Jan 1, 2018

Our best wishes to you for a healthy and rewarding 2018.

  • Katherine McPhee:
  • The Jack Benny Program:
  • Ellery Queen:

Happy New Year from johnny dollar’s place!

9 thoughts on “Jan 1, 2018”

    • I thought the whole Fox New Year’s Eve coverage was very good. I didn’t see much of the Henry-Boothe-Cain portion but the Watters-Kennedy portion was great. They really meshed well. And I was surprised at how good Timpf was with her interviews.

      I just hope the whole crew is still with Fox 12 months from now.

      • I didn’t watch. I went to sleep early and watched the ball drop on DVR, but on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Then, I saw the video above, and this. The hosts rightfully chose not to sing along to “Theme from New York, New York.” Ryan Seacrest et al did, after misidentifying the song with “theme from” in the title.

        ADDENDUM: The song’s Wikipedia entry indicates that just “New York, New York” is acceptable. But I feel “theme from” helps differentiate it from the song from On the Town, which coincidentally featured Frank Sinatra in the film adaptation.

    • Pretty funny for the most part. A strong B+ in my book for Kennedy — and that goes for her effort all night. Kudos.

      But this “Kathy Griffin” joke was lost on me. Perhaps a pop culture or recent movie dialogue reference.

      “Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven ate Anderson Cooper. Kinky, huh?”

      As far as ratings…with ABC up over 35% compared to last year, hopefully Fox News will be up as well.

      NYE being on a Sunday — as opposed to a Saturday (typically a bad night for ratings) — had to be of some help.

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