Monday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: The panel gives its take on
  • Sam Seder fired over Polanski tweet. Amanpour replaces Rose.
  • First on J$P: Gillian Turner named an FNC correspondent; more.
  • Friday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-O’Donnell-Chris Hayes 1-2-3.
  • Video: Judith and Joe scrutinize the
  • NextRev videos: The secret Congress
  • Samantha Bee’s staff gets chilly reception at Megyn Kelly’s show.
  • David Asman remembers his late father Robert.  Today’s lawsuit.
  • Greg Gutfeld in a twitter spat.  Disney still sniffing around 21C Fox.
  • Apologies: Joy Reid for old anti-gay posts; Geraldo for 1990 memoir.
  • Q&A: Chris Matthews makes book; Tucker Carlson on harassment etc.

26 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I feel bad. I’ve never heard of Patton Oswalt. I’ve never watched Samatha Bee. I’m guessing it’s SNL without any testosterone. I probably will die without reading a single Chris Matthews book. Lastly, I don’t want anything Geraldo did in 1990 making its way into my imagination.

    • Believe it or not, Chris Matthews used to guest host for Rush Limbaugh when he went on vacation. Matthews was then a conservative Democrat, and good friends with Rushbo.

        • Matthews did catch malaria. Sidelined him for quite a while. He hasn’t been the same since.

          • I think Bob Somerby is correct in saying that Matthews hasn’t been the same since Jack Welch was no longer the CEO of General Electric and MSNBC leaned prostrate left.

  2. Very funny on HAPPINING NOW:

    Mr. Concha, “Think about it. If every private conversation off-air were recorded, in THIS business, only Jon Scott would have a job at this point.”

    Scott, “It pays to be the most boring man in television.”

    Concha and Judith Miller, ???

      • Gotta say Jon Scott is one of my favorite anchors. Not knowing specifics I am guessing that when Jon was paired with Jenna Lee the ratings were not through the roof but boy you got NEWS, not blustering by anchors.

  3. What are Gillian Turner’s qualifications to be a Fox News correspondent, other than that she is quite pretty?

    • Her biography points to her being a contributor, but maybe she’s shown Fox some skill at reporting a story.

      If you look around on cable news the “pretty” part seems like an unspoken requirement.

      • I am certain that her resume is very good, but she is terrible on air. First she is a liberal pundit , now she is going to be a polished objective journalist? She is pretty but she also seems a bit conceited about it.

      • Funny is one word that I don’t associate with her. I thought she sort of scowls a lot, maybe I’m wrong.

  4. Re: Samantha Bee

    So Stephen Colbert tells Samantha Bee that he wonders if Megyn Kelly is “piggybacking on a cultural moment” with her female-oriented show’s vocal stance against sexual harassment.

    Where has that damn idiot Colbert been? Kelly is most responsible for Ailes ouster at Fox when she almost single-handedly stepped out against him during the network’s internal investigation.

  5. To quote a puzzled twitter user:

    Weird that MSNBC would cut ties with a contributor over a single bad joke from 2009, but has no plans to exit Joy Reid after her many, many gaybaiting blog posts from the same time period.

  6. Watched NBC Nightly News Sunday. The are so openly biased in their reporting and choice of stories it makes you wonder why they toss in a tidbit favorable to Trump once in a while? What a waste of bashing time.

    • You can’t run a Lean Forward cable propaganda channel without it infecting the mothership. Bill O’Reilly used to refer to MSNBC as NBC News to needle them, but he turned out to be prescient. They are more alike than different.

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