Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Hannity-Maddow-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Banned for life: Fox bars Gene Simmons from all its properties.
  • If CNN were up for sale…who would buy?  Profile: Chris Cuomo.
  • Heilemann calls Fox News ‘corrupt‘, is schooled
  • Impartial CNN anchors spot racial angle in Trump UCLA comments.
  • Somerby: Should we stage an intervention to save Rachel Maddow?
  • The Five video: The panel probes on Capitol Hill.

38 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Evidently, according to Twitter, there is one woman capable of lying about being sexually harassed.
    Which one you ask?
    Why, the one who complained about a Democratic senator.

    • Do you think they are saying that because some are trying to downplay Frankens conduct by possibly focusing on only the picture and not what else was alleged by the woman? Frankens actions may not rise to the Weinstein level, but his forcing a tongue down in a womans mouth is disturbing, disgusting and possibly assault.

  2. John Heilemann comments are ridiculous and false, especially as he says them on MSNBC, the most ideological agenda driven news network. The MSNBC primetime lineup spews crazy conspiracy theories, mock those whom they disagree with and are “all in” that all conservatives are racist. He thinks this is journalism and not advancing an agenda? Remember Heilemann is also the one who worked ever so closely with the serial abuser Mark Halperin and said nothing.

  3. The clip Laura played last night is more damning of Franken than just the quote of him giving a Trump nominee a hard time a couple days ago for the nominee’s humorous tweets about the right to marry bacon:
    ‘I don’t get it,’ Franken scolded Judge Don Willett. ‘But sometimes when you don’t get a joke, it’s because it wasn’t a joke.’

  4. Re Buying CNN: this might be a little long. I would kind want Al Jazeera to buy it , they had a good news channel here, the name didn’t click here, I did enjoy watching AJAM (I was one of the few who did). There would be irony to Russia buying CNN. I don’t CBS would buy CNN because a) they’d have to do lot of cuts, b) they would have tried already, c) CBSN is the news channel of future and runs much more lean and mean (and cheaper -key word) than CNN meaning it’s better. I24 would be nice too they could expand their well rounded news channel in the US market . Sinclair buying CNN would be a twist , but they also run things cheap (it’s their thing) so CNN would have a lot of cuts. (Wolf and some other anchors are kind of expensive) If Bloomberg bought CNN , I’d hope they’d make it like Bloomberg (a straight to the point channel with out the silliness CNN has currently been) and improve CNN International .

  5. I am not advocating men having romantic relationships with girls under the age of consent.

    I’m not advocating that teenagers over the age of consent be involved with adults in their late twenties and older (though my mother was 18 and my father 27 when they married).

    But how realistic is it to label an attraction to a 14-year-old as being pedophilia? As something not different from being attracted to a 10-year-old?

    Girls at fourteen have breasts. They are usually menstruating by then. They can get pregnant. It’s their mind and emotions that lag behind their physical development, and a pox on any man who skirts the proper societal boundaries that recognize this.

    However, it’s not a pedophilia impulse to find a girl this age attractive. I have been that age, I had a daughter of that age, and today share a swimming pool locker room with young ladies of this age.

    They don’t look like babies. Trust me.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 schooled by Gregg Jarrett.

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