Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Rupert ready to take on Sinclair, plans FNC streaming service.
  • Tues numbers: Maddow-Tucker-Guilfoyle.  Weekend numbers.
  • FNC New Year’s Eve: Watters, Kennedy, Ed Henry, Superman.
  • Frustration: (MS)NBC female employees ask Comcast for help.
  • Attorney: Bill O’Reilly has no choice but to litigate ‘aggressively’.
  • 2017 numbers: FNC dominates; MSNBCNN show improvement.
  • CNN staff elated ‘rude’ Bolduan is on leave.  Erin’s eye wide shut.
  • Fox News ad sales chief: ‘The talent we’ve added has been terrific‘.
  • Tucker Carlson video: talks Russia, Ken Starr, and more.
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Nick Shurn Matter, part three…


53 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Jill Stein conspiring with the Russians? Isn’t this the same Jill Stein who insisted on recounts in several states? Recounts which would only have benefited Madame Clinton?

    • Yes either that or people like to blame her for Clinton’s loss because apparently some people voted for her , Johnson, stayed home, picked a dead gorilla, instead of the two most un popular candidates in running history, so it could be that.

      • Still, she insisted on the recounts. So, to now claim that she was part of a massive international conspiracy to deny Clinton her birthright as president, makes them look like complete fools.

  2. Kennedy and Jesse being the hosts for NYE is not too big of a surprise, but it looks like Fox just threw together the rest of it.

    Fox seems to not have many people wiling to work on NYE. Even Leventhal and Keating are not doing it for the first time in years.

    Ed Henry will probably do fine. Dean Cain always does pretty well when he appears on Fox. Though I don’t understand having Fowler or Boothe doing NYE coverage. Especially Fowler. What makes Fox think that he would be good at being a Times Square correspondent?

    Fox looked like they were trying to make more of a commitment to trying to beat CNN on NYE in recent years, but this year it doesn’t seem like it is the case.

    • Cain and Boothe are fetching. There should always be some sexual tension at parties.

      If Fox is lucky something untoward will be said or done, but nothing Griffin crass.

  3. Disgraced Racist Iceboy wast obsessively raging that Fox wasn’t talking about the Tax bill vote for hours before the vote last night…….but I wonder just how stupid he felt when there was actually news (the Vote) and ONLY Fox news was live while MSNBC and CNN were showing hours old shows?


  4. Jeanine Pirro didn’t host Hannity last night. It was Kimberly G.

    I think Judge Jeanine gets better numbers than Kim.

    • This will be buried unless this reporter from the Daily Caller keeps digging. No one else seems interested. The panel on Special Report was disinterested.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 FNC dominates
    4 has been terrific
    3 New Year’s Eve
    2 wide shut
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN staff elated ‘rude’ Bolduan is on leave.

  6. A stronger digital presence from Fox News was being mentioned for a while, but it is surprising that they are going to do a pay service.

    They have the advantage of the Fox name, but they are going to need to come up with some good programming to convince people to buy.

    Maybe Dana Loesch leaving The Blaze was a precursor to joining Fox for this service.

    The service would be a great place to bring back some version of Red Eye. That would probably be one of the best selling points they could have.

  7. We had a Yankee gift exchange at work today and the gift can be funny, recycled, good or terrible up to $10.

    This is what I got – Image.

  8. Making a streaming pay service is tricky , you gotta have stuff people Beck found out how hard it is, even NBC had a hard time with a comedy service that they are shutting down, So if there’s a FOX news pay service it might be wise to have both channels and some interesting exclusive stuff as well and good price that justifies it.

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