Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: The press and Trump’s
  • Controversy swirls around ‘despicable’ remarks by HLN host.
  • Survey says: Fox News is America’s most trusted news source.
  • Monday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker 1-2-3.
  • Rupert ‘working from home‘ after hospitalization for accident.
  • Video: Joe Concha on media’s  Weekend numbers.
  • CNN: Fox ‘shelved‘ unverified Trump sex story (as did Slate et al).
  • MSNBC Melber-helmed series of tech town halls kicks off Friday.
  • Hacked twitter accounts used to DM Trump.   W Kamau Bell at IU.
  • Tucker videos: Brit Hume on

33 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Hannity funny playing compilation of various CNN idiots saying “sh!thole” dozens of times in rapid succession. Then referring to Stelter as “Humpty Dumpty, Zucker’s puppet”.

    • Gotta say Trump got suckered by Wolff. He buys into the thought process if someone says something nice they’re going to be in your side. Example:the Dems that came into the immigration meeting. Dickie came in as a “friend” and true to form shived Trump in the back. Rule #1 for Trump to learn-never, ever trust a Democrat.

  2. When Bill O’Reilly launched (retooled) the No Spin News on his website, I became a premium member for the first time in over a year. I made a habit of listening, and then watching.

    But over time, Bill’s vocal delivery, stubborn Luddite attitude, and knack for mispronouncing names wore on me, just as they had in the days of The O’Reilly Factor. Luckily, the No Spin News is transcribed, so I highlighted the transcript for my text-to-speech software to read. I still watched or listened to the interview, though. Now, even that has gotten on my nerves. He says “OK” and “all right” a lot! Even those are transcribed! And he makes the same points every time when analyzing stories.

    The No Spin News has gone from appointment listening/watching/transcript reading to a chore. So, I’m considering canceling my premium membership around the time it expires in April.

  3. Fox find SH!T, puts SH!T on shelf. CNN finds SH!T, spreads it everywhere, and criticizes Fox for not doing same.

    Now, ladies and gentlemen of the blog jury, which is a sanitary network and which is, let’s say, a SH!THOLE?

    • I remember conservatives saying that no media outlet in the world would have considered that story off limits as to it being a Republican president’s private life.

      The media rejoinder was always that this was because Republicans were “family values” [pharisees].

      As though Democrats had positioned themselves as the Adultery Party…

      • Lewinsky being escorted by Vernon Jordan to an attorney’s office in order to sign an affidavit (due to the Paula Jones lawsuit) swearing that she had no sexual relationship with Pres. Clinton, was strictly personal stuff…doncha know….

  4. I watch Laura Ingraham most nights, but she’s not doing so well. She didn’t make it into the cable top 50 last night and lost in the demo to O’Donnell. Now part of that is Lawrence getting caught up in Rachel’s tide, but Laura also benefits from Hannity’s tide. And yet her drop-off is much more. This far along into her run I’d be a little concerned.

    • Agree. Also following Ingraham is Bream with Fox News @ Night and it is usually bested by Brian Williams. I wonder at what time does FNC experiment with different hosts.

      • Well……while its true that Fox News doesn’t put up with low watched shows forever……..ratings don’t seem to matter anymore or Chris H. at MSNBC who as far as I can remember has NEVER won a week would have been gone years ago.

        One never knows of course…….. more people used to watch MSNBC lockups late at night then watched Maddows show in primetime for years and the let her stay.

        • But hasn’t MSNBC cancelled at least 1/2 dozed shows over the last few years?

          Not the least of which was Greta’s failed attempt to attract a satisfactory audience.

          I don’t watch much cable news during the day. But judging from the video clips that popup at Mediaite, it appears MSNBC has revamped almost their entire dayside lineup. Presumably ratings played a significant part.

          Not unlike what Fox News has done (on a smaller scale) for the 1p and 2p hours with Harris’ and Dana’s new shows.

          • Fair point.

            Of course the fact is MSNBC dayside has struggled more — so naturally that’s where the cancellations were.

            As for Chris Hayes — unlike his lead-in Hardball — at least Hayes beats CNN somewhat consistently…and he doesn’t drool or slur his words like Matthews.

            For me it is Matthews longevity that surprises me more. Wasn’t his “sell-by date” at least a decade ago?

            All I can figure is perhaps MSNBC feels he has that trait Mr. Bill used to say was so important for any host — namely, he brings energy. Okay fine. I still don’t like his show.

      • I would agree that Shannon Bream could put a cup of coffee to sleep. Replace her with Tomi Lahren and ratings would go up 50 percent.

    • I do like Laura’s show quite a bit. I can’t think of anyone who could replace her and get better ratings. Do you think Chris Stirewalt would be a strong replacement? . . . or Gillian Turner? Who did you have in mind?

  5. Nobody from North Korea will defect during the winter olympics. They have to know the fate that mom, dad, wife, children, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, neighbors, pets, etc. will suffer.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
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    3 shelved
    2 ‘despicable’ remarks
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Survey says: Fox News is America’s most trusted news source.

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