Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five videos: Trump’s
  • MSNBC, MSM stay mum on Chris Matthews sexism charges.
  • Greta reprimands James Murdoch for disparaging Fox News.
  • Willie Geist, Craig Melvin ‘devastated‘ over losing out to Hoda.
  • Tucker video: Joe Concha reviews the of 2017.
  • Tapper: Trump’s tweets are ‘not stable behavior‘.  Pot prevails.
  • CNN media critic: ‘Madness.’ Trump ‘not well…not fit for office‘.
  • Twitter suspends ex-sheriff over ‘calls for violence‘ against CNN.
  • The Story video: Sailor jailed over photo
  • Video: with Colbert. Weekend numbersMonday numbers.

25 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

    • The media’s mantra is that unbalanced is balance.

      There are no “alternate facts” that add nuance and perspective to other facts. There are just apples or bananas.

      There are no alternative views, misstatements, or misperceptions. There is utter truth or complete lies.

      Everything they say is now “settled science”.

      • They shouldn’t focus on balance at all, they should focus on objective reality. I’m not real interested in what the flat earth guy has to say.

        • Nowadays, objective reasoning Is solely denoted as a matter of water being wet.

          That’s as fuzzy and as stilted a perspective as all the relativism in the world.

          • Well respectfully, it doesn’t seem all that fuzzy to me. I think noise distorts it, but it is there, and I think the goal of good journalism should always be revealing that.

    • Trump’s tweets are often juvenile and in matters of saber-rattling against tyrants, you do wish for gravitas.

      It’s our misfortune to have an equally loud-mouthed, indelicate elite class.

      A media and DC establishment that has all of Trump’s narcissism and none of his commonality.

      In their lack of trustworthiness and their totalitarian impulse, they are more akin to North Korea’s honcho than is Trump.

  1. Good for Greta; not sure if she is trying to come back to FNC but her posts were all true.
    As for Stelter, more Trump hysteria coming I guess in 2018.

  2. Re: “… Joe Concha reviews the worst media fails of 2017”: We’ve gone from Woodward and Bernstein to Woodward vs. Bernstein. By that, I mean they have different perspectives these days. Joe cited Bob’s, while Carl is in the same resistance boat as Jorge Ramos and Jim Acosta.

  3. With Geraldo in for Juan Williams, I was able to watch The Five for the first time in months! Hopefully Juan will take a permanent vacation.

  4. BIG ratings night for MSNBC tonight.

    Bannon, treason, Don Jr, Russia Collusion, Trump has no clue — MSNBC should thank Mr Wolffe and Mr Bannon

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 calls for violence
    4 not fit for office
    3 disparaging
    2 devastated
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Greta reprimands James Murdoch (for disparaging Fox News).

  6. Sunday, December 31st

    Media Buzz with Mr. Howard Kurtz 1,366,000 total viewers & 331,000 in 25 to 54 year old demo
    Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter… 721,000 total viewers & 233,000 in 25 to 54 year old demo

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