Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Roy the The
  • Reliable Sources: Bad Fox; evil Fox; rotten Fox; Disney and Fox.
  • MSNBC settled harassment claim against Matthews for $40K.
  • Erick Erickson leaving Fox News.  Ari: Cancel my subscription!
  • Tucker video: raise disturbing ethical issues.
  • CNN spikes Lisa Bloom story, fails to cover Hastings settlement.
  • Anxiety grips 21C Fox as layoffs loom.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Fox moves to quell ‘uproar’ over Murdoch harassment remarks.
  • New Yorker fires accused harasser Ryan Lizza…but CNN doesn’t.

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  1. I honestly did not know Erik Erickson was a Fox News contributor. I rarely see him on the channel.

    Given the choice of his contract was not renewed or he does not want to appear on Fox anymore because of his ideological purity, as he claims —- I’m going with Fox did not renew his contract.

    • I rarely see him. Guess the “Never Trump” conservative slots were filled by Jonah Goldberg and Karl Rove. Erickson doesn’t strike as quite as bitter as Joe Scarborough or Nicolle Wallace so not sure if MSNBC will have him.

      • He wasn’t on FNC as much as others but I’ve seen him there. He also made appearances on FBN. He appeared often enough to be concerned about the loss of income that comes with not appearing at all.

      • Stephen Hayes is a prominent Never-Trumper. He’s on with Bret Baier.

        I don’t know for sure, but it’s been my impression that Judith Miller is as well.

        Certainly Krauthammer is.

        I think Fox News has this outlook pretty well covered.

        • Judith Miller is a Democrat. How about bringing back Dick Morris to replace Karl Rove, who is a tiresome and repetitive defender of all things Bush.

          • And all things GOPe. Remember Election Night ’16 when he claimed all the credit for Trump winning Wisconsin was due to Paulie Ryan? Ryan couldn’t carry the state when he was on the ticket in ’12, but he was the magic man four years later if you listened to Mr. Potato Head.

        • Weren’t Stephen Hayes and Bret Baier roommates in college? If not that at least good friends? That could explain why he is still on Specisl Report as often as he is.

  2. CBS THIS MORNING spiked any video of Trump at the FBI Academy yesterday and any word he spoke there. All your got from them was Trump saying negative things about FBI investigation before he left the White House. CBS pretty much as dishonest as CNN these days.

  3. The failure of CNN, WP, NYTs to report sexual harassment accusations and pay-outs isn’t surprising. The’ve long spiked or downplayed stories in order to protect Democrats and the Democratic Party.

    Their outrage over Moore voters who voiced the same incentive was hypocritical as ever.

  4. StatCounter is acting up today and not counting anything. Probably won’t be able to do a top links post tomorrow unless it gets fixed pretty soon. I filed a support ticket this morning but nothing has happened.

  5. What we have learned about Lisa Bloom this year. She was willing to attack & destroy Harvey Weinstein accusers & victims, she is politically motivated & only represents Democrats and most important to her it’s all about money and publicity.

  6. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for news about a Chris Matthews settlement to become public; I still remember the time Erin Burnett was on his show and he asked her to lean in closer to the camera whilst drooling and that creepy heh-heh-heh of his. Seems like right after that she decamped to CNN.
    And btw, why are comments on the FNC “It’s A Wonderful Life” parody closed? I’d never seen it before and thought it was great (and I wonder why The O’Reilly Factor wasn’t one of the programs mentioned in it?).

    The bad fox jumped over the evil, rotten Trump.
    The evil fox jumped over the bad, rotten Trump.
    The rotten fox jumped over the rotten, rotten Trump.
    The bad fox jumped over the evil, evil Trump.

    RELIABLE SOURCES is full of ___________________?

  9. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Anxiety grips 21C Fox
    4 but CNN doesn’t
    3 CNN spikes
    2 Cancel
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Erick Erickson leaving Fox News.

  10. Isn’t it interesting how all of a sudden we’re relitigating the sexual harassment charges of deceased Roger Ailes all over again? What timing. Today Stelter spent most of his show on Fox News, and it seems like every other tweet today was about Fox and/or the evil chyron that read ‘A Coup in America?’ Mind you, just a few months ago Stelter on his own show was discussing whether it’s time for a ‘soft coup’ to remove Trump from office. But that’s different.

    He can only ride this bash-Fox horse for so long before Humpty Dumpty gonna fall.

    • A coup? So it’s now a “coup” to report on the conflagrations between the Trump Administration and the FBI?

      It’s a coup for there to be such wrangling over legal issues, including the separation of powers concept?

      But violent rioting and encouragement to “resist” the results of an election are the Democratic process.

      Stelter is a fool.

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