Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Chris Matthews work environment misogynist, ‘brazenly sexist’.
  • MediaBuzz videos: Trump Facebook
  • Reliable Sources: 2017 highs and lows; harassment; tech giants.
  • Concha: New Years Eve CNN/Fox rivalry heats up in bitter cold.
  • New Year’s Eve, 1955: 1957:
  • Q&A: Kennedy talks monologues, the 90s, and New Year’s Eve.
  • Q&A: CNN’s Cohen & Coop. Come midnight, who will they kiss?
  • 2017 videos: F&F Weekend MSNBC
  • Videos: Joe Concha on CNN
  • Nancy Wilson:  Sunday talkers.
  • CNN white truck mania mocked.  Soledad resurfaces, Fineman too.
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Plantagenet Matter,  part five…


32 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. RE: Soledad

    Not mentioned in the article, but she was also the news anchor on Mr Robot after the Dark Army blew up the E Corp buildings.

  2. Brilliant montage of MSNBC. A lot of it was just a simple sound byte but could have been shown at various other times such as the one with Brian Williams asking if Trump using the world “sovereign” is a “dog whistle” – Chris Matthews hears racial “dog whistles” all the time.

    That and the montage at the end of the video of former Morning Joe guests who have all been removed because of the sexual harassment charges.

    Great stuff.

  3. When someone tells you that CNN isn’t a political operation……ask them why CNN viewers know more about a white truck parked outside a golf course then they do about mass protests in Iran.


          • Oh, I’m familiar with him, but that goes back to when I regularly watched South Park. Thoughts on Pat Buttram’s Green Acres character? I will say that I’ve heard Pat more in cartoons, like his recurring role of Cactus Jake on Garfield and Friends, than seen him on Green Acres.

          • Green Acres was one of the all time classics. By the way, Blytheville, Ark., the former home of Blytheville (and later Eaker) AFB was nicknamed ‘Hooterville” by those stationed there.

  4. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Kennedy talks
    4 rivalry heats up
    3 white truck mania
    2 Fineman
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Soledad resurfaces.

  5. Amout of time I devoted to last night’s various New Year’s Eve programing:
    CNN 30 seconds
    FNC 30 seconds
    FOX 90 seconds
    ABC 5 minutes
    Thoughts: Maria Carey and Kelly Clarkson still sure can sing. Kelly on her way to choking on a ham sandwich. CNN was embarrassing. Steve Harvey is now 90% Botox. I liked the old, simple ball better.

    • I wish the news channels would cover the event like news coverage, not like they’re trying to be Ed Sullivan or Laugh-In for one night a year. Talk to people, report from different cities, air real news, only show musical events that the public there is seeing, not special groups you hired just to fill time. News channels aren’t that good at this sort of thing anyhow. FNC’s efforts are always clumsy to some extent (this year was a step up from last year’s mess but still not my cup of tea), while CNN invariably mines the bottom of the barrel with drunkenness and this year’s innovation, propagandizing for pot smoking. Here’s your introduction to the wonderful world of narcotics and opioids, everyone…happy new year!

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