Tuesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. The opening to CBS THIS MORNING should be painful to watch. The three cohosts seemed to genuinely like each other.

    • Charlie Rose says “sexual harassment, which is a verbal thing” – sorry Charlie it can also be making of unwanted sexual advances.

  2. Read on twitter:

    …2 news orgs are targeting “one top name” in the media for more sex abuse allegations.

  3. Zero from Maggie Haberman on sexual harassment claims against Thrush, Rose, or Conyers.

    Not news worthy? Too close to home? The women must be believed?

  4. I’ve had my fill of the harassment allegation train. And there’s enough virtue signaling and outrage against the alleged to circle the earth five times. Enough already!

    I’m not celebrating anyone’s demise, no matter their politics. The politics of personal destruction is sick.

    I’d say back to cable news, but I hardly watch anymore anyway. So, what’s the point in acknowledging I’m done with my tangential comment?

    • Dana Perino had similar sediments last night on The Five and I agree. While I don’t take pleasure, especially knowing how many women suffered through the harassment and painful silence, I believe these harassing hypocrites need to be exposed. I don’t think you expect others to remain silent, but hopefully the end is near and the house will be cleaned out.

        • I don’t believe I have enough information to judge whether they are true or not. They are concerning, which is why I would prefer they be investigated or litigated in a court of law. While I am not a fan of settlements, because of the wrong assumptions that are made, but I understand why they are made. Sadly their are many liars out there looking to make money or take someone down and it seems a court is the only place to expose them.

          • Miami Tar and Feathers
            Forks of the Wabash Industrial Park
            Huntington, IN

            They also have a wide selection of rails, if you plan to ride the “Guest of Honor” out of town on one.

        • Sounds like Sylvester Stallone’s ex, Brigitte Nielson, says they were newlyweds when one of these instances were to have taken place.She said she was with him all the time. Once again, TMZ has the story.

          • It’s such a shame that model Keri Claussen Khalighi doesn’t seem to have parents, siblings, or a boyfriend, who will go after Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner and shoot them right between the legs.

    • Stelter will have to double down on his efforts to get Hannity thrown off the air rather than competing with him.

    • Stelter’s tweet/retweet count in the last 24 hrs:

      26 = promoting / hyping the special and back patting after it aired
      0 = discussion of the ratings

      • CNN & Stelter don’t like to mention their terrible ratings, especially head to head comparisons with Fox News. If CNN does mention ratings it’s usually some creative and selective comparison and usually only to MSNBC.

  5. That piece on Greg and the kids has me wanting to make sure that i watch GG show this weekend.
    Greg comes across too nice sometimes to be on TV, and then he turns on the snark machine in his head and it all breaks loose.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Mark Levin program
    4 defended Bill Clinton
    3 Mika mocked
    2 Megyn disliked
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Kasie’s sorry for enjoying an attack on Rand Paul a bit too much.

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