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  1. This is why Minnesota is so nice. We keep out the wimps with our weather. This weekends forecasted high temperatures will be below zero with lows 15 to 30 below (36 below forecast for International Falls).

  2. kept Kathy Griffin — I disagree with Scott Pierce. The Trump head photo shoot was merely ‘the last straw’. I don’t blame CNN for cancelling her. Putting Griffin on live TV for 2 or 3 unscripted hours; what could possibly go wrong? Everything.

  3. Kennedy’s last segment on her FBN show last night was funny promoting the New Year’s Eve show. She took some friendly digs at CNN.


    All-American New Year
    Channel: Fox News
    Time: 8 p.m. ET
    What to Expect: Ed Henry, Lisa Boothe and Dean Cain kick off Fox News’ New Year’s Eve celebration with a two-hour “Countdown to 2018” special before Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery and Jesse Watters take over hosting the broadcast from Times Square.
    What to Look Out For: Fox News is deploying 360-degree cameras all around Times Square to bring an “immersive New Year’s Eve experience” to their viewers. Check out how that looks live and don’t forget in to send in your New Year’s resolutions to the network using the hashtag #foxnews2018 on social media.

    • The whole schedule takes a hit in this holiday period, but The Five and Outnumbered have taken a little less of a hit than the others. I think they do better with subs hosting as there’s usually at least one person you like on the team, so more people tune in than might for a solo host. Also even with a completely different five, the dynamic is still closer to what you get with the regular team than, say, with Mark Steyn replacing Tucker.

      • The panel shows have done a better job this holiday season of having people on who are already in the rotation or are frequent fill-ins.

        Kennedy is probably the most talented broadcaster at Fox and she has been doing a lot of hosting on these shows this week. I believe from Tuesday to this Sunday, Kennedy will have hosted 12 different shows. When she is there, she can do the heavy lifting when needed.

        Also, Kilmeade is probably right there with Kennedy in talent and The Five really benefits from having them on.
        Kilmeade might be a better fit on The Five than any of the actual hosts of the show.

        Plus, when you have Kennedy, Kilmeade and Shillue together, the show is never going to get overly serious and it helps the other fill-ins be more relaxed.

        • Also liked Sitrewalt filling in too , but none of the fill ins felt awkward or out of place they all felt like they’ve been hosting the show for years, so that’s some good chemistry.

  5. Thing I say about Brian Williams is that he is talented , I mean he wasn’t groomed for eight years to become the Nightly News host for no reason , so I am not surprised he’s doing well with the 11th hour thing. So maybe he’s learned his lesson for being stupid, still going to make jokes about him though.

  6. With Ingraham, Carlson, Waters & the rest, FoxNews simply needs to reload to dominate the cable news stage. Talent no other cable news network can touch!

  7. 2017 was such a crazy year for news that I think there will be some movement in the ratings in 2018. CNN has already been heading back downward.

    Ingraham got off to a pretty solid start. I think Fox is going to be really pleased if she continues to be in the top 5. No matter what her actual numbers are and how much she drops off from Hannity.

    Bream only being 20th is not great, but she also didn’t get to benefit from the early in the year viewer bump. 1.5 million a night is not that bad though and it is pretty even with Brian Williams. Fox likely isn’t expecting all too much from the show. They really don’t promote it.
    The show is also one of eight that are all within 100,000 viewers of each other. So, with a slight increase in viewers, it could easily be in the top 15.

    SE Cupp’s show wound up being the third least viewed cable news show. the lowest rated non-FBN show, the lowest rated hour long show in cable news and lower rated than HLN’s lowest rated show last year.
    If only counting ratings from when the show moved to 5:00, it would have been the least viewed cable news show with the exception of “Property Man”. So, that means it is only beating a 30 minute, non-studio show that airs on FBN on Friday nights.
    Show did better in the 25-54 demo, but it was still lower than the lowest HLN show from last year and that of course includes the ratings from when the show was at 7:00.

    I don’t see how the ratings turn around. Very unlikely if they don’t make some changes to the format or personnel.

    HLN’s most viewed studio show ranked 55th out of cable news and it’s second highest ranked 70th. HLN would probably be wise to just get rid of live programming or completely rebrand the network. It’s just a waste right now. Even with the good placement it has on most channel line-ups, it’s not even a top-50 cable network.

    • HLN needs to stick with stuff ,their problem has been not sticking with stuff though the whole “Can I Haz news period” was dumb in the first place but the idea of not doing all politics until you get a headache can work , they also need to promote the shows more on the main CNN and other spaces they can. S.E Cupp’s show does need some fine tuning but it also needs some promotion too.

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