Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: The panel takes on the
  • Wemple questions Tucker: a ‘tortuous’ ‘insult-laden’ encounter.
  • Megyn Kelly makes intense speech about Lauer, NBC, and Fox.
  • Fox & Friends video: Congratulations Abby Huntsman…
  • AT&T pledges CNN will never ‘go dark’ if merger deal approved.
  • Ingraham Angle video: A in covering First Ladies?
  • November numbers: FNC tops cable;  MSNBC grows;  CNN third.
  • Monday’s numbers: Maddow-Tucker Carlson-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Trump’s free advice for MSNBC: Fire Andy Lack and Scarborough!
  • CNN map: Israel is an Arab state; flashback: CNN map omits Israel.
  • Fearless CNN to boycott White House Christmas Party over tweets.
  • HLN sets impeachment special; Monica Lewinsky suggests new title.
  • What’s next for Thomas Roberts?  Swells gather for Greta book bash.

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  1. 1ST Lady “double standard” was great exposure of media hypocritical nonsense! Thx Laura for calling them out.

  2. You know when all this SH blew up with the Hollywood director I said it was going to touch every network before this was over…………got laughed at by the disgraced Racist stooges saying I was just defending #1 Fox News……..but isn’t ABC and CNN the only ones left that haven’t had to fire somebody major now in the last month or so.

    Guess M Kelly made a good decision after all.

    • And for years other media outlets acted as though sexual harassment was only a problem at Fox. I linked a tape of Katie Couric saying just that.

      As with the movie industry, they kept their dirty laundry to themselves as they have done with racial discrimination charges.

      Fox was the only network that wasn’t included in what is an across-the-board-wagon-circling in the corporate world. This made the risks for people making charges against Fox far less daunting than elsewhere, and far more likely to result in a settlement.

      It took a witch hunt to change this. Unfortunately.

    • A while ago there was that CNN dude running around central park with his privates exposed and his pockets full of drugs, but CNN looked the other way because it didn’t happen on their premises.

  3. If you’re male and want to succeed in the media, you must become a eunuch. Otherwise, you’ll harass people and get fired immediately after your victims come forward. Then, your former colleagues will stab you in the back as they virtue signal on the air.

    • Age old behavior such as colleagues inviting colleagues out for a drink or up to their hotel room, is now riddled with peril because you may be accused of getting even by damaging his/her career when you get a no.

      Sad fact is that men and women bosses are certainly capable of being that petty, nowadays more than in the past, because everyone is expected to be uninhibited.

      • Once early in my work experience I made a comment that I thought was a joke to a co-worker with whom I got along with fine. It wasn’t vulgar, sexual, or whatever, just vaguely risqué (in a pun sort of way). I was later chewed out for that and in that fashion learned my lesson. I avoided her thereafter and become less small-talkative in general. My caution lasted for the nearly two decades of work experience that followed and outside the office as well. I ended up with a spotless record (the chewing out was done informally) so I can vouch for the ‘better safe than sorry’ approach.

        • At my old job, one of our sales engineers was seen by a lady aimlessly chatting with an office worker as he buttoned the top button of her sweater. The watcher reported it to HR, and he learned his lesson. Now vice president of sales at a competitor.

    • I had a career in media. More women than men work in the area i was. I never had a problem distinguishing good and bad behavior and i was no eunuch. People thought i was an Ogre, and ahole etc, but not once did i make anyone feel insecure sexually. Easy little test, talk to people you work with in a manner similar to your mom and dad. It won’t prevent false charges, but it helps the working environment to keep it on work.

    • AT&T could improve CNN, you know fire zucker, maybe move things back to Atlanta
      focus on news …. no just politics all day might have something.

  4. Who knew Matt Lauer was such a sex symbol? Perhaps just to Brian Stelter.

    “Men fantasized about being him; women fantasized about sleeping with him (surely some of those men did, too). To an entire generation of aspiring television journalists, he represented the pinnacle.” @brianstelter on Matt Lauer in his 2013 book TOP OF THE MORNING

  5. Say what you will about Shepard Smith, he has never been accused of sexually harassing women at Fox News or elsewhere. Bravo!

  6. How about a new morning show, “Boys Will be Boys”, featuring Matt Laurer, Bill O’ Reilly, Eric Bolling, Gretchen Carlson, Andrea Tantaros and Michelle Fields. Watch the sparks fly, Must See TV.

    • He sounds/acts like a 15 yr old that has been listening to too much Howard Stern. In what world did he think this stuff was acceptable at the workplace?

      I think NBC will be paying lots of money to these women if they had any clue what was going on.

  7. About 10 minutes in listening to the Wemple / Tucker and it is pure gold.
    Tucker does not miss an opportunity to get his digs in.

    “Do you actually work for the Washington Post? I’ve never seen you in the paper”
    “You pose as a journalist, so you know the rules…..”
    “First ‘architect’ is not a verb, as a writer you should know that.”

  8. Martha McCallum was practically licking her lips as she went into all the sordid details about Matt Laurer. At what point should she use more disgression, and not go into such pornographic detail? I had to turn her show off, disgusted.

    • Sorry, but people need to hear all the info. It is amazing how many people have opinions on things they know so little about.

    • My husband and I watched her show last night and heard nothing that wasn’t being widely recounted on tv and on the Internet.

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