Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Tucker-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • The Five video:  The panel’s take on the
  • Despite CNN lobbying, (MS)NBC will not boycott WH party.
  • Tucker sells $2M home, moves into $4M hacienda a mile away.
  • NBC insider: Jeff Zucker ‘got the complaints‘ about Matt Lauer.
  • Flood: What did CNN’s Zucker know about Lauer’s sordid past?
  • Megyn’s audacious proposal tests NBC’s claims to transparency.
  • Bourdain’s Seattle episode covered porn, cut sexual harassment.
  • Video: Melissa Francis says at tv networks.
  • White House invites CNN techs to party the newsers won’t attend.

52 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Tucker probably got tired of fixing leaky toilets in the 1941 built home. 4 million isn’t what you’d call extravagant in D.C. upscale areas.

      • Well, my cabin was built in 1836, They got electricity in 1954. I’ll get the indoor toilet as we use up the last of the old Sears catalogues.

  2. How downright dishonest are they Disgraced Racist stooges to their poor followers?
    Today’s example we have this:
    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    The news of the day is #Flynn yet this is state run media at 12:46 PM:

    Of course its a racist news-hound so you know there a catch….and of course their is…..notice the time he picked……..12:46 seems like a strange time to pick right? Of course its a old news-hound trick…….because at 12:47 they were talking about Flynn……then AFTER the show he still pretends that they didn’t even talk about it

    The story of the day is #Flynn yet this is state run media in the 12 PM hour:

    BTW: Fox has been talking about Flynn for the first 30 min of Outnumber overtime…….funny how the racist Iceman has been silent.

    • The people who swallow this garbage must be ignoramuses who don’t know they’re being conned. Or else they just enjoy having their prejudices reinforced with lies.

      • They live in a bubble….where the truth doesn’t matter……you can lie about Fox News because they report things you don’t want people to know….things you want to hide…………I mean how dishonest can you be picking a time just seconds before Fox started talking about the subject you claimed they were NOT talking about……BTW he posted the tweet after they HAD started talking about it.

      • It’s not a crime if he spoke to the Russians before the election either. Its called freedom of speech. It isn’t like he pocketed $145 million from the Russians like HIllary did.

        • There’s a pretty wide swath of constitutional scholars who think the Logan Act (private citizens can’t negotiate with foreign governments), which has almost never been enforced on anyone, is unconstitutional on its face. It’s freedom of speech and ‘Congress shall make no law…’ that render it pretty much unenforceable. Govt attorneys have been afraid to charge anyone with it because of the overwhelming likelihood that it will be found unconstitutional; they’d rather leave it on the books as a threat they can’t enforce, than not have it at all.

          • It has been on the books for 218 years with no indictments, but I am confident it might be invoked sometime in the next 218 years, which will be by 2235 AD.

          • It’s impeachable, and if that don’t get him, there is always spitting on the sidewalk. I thought Trump and Putin were supposed to be plotting and executing election stealing?

      • Trump was a private citizen until he was sworn in, correct? After he was sworn in different story but I’m not hearing any earth shattering stuff yet.

  3. Some of our more popular links so far today:
    • Megyn’s audacious proposal
    • predators still working at tv networks
    • WH invites CNN techs
    But the current most popular link is none of these. Today’s final rankings coming up in just a few hours.

  4. With rampant speculation yesterday that it’s not a matter of if Rex Tillerson will leave — but when — what are the odds Fox News (or even Fox Business) will re-hire Heather Nauert.

    She seems more like the thoughtful, measured and reserved type a la Perino, MacCallum and Bream than the type who brings buzz and intensity — as either a host or as panelist — to a show like Kennedy, Pavlich, Bruce, Banderas, Boothe and Bartiromo.

    And for this reason I do wonder if Heather’s State Department job follows Rex out the door whether Fox News will pursue her. Or will she end up back at WNYW in NYC.

    Your thoughts?

      • This is odd. “AndrewComment” replied to you and said he can’t be Michael T because his IP address is not the same as Michael T’s – and proceeded to identify both cities ‘based on their IP addys’.

        But how would “AndrewComment” know what Michael T’s IP address was? Only Michael T (and yours truly) can see Michael T’s IP address.

        Here’s a shocker: “AndrewComment” deleted that comment moments after posting it.

        It’s pretty obvious why.

        • There’s a simple explanation, Johnny. We became Facebook friends after discovering a common interest (same college — ASU) when we were both posting on TVNewser.

          He’s in San Diego,,,I’m in LA,,,we stole his NFL team. 🙂

          Not sure why Gatxer….er, I mean ‘FYI’ got snarky.

          • Unlike you MT….I don’t hide behind multipliable fake names and lie about it….remember you have been busted doing just that here before Disgraced racist stooge defender.

            I’m sure J$ can see my IP and FYI IP.

            Once again you out smarted you foolish self. Go back to Storm Front with your buddy ICEBOY.

          • Well, when you how explain how being Facebook friends gives you the ability to see his IP address here, which is what you said you did, compare the IP addresses and learn his city from them, then I’ll consider your ‘explanation’. Absent that, I think it’s crap. I was born at night, but not last night.

          • This is really getting quite silly.

            You’ve assumed facts not in evidence, counselor.

