Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Court tosses out frivolous $48M lawsuit against Fox News.
  • Monday’s numbers: Maddow-Lawrence-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Texts may in leaks.
  • Weekend numbers: ‘Five bloated corpses‘ top Sunday prime.
  • Will Chris Matthews be next to get the axe?  Q&A: Dana Bash.
  • Zucker play: Jim Acosta named Chief WH correspondent; more.
  • Lowry not renewed.  Kucinich leaves FNC.  Alice Stewart re-ups.
  • Impartial MSNBC anchor: Congrats on Trump hating your book!
  • The Story video: Ben Shapiro probes the boomlet.
  • FTV: Brian Stelter, and the media, completely missed the message.

43 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

    • On the liberal side, he will have Pochahantas’s pet consumer protector, Richard Cordray, to contend with.

      Will at least put some fun into the race. No longer the politics-of-confrontation guy who was mayor of Cleveland. Still a block of folks who hold him responsible for the city going bankrupt and remember his brother robbing a bank at the same moment he was giving a speech on the steps of city hall. Also, he didn’t really leave politics voluntarily. Lost election to a lady who also wants to be governor.

      • Mom had an aunt arrested for counterfeiting sugar ration stamps during WW II. She actually beat the rap.

  1. Lowry not renewed: big deal, as in who cares! MSNBC is the perfect place for those Republicans that hate DJT.

      • I can’t look at Joe and that ridiculous preppie pompadour without feeling so sorry that he has sold his soul in order to fit in with a certain Gotham/DC set who are as deep as a bag of skittles.

    • Will Steve Hayes will be the next never-Trumper to exit? Let’s hope so. He comes across as a real know-it-all.

      • I am thinking “no”! He is good friends with Bret Baier. They were roommates in college. Jonah Goldberg has said either on Twitter or in his G File newsletter that he thinks his contract as a contributor might not be renewed.

      • Like that stirewalt idiot or dumb dana, or hack will, steve and all the others that do not toe the trump punchline, OUT. Us old conservatives are banned because we are too smart.
        psssst DJT is not conservative.
        As a conservative everytime i hear Laura i want to vomit. she is embarrassing wearing all the brown lipstick the trumpers wear.

    • There needs to be room for the “Never Trump” viewpoint that does exist among some conservatives. Guess they have Steven Hayes and Jonah Goldberg for that and Lowry was expendable.

      • Those gentlemen have kept their wits about them.

        David Frum went from being an intellectual to thinking like someone who would write for Salon.

        • Frum, Nicole Wallace, Steve Schmidt, Jennifer Rubin, and a few more are just so transparent in their moving left IMO! They want to party and schmooze with the libs to be part of the “in crowd”! Never could tolerate people like that when I was young and have even less time and respect for them as I am now a crusty old woman!

          • That sort of social pull will always be a strong one.

            These people are ambitious and have worked hard to get where they are. They desire recognition of their talent by a particular cohort of people, as well as financial success. Sean Hannity may be wealthy and popular, but he will never have the respect of these people they strive toward.

            Goodness knows it’s obvious enough that most of this society is an example of the moral behind the story of the emperor who wore no clothes… but they do would influence and power.

      • This Sunday The Saints Coming Marching Into Minnesota!

        Obviously, I am rooting for the Vikings. Skol!

      • I could care less what he or George Will have to say these days. If they go the way of the dinosaur I will not feel bad. Even though Krauthammer was pretty strong against Trump I was willing to listen to his thoughts because they seemed less reflexively anti-Trump than others.

    • To me Lowry came off less anti-Trump than anti-media in using the media’s sanctimony over Trump’s failings as exhibit A as to its hypocrisy.

  2. My liberal friends on FACEBOOK are drooling over President Winfrey as a hope.
    I don’t use that venue for politics. Just dog pictures and birthday wishes.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Court tosses out
    4 bloated corpses
    3 leaves FNC
    2 to get the axe
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Lowry not renewed.

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