Friday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Is Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury 
  • Thursday’s numbers: Maddow-Sean Hannity-O’Donnell 1-2-3.
  • Video: over ‘low-down, dirty slander’ of Trump.
  • The Story video: Venezuelan journalist
  • Lawrence O’Donnell makes book.  The Root doesn’t like Tucker.
  • 127 Life Time health clubs ban cable news.  A question of timing.
  • Q&A: Brooke Baldwin; does her series rip off black woman’s show?

19 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Michael Harriot is one foul-mouthed and racist SOB. How does one get to be so full of hate and bile?

    • Not anyone who watches fox news. Where I once watched tucker carlson argue with a miss Georgia or something over whether climate change is real. One could look at a scientific peer reviewed journal if one were inclined. But why do that.

      • Would it be written by the same scientist’s who told Gore to say there wouldn’t be Ice at the pole by this year in the Summer?

        • Which scientist said that? Seems like you are imagining things. Or making them up. I’d suggest just reading a few peer reviewed journals to start. If you are curious as to what actual scientist say. Maybe you’re not. Maybe Hannity is enough for you.

          • The ones he used in his movie………or maybe Gore just made it up.

            Since he wont talk about all the false things in the movie we will never know but he said he relied on climate scientists for the “facts” in the movie. Maybe its “scientists” like Bill Nye the “science guy”….who isn’t even a scientist.


            BTW: 2018 and there is still ICE.

          • You are being disingenuous. Gore says “some of the models” (some being the keyword) suggest that in “some of the summer” for brief periods of time, the polar sea, may be without ice. He did not say, absolutely, that in five years all ice in the north is gone.

            But It seems you are claiming the whole of climate science is wrong because the rate of depletion doesn’t match the worst possible predictions. The ice is here and this year’s Arctic sea ice minimum extent is the eighth lowest in the consistent long-term satellite record, which began in 1978. according to Nasa. Which suggests itsa going. But I seriously doubt any scientific journal, any rational will convince you. see that is the difference between us. There is no case where you will believe climate change is happening. If science told me it wasn’t I’d be on board.

          • Well I fully believe in climate change…have for about 2 decades.but its not a religion for me ,like some of the crazies. So you have started out VERY wrong.

            BTW: there is now MORE ice then there was then…….so why should we trust those models anymore?

            and Since this is a media blog I’m going to end it here as I cant find a way to bring the media into this and J$ does not like political comments that does not involve the media.

          • Fair enough. My original point is a media criticism and it extends to outlets other than fox. Which is pundits should not be debating this. Policy advocates should not be debating this We should be seeing what peer reviewed scientists are saying on the matter. However that doesn’t get ratings.

          • Who have their work or research funded by government grants, universities laden with liberal administrations and donors from liberal groups. They know who butters the bread and can become instant outcasts at a hint of being a contrarian. And who elected Bill Ney as my science guy? Science dick, I say. Too bad Mr. Wizard is dead.

      • When I see climate change debated on a cable news show the two sides often throw so much information at you it is hard to tell which side is making the better argument.

        So I often look to who is backing the respective guests.

        Take this 2012 debate that Piers Morgan hosted on his old CNN show.

        It does cause the skeptic in me to take notice when the guest aggressively arguing with Bill Nye and even CNN host Piers Morgan in 2012 was Marc Morano.

        Mr. Morano at the time was the Communications Director at CFACT, a conservative think-tank in Washington D.C. that has received funding from ExxonMobil, Chevron, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars from foundations associated with Richard Mellon Scaife.

        He may be totally legit and making valid points. But it seems prudent to me to be a little skeptical.

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