Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: a
  • Reliable Sources: Trump and his lies; AT&T dealdon’t call it ‘fake’!
  • Joe and Mika faked Friday’s program.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Levin zings rivals: ‘We’ll actually have an audience.’  Today’s oops.
  • How ‘Trump whisperer’ Pirro became The Donald’s ‘wartime ally‘.
  • Swells flock to McCain nuptials.  Flashback: Julie
  • Q&A: Greta won’t reject social media;  O’Donnell attacks the Irish.
  • F&F video: the ‘partisan press’, kneelers, and more.
  • Eric’s sad Thanksgiving without son Chase.  CNN relaunches store.
  • Somerby: Lawrence’s panel of three all said the exact same things!

45 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. The Bolling kid was vulnerable with his history and should never have been left thousand miles away from home in a legal weed state shile his father was being publicly humiliated. Sorry.

        • How old is the kid? If he is over 18 he can do as he pleases. You are being quite judgemental without knowing the facts of the matter.

          • You are totally misunderstanding what I’m saying. My point is that his parents should’ve been more protective and aware of his vulnerability. Being 18 doesn’t mine he’s off on his own to do as he wants. Reports are clear he was taking drugs before his accidental over dose. The public humiliation of his father must have been hard to take.

          • “My point is that his parents should’ve been more protective and aware of his vulnerability.”

            Hope there’s not a little ‘parent shaming’ in your comment.

            One of my son’s best friends in high school damn near aced the SAT and ended up moving away from his family after being accepted at a prestigious university.

            Poor guy didn’t even make it through his second semester before he burned out on too many keggers…and presumably other dependencies as well.

            Don’t know where he is today…hopefully he and his parents fully recovered.

            Would this have happened if he lived at home or even in a dorm at a nearby college? Perhaps not. But I would never consider blaming his well intentioned parents.

  2. Never saw that clip of Julie Bandaras and the leg lamp – good stuff.

    Not to nitpick, but Julie gets the story from the movie wrong. The father didn’t become obsessed with the leg lamp and then ordered it – he won a contest he entered and the prize, which came in a massive box that required a crowbar to open, was the cheesy leg lamp. His wife was horrified by the lamp but the father loved it because that was his “major award.”

    • Correct! It’s kind of funny how she rags on Trace for not seeing the movie but she gets that fact wrong. It’s still a great little clip though. It’s hard to top JB even when she’s wrong. 😉

    • My favorite parts of that movie are the school scenes.

      Christmastime was so celebrated at school when I was growing up. I remember being enchanted by the beautifully decorated bulletin boards. We had plays, concerts, dances, parties, and pagents.

      This practice continued long after I was gone, as our community public school managed to stay off the ACLU radar.

      • My junior high school had the largest junior high gymnasium in the world… no kidding. The Dave Clark Five even came there on tour. Anyway, all the grade schools in the city would practice for weeks under supervision of the city choir director (such a thing existed in “the band capital of the USA”) for a massive Christmas concert production. Lights and orchestra. It was magic to the little Larry. Religious carrols included. At that time, we still opened our public school day with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance.

        • It was/is magic and mystical.

          I’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences in my life, but few of them are sweeter than walking down a street of decorated houses on a cold December night, after a lovely Christmas affair at school.

  3. Lisa Boothe is subbing on F&FW this weekend, the second in a row Fox has used a contributor. As Molly Line showed the last couple of days, that is a job best left to the professionals.

  4. Joe and Mika lying and deceiving, I have a feeling there is a lot of faking going on in their relationship. 😉

  5. No PieGate at my Thanksgiving. I helped and watched Mom make her pumpkin pie and wonderful and my favorite apple pie with cinnamon and sugar on top of crust. She then rolls out the leftover homemade pie crust, spreads butter on it and then cinnamon and sugar, cuts and bakes into crackers. Yummy.

  6. Lisa Boothe makes Abby Huntsman look really good. Lisa loves to overtalk people, she has to get the last word in. Poor Pete.

    • Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 58 degrees. The alarmists will exclaim global warming, but offer no explanation that the record high for the date is 62 degrees back in 1914.

  7. Who knew?

    You can move to Minnesota, become a Senator and then claim “Minnesota Nice” for being touchy/feely.

    Apparently the President criticizing/mocking the press is harmful to the institution, whereas when Brian Stelter and cohorts do exactly the same to Fox News, it’s journalism.

    Every Rose has its thorn.

    Bella may have maxed out Larry’s credit cards.

    I can make a darn good bean and ham soup!

  8. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 and the leg lamp
    4 have an audience
    3 McCain nuptials
    2 sad Thanksgiving
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Joe and Mika faked Friday’s program.

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