Wednesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Re: O’Donnell.

    Brian Stelter once disingenously claimed the same thing.

    Stelter crowed that the media would “love” to be talking about health care policy,…but couldn’t because of a controversial Trump tweet…

    • I remember Howie saying the same thing (on his more RELIABLE show) way back in Obama’s first term when Trump was questioning the birthplace of the savior. (not Jerusalem, Kenya).

      • All these journalists wish to do is to engage in an informed and erudite discussion of matters of national importance, and they are constantly prevented from doing so.

        Shame they have to hide all the knowledge gleaned from their research and investigation.

  2. Neil Cavuto now says he is “not interested” in interviewing President Donald Trump. Sure, Neil.

    Talk about your sour grapes! Trump will go on Cavuto’s show right after he goes on Shepard Smith.

  3. You know it’s a bit late and a bit self-serving to suddenly regret that Bill Clinton’s accusers were treated like trash by liberals.

  4. I had decided that when it came to the phenomenon of men exposing themselves to women and then further expressing themselves, that Sean Young (who I absolutely love) and Shirley Temple handled it right.

    Young said that Weinstein tried that stuff with her and she said, “Oh, put that thing away, Harvey, it isn’t very pretty.”

    I recently read that some perv Hollywood producer did that to Shirley Temple at age eight. Her response was to giggle uproariously, and he threw her out of his office.

    After reading this Slate piece that I found linked at the Daily Howler, I’m confident that my conclusion is right.

  5. Bret Baier lead with Moore and Ivanka Trump quote – “There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children. I’ve yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.” I agree with Ivanka. However I think WaPo should be held accountable for holding story until politically convenient, so GOP would not be able to offer another candidate thus ensuring a D victory.

  6. today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 A message from Charles Krauthammer.

  7. Taxpayer harrassment settlements:

    I had already made up my mind that I was disgusted that “congress” had paid out millions in taxpayer dollars. A friend mentioned that perhaps they paid out settlements for items behind their control. He said perhaps an employee sued or would sue, because they told their boss about harassment and they did nothing. So the person sues or settles with “congress” for their failure to protect them. Therefore that it may have been in best interest (cheaper) to settle rather than go to trial.

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