the show away from being against The Five and use these contributors to turn the show into a multi-host panel show. It would be better than what it is now.

    Show is still likely to be canceled by the summer as it is.

          • Seems very likely that they cannot. Unless the show/network has simply decided to do them a favor and pay them because they appear so much but not made it exclusive. I’ve never heard of that happening.

            The only Fox show either seemed to recently appear on was Kennedy and accepting a deal to get paid a couple of times a week on Unfiltered is probably preferable to doing Kennedy every couple of weeks for free.
            If Red Eye was still on, agreeing to this deal would be foolish.

            Though, there are many shows at Fox where one appearance would put them in front of more unique viewers than appearing on Unfiltered for a year.
            One episode of Gutfeld probably gets at least 2.5 million unique viewers over the course of its three airings. If Unfiltered lasts a year, there will likely be fewer unique viewers over the course of 175+ airings.
            The show doesn’t even get 2 million views (that includes repeat viewers) over the course of a month. The show is going to average under 100,000 viewers an episode this month.

          • I’ve babbled about this before here. I understand FNC management cancelling “Red Eye” . Wasn’t happy about it but understood. But, there is still an audience for conservative/libertarian leaning talk and comedy IMHO. Guess they figure Kennedy on FBN and Greg on the weekends is enough.

  9. Today’s most popular links:
    5 knows best
    4 Joy Reid recants
    3 didn’t say
    2 about Hill writer
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tweet sparks harassment of Heather Childers.

  10. I heard Laura Ingraham introduce Raymond Arroyo tonight as a Fox News Contributor, Not an announcement, it’s just how she identified him. Maybe I’ve missed it but I haven’t seen anything about him being hired, or recall him being so described previously. I suspect he’s a contributor because Laura likes him, much like I get the feeling John Bussey is a contributor because Shep likes him.

  11. BTW, you should find and post Kennedy’s “party swap” segment from her show last night. The segment featured Juan Williams arguing the conservative view and Guy Benson as the libertarian with former pro wrestler Dolph Ziegler moderating. Quite funny!

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