Monday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Hillary inadvertently gives credit
  • Friday’s numbers: Tucker-Pirro (for Hannity)-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Time Warner shares plummet as DoJ preps to oppose merger.
  • AT&T stands behind Zucker despite Trump digs.  Pirro hits 119.
  • MSNBC tries to excuse Franken.  Stelter, Reid bond over blocks.
  • Lean Forward: The greatest threat to Americans is…’white men!’
  • Lean Hesitant: MSNBC awaits NYT probe re Glenn Thrush charges.
  • Beat bests Blitzer but behind Bret.  Wright rips Fox on foreign soil.

54 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Jamira Burley is just one more virulent racist on the Left. MSNBC must be so damn proud of themselves.

  2. Interesting a woman reported that Franken grabbed her buttocks to CNN on Thursday, yet they waited to post until today, perhaps to avoid Sunday talk shows? They also included this: Minnesota statutes state that “intentional touching of the clothing covering the immediate area of the buttocks” is not considered criminal sexual conduct. CNN suppressing and defending Democrats to the end. If it was a GOP member, it would have been same or next day post without the Minnesota statute reference.

    • It would be an endlessly looping chyron.

      It’s why the media ignored the tremendous scandal and corruption that is the Menendez case.

      They didn’t want to make things more difficult for Democrats and for Menendez with a jury.

    • As a former boxer, I can tell you that it’s the second punch of a combination that lays you on the canvas. Need a ref giving a long count for a chance to get off your back and fight on.

  3. Radio silence from Maggie Haberman on Glenn Thrush. She can’t run to twitter fast enough if Trump has a faux pas, misspeaks, tweets, or is accused of anything.

    Trump dumping fish food is far worse than her colleague sexually harassing young reporters.

  4. I know Brian Stelter and CNN must be frantically working on Reliable Sources segments about Glenn Thrush.

    Multiple accusers on to give their account……panel discussion about the seriousness of the charges on Thrush….the toxic environment in newsrooms……what do Thrush and NYT do going forward…..

    But seriously…….I won’t be holding my breath.

    • As soon as he collects his $10 million settlement check, Kelly Wright will gladly leave Fox News. He apparently pictures himself as some sort of superstar news presenter, held back by his skin color.

    • Agree, however I think Fox News knows his case has no merit and if they dismiss him it may look bad. His publicly calling out his own employer makes him look petty and I believe hurts his own case.

  5. If AT&T was smart they would get rid of Zucker, like Comcast did when they took over NBC (like one of the first things they did and NBC ratings did improve with him gone). Though I always believe that Zucker was brought in to run CNN not to make their news quality but to make them profitable for Time Warner, which he kind of did.

    • When Trump and Al Fraken and Bernie Sanders ALL think something should be killed……….its time to say maybe that needs a 2nd look.

        • I had no idea that anyone aside for Trump was against the deal.

          All I heard was Stelter floating his latest political conspiracy theory that Trump would use the powers of his office to thwart the deal out of personal animus toward CNN.

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