Thursday Links and Open Thread

39 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Interesting Eboni K Williams retweeted the Newsweek ridiculous Fox news aging audience story. Noticed her twitter profile says Fox News host. Her website still says she the host of Fox News Specialists.

  2. FNC Memes – cover about have the tweets of Stooges for the last five years. Idiots and morons… and their mothers dress them funny.

    • Unfiltered will fit in better closer to the other non-crime shows on HLN, but there are fewer potential viewers at 5:00 ET and it is a panel show that will now have to go up against the top cable news panel show.

      Also, Unfiltered will now have an even weaker lead-in.

      When a show changes time slots less than four months on-air, and it is not related to personnel changes/ time slot openings, it is not a great sign for the show.
      If ratings don’t get better, they can’t just move the show again. I also don’t think they have another direction to go with the format.

      This line from the memo is laughable: “This new line-up creates a stronger flow into prime, which now hosts a robust library of highly-rated HLN and CNN Original programming, designed for us to win.”

      None of the shows on HLN are highly-rated and they have no chance at winning by any possible measure.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 too sexy
    4 Pete Hegseth
    3 catapults Laura Ingraham
    2 biased fake news
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Somerby: Cable star flaunts her ‘crackpot runaway Puritanism’.

  4. A.B. Stoddard is on something called “No Labels Radio”. I would gladly slap STUPID across her forehead.

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