            I am not claiming to know the IP addresses — only that it is safe to conclude that commenters in differnt cities (LA & San Diego) are very likely to have different IP addresses.

            I come here to post a friendly comment about Heather and it turns into an argument over sock puppets,

            Good grief.

            So let me ask again, “Does anyone have a view as to whether Heather Nauert will be re-hired in the scenario I laid out in my OP?

          • Have it your way but I’ll just re-post your deleted comment and let the people decide:

            I don’t see it.

            They’re both in the same state — but based on their IP addys one is in San Diego on ‘Exile Island’ (Michael T) and the other is in Los Angeles (AndrewComment). Check with Johnny.

            Plus the latter never attacks Fox News, Donald Trump or other commenters here at J$P … and I saw nothing in his comment that warants such speculation.

            We all appreciate your attempt to keep sock puppets at bay. But you may have wasted your time creating a Disqus account (just for today) for the sole purpose of making one (erroneous) comment.

            Is that you Gatxer?

          • It’s really sad when people use various aliases to sidestep a ban. It is pathological behavior.

          • Yeah, it would have been more accurate to write,

            “They’re both in the same state — but check with Johnny. They have different IP addresses bc one is in San Diego on ‘Exile Island’ (Michael T) and the other is in Los Angeles (AndrewComment).

            Okay. I’m done.

            Have a relaxing weekend. We can all discuss Heather another time seems to be the message loud and clear.

          • Many clues just in this page point to AndrewComment being Michael T. He referred to himself as “his comment” not “my comment” in that quickly deleted comment where he exposed himself. Both are obsessed with Gatxer, but claim Gatxer is obsessed. He uses the exact same emoticons and terminology. Also if both were “posting” together here, why is AndrewComment a new account? Just like Michael T, once called out, he tries desperately to deflect back to his original comment.

            He just doesn’t get it, everyone knows he’s a fraud and liar, who says despicable, racist and homophobic things. He harasses commentators here with his numerous twitter accounts. Apparently he is so ill and doesn’t realize all who block him don’t read his posts. Once a new account appears, it’s instantly blocked. He’s lies and says vile hateful things about J$, but yet he continues to come back. Again he seriously needs to seek professional help.

          • But what about the question in my OP?

            What are the chances Heather will return to Fox if she loses her job at State?

          • Well since she works for the State Dept and NOT the SOS who knows. She could stay on but since the Tillerson story seems to be Fake News…….yes he will leave……they all will Jan 20 2021 you know….I have plenty of time to see if I have a opinion.

          • Yay…a cable news discussion. Kudos.

            “She could stay on but since the Tillerson story seems to be Fake News.”

            Fake news?
            Maybe yes..maybe no.
            Depends on who you choose to believe, doesn’t it?

            A. Politico is reporting…
            “Mattis says ‘there’s nothing to’ reports of Tillerson exit”

            B. OTOH, the New York Times is reporting….
            “White House Plans Tillerson Ouster From State Dept., to Be Replaced by Pompeo”

            I was simply posing a hypothetical — “What might Fox do about Heather” — without passing judgement on which news story is closer to suggesting what happens within the next month..

            Congrats on your prediction about what would happen in the broadcast media.
            I liked Charlie Rose…Matt Lauer, not so much…a decent interviewer, but too smug for my tastes.

          • My how things have changed in the years of Trump…….everyone….Trump……Tillerson their spokesmen and Mattis COS say the story is Fake news but people want (need) to believe the anonymous source……….could it be true….sure but I go with named source over somebody who wont use their name any day.

          • “Now you’re getting silly.”
            “Good grief man”
            “I know how you like to obsess over things. But let’s get back to discussing cable news.”

            Everyone of those are word for word things MT has said to me in the past right here at J$……..I report…….you decide.

        • Ive known he was Michael T for a few weeks…..but just like last time he will lie until he cant anymore…….I guess he wants to be a disgraced newshound……..he already hangs with racist so hes half way there.

      • He’s in a different city, as I explained below. At least you got the state right.

        Not sure why you replied as you did to a Fox-friendly comment about Heather Nauert.

  5. Interesting that FNC has had Outnumbered, and the Five back in Studio D this week, but back in F today (at least the five was , didn’t check out#) I will say the Five looks better in D than in studio F , it feels more warm and friendly for both panel shows.

  6. You just have to feel sorry for the Disgraced racist news hound ICEBOY………he cant help looking like a fool today……..noticed this
    Richard W.‏
    FOX News Trumper Hannity not showing up to work the night of bad #Flynn news for the Trump administration.

    Friday: Kimberly Guilfoyle hosts a special edition of ‘Hannity,’ breaking down how liberalism has failed America.
    @ndrew_lawrence Why am I not surprised,
    Hannity took Friday night off.

    But hes a disgraced news hound so there a catch of course….its all a LIE….Hannity was NEVER going to be on tonight…even Joe Concha knew this when he tweeted this morning that he’d be on with Guilfoyle who was filling in for Hannity.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 cut sexual harassment
    4 invites CNN techs
    3 predators still working
    2 audacious proposal
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tucker sells $2M home, movies into $4M hacienda a mile away.

  8. So once again the MSM (ABC) put out Fake news about Trump………and once again it was very anti-Trump……..funny how it NEVER makes him look good…..great 100% record they have going…..what are the odds of that?

    Opposition party indeed.

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