Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: brawl; trigger media;
  • Reliable Sources: Constitutional crisis; press access; mental illness.
  • Greer: Why Megyn refused to interview author Michael Wolff.
  • Dammit I’m a doctor, not a media critic.  Don’t quote me, but…
  • CNN preps series to focus on the ‘radical story’ of Patty Hearst.
  • Brown: Has CNN lost its way?  FNC tests Bennett roundtable show.
  • Recipe for success? Gretchen to drop swimsuits from Miss America?
  • CNN stays mum over co-opting accusations.  Sunday talkers: preview.

49 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. RE: Bill Bennett / The Wise Guys

    I will go out of my way to watch that show. 5 very smart and intellectually honest people take on the topics of the week — should be a good discussion

    • If those clips are any indication, this is ‘must see TV’. I’ll make it a point to see it. (My wife is in charge of the DVR; I’ll watch it live.)

    • OK, I watched it. Very good and thought provoking. If they continue this on a weekly or semi-weekly basis I would watch. Dershowitz and Feischer stood out, with Wynn and North close seconds. Bennett handled the discussion evenly. Nobody did any filibustering.

      • I watched also. Good conversation free of hyperbole and talking points. It was a little 30,000 ft / big issues rather than topical would be my only minor gripe.

  2. In order to make beauty pageants less objectifying to women, they’d have to drop the element of appearance as criteria.

    I’m not advocating that, I think people have the right to celebrate things they applaud, and beauty will always be enjoyed.

    My point is that Carlson is going to have to be honest in that.

  3. My first reaction to the article about the Bill Bennett show: Oh great; a show for the old, cranky, get off my lawn demographic. (at age 53, I am almost there). But, I watched the Steve Wynn clip and it was pretty good. Will probably check it out.

  4. Re: “Greer: Why Megyn refused to interview author Michael Wolff”: I imagine that if Wolff didn’t write that Newsweek piece, she’d have interviewed him.

  5. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 CNN stays mum
    4 I’m a doctor
    3 lost its way
    2 refused to interview
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 FNC tests Bennett roundtable show.

  6. Let’s rename the Wise Guys to The Geriatric Hour, sponsored by Geritol and Dr. Scholl’s foot pads.

  7. Can’t believe Tapper’s performance today, cutting off Trump’s spokesman, not letting him talk after talking over him. Who the hell does Tapper think he is and that I tuned in to hear him?

    • Jake Tapper showed his true face today. I am sure he will garner an extra $10,000 bonus from CNN this week.

  8. All these glamorous women (and men) wearing black at the Golden Globes is nothing more than virtue signaling, IMO. They all knew about Weinstein, etc., and kept quiet because it was in their interests to keep quiet.

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