Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos:  Franken
  • Reliable Sources: Charges vs Trump; Hannity boycott; Roy Moore.
  • MSNBC fires Thomas Roberts, hires Bloomberg’s David Gura.
  • FNC exec Suzanne Scott one of cable’s ‘most powerful women‘.
  • Greta shares tales from the newsroom.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Audio: Stelter & Cupp; Houck: Stelter blames ‘right-wing outlets‘.
  • Chris Wallace: Journalists are observers, not players on the field.
  • The Story video: Ed Henry who ripped Gillibrand.

46 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. So is Suzanne Scott, the “most powerful woman” at Fox , the one who is making all of these bad decisions for the FNC programming? The Specialists, The Five at 9 pm, Dana Perino at 2, Harris Faulkner at 1 pm, every show featuring Marie Harf? Clearly the woman doesn’t have a clue what she is doing. At the very least Eboni Williams should have been retained, with Harf replaced.

    • Dana Perino and Harris Faulkner are excellent choices by Fox and it has shown by their good ratings, where they easily beat the competition. I am glad that Fox News employs democrats, liberals and/or those with a non hard core conservative opinion. It good to hear the other side or another perspective. It’s why Fox is the ratings leader. If it was full of GOP and/or hard core conservatives, they would lose a big part of their audience. Fair and balanced.

      • They are nice people, I agree. But lousy hosts. Boring as all get out. They have mediocre ratings. And Dana Perino is the ultimate Bushie.

          • David Brinkley was actually quite conservative at the end of his career. He must have been a liberal when he was first hired, because the networks don’t hire conservatives. He is much missed.

            The closest thing to David Brinkley we have nowadays is Brit Hume, who is also very well-spoken.

          • He was the liberal snarky younger brother to Chet Huntley’s conservative older, worldly-wise veteran. The ying and yang between them worked very well for the first decade of The Huntley-Brinkley Report.

      • Totally agree with you. But there are conservative “snowflakes” out there just as ridiculous as the liberal “snowflakes”. That’s why I quit reading the comments on many of the FNC show Facebook pages. The old days of listening to different views, thinking about your own opinions, and trying to persuade others with whom you disagree are gone. (Get off my lawn!!-lol) Did not know Eboni Williams wasn’t on the channel anymore.

      • When MSNBC had opinion shows from 2pmet until the cows came home it was boring as heck , since they all (Though Ed was a little different) had the same talking points ,same guests ,it was better to go back to news and have the few opinion shows in the evening. FNC would be boring as heck if everyone had the same ideas or the same type of show the whole day. I like Dana and it’s better to stick to your beliefs than change them because reasons and come off as insincere.

    • Hannity vs. Maddow was quite interesting this past week with a 2-2 split (in the key demo that J$ and Joe Concha focus on) for the week. So Friday’s numbers will be the tiebreaker, you might say.

      I still wouldn’t bet against Sean winning this head-to-head battle over time. Especially considering he has done so well during a time when the Roy Moore scandal has meant more bad news for Rs than Ds — usually meaning a loss of viewers (however large or small) for FNC and a small gain for some MSNBC primetime shows.

      Yet Hannity has continued to post strong total viewers numbers notwithstanding Media Matters best efforts to derail him. Not a huge fan, but I am impressed with what he’s accomplished so far at 9p.

      • It won’t be a tiebreaker because Hannity was out on Friday.

        And please stop harassing me on Twitter via different handles. It’s downright creepy and painfully obvious.

  2. BTW, has anyone else noticed Gretchen Carlson and her increased snark on Twitter with some of her former co-workers at Fox? She deservedly won against Ailes IMHO. But, some of her tweets (1 against Brit Hume another against Sean Hannity) make her seem bitter and a “sore winner”. She’s better than that.

    • She has gotten more and more strident. IMHO she sees this as her path to acceptance by the establishment that ridiculed her for years. I suspect she will never be in demand to the extent that she expects to be.

  3. I fee so good they are replacing Robert Mugabe with a guy nicknamed Emmerson ‘Crocodile’ Mnangagwa as leader, I’m thinking of opting in for a couple acres in Zimbabwe. Want to make sure they don’t eat dogs first.

    • Franken “took responsibility” for the groping, so it is time to move on and discuss Judge Moore, who hasn’t. That is the CNN talking point.

        • What charges? Do you mean unfounded accusations?

          If you are pro-life, are you going to let a pro-abortion, high taxer win the election?

          • I mean the charges from one woman that he had sexual contact with her when she was underage, and the charges of another woman that he violently tried to force to have oral sex.

            Frankly, I don’t believe that last charge, but Moore’s predicament is more serious than a dumb arrested-development frat house pic of Franken possibly touching or not quite touching that woman’s breasts.

          • So I am going to let some pro-partial birth abortion liberal get into the Senate instead? Isn’t that serious too? Plus I don’t want him to crash the economy for something Moore may or may not have done 40 years ago.

          • Unfortunately the media is also just focusing on only the picture. She also said Franken forced his tongue in month in a rehearsal, hardly a frat house prank. However I agree not remotely comparable to Moore allegations.

          • Now you can’t even defend friends who are accused of sexual harassment. Lena Dunham has caught hell for that.

            It used to be that it was accepted that friends would be quick to defend friends. You reckoned with their knowledge that comes from familiarity, and you weighed their biases. You understood and acquiesced to what, at best, is a noble impulse.

            This scolding of Dunham reminds me of all the lecturing that some Fox employees got for vouching for Ailes after the Gretchen Carlson accusations.

            Instead of the unspoken understanding of the bonds of friendship, Brit and Kimberly were accused of obsequiousness and told that if they could not back a female colleague making a charge, their duty was to remain silent in the face of it.

            That is a concept so stilted against the natural. So tyrannical in its insistence that folks ignore all possibilities. That they wave away the idea that these two people had spent more time in Ailes company, as he was their boss and champion, than they had ever spent with Carlson as a peer.

            These are false imperatives that are being forced upon us. Don’t accept them from anyone of any political persuasion.

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    1 MSNBC fires Thomas Roberts, hires Bloomberg’s David Gura.

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