Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Tucker-Sean Hannity-Laura Ingraham 1-2-3.
  • Impartial MSNBC anchor rips ‘perverse’ voters backing Moore.
  • Video: Judith and Joe on and Tapper vs Roland.
  • Fox News analyst accuses Georgia State Rep of sexual assault.
  • F&F videos: Abby Huntsman leaves for maternity
  • Coffeemaker boycotts Hannity after twitter complaints. Update.
  • NYT: ‘Rightward tilt’ brings ratings to FNC.  Betsy watches Brian.
  • Fox News schedules Paul Ryan Town Hall.  The Wonder List is over.

34 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. The NYT is an arrogant rag ran by pompous asses whose “leftward tilt” and fictional “articles” has caused their circulation to crater.

  2. Quite the weekend for Jehmu Green. The revelation about alleged sexual harassment when she was young. Saturday night on her Twitter she posted about an issue with an Uber driver taking off with her asthma inhaler. Hope everything was resolved ok. I disagree with her about 90% of the time but enjoy when she’s on Fox.

    • I’m not at all surprised about some man trying to get them some jailbait.

      I doubt there’s a female alive who hasn’t fairly regularly been the center of attention of some 30-something (who she considered to be an old man) when she was just barely out of a training bra.

      It’s the dropping trou and groping thing that I don’t get. When did men start getting away with that?

  3. “Impartial MSNBC anchor”
    john, which anchors or reporters on CNN, FNC and/or MSNBC do you believe to be impartial?

  4. I don’t understand the anger at Hannity. I thought he was pretty tough on Moore. In fact his interview convinced me that Moore should step down.

  5. There is so much garbage being spread around about a supposed big deal contact between Wikileaks and Trump Jr, who was supposedly made aware of the DNC emails being in Wikileaks possession.

    So freaking what? Inept journalists can write hundreds of paragraphs about Wikileaks having ‘stolen documents’ but it’s not a crime to have them, or to publish them. Only the stealing is a crime. So if Don Jr knows they have them, knows what’s in them, talks about releasing them, asks them to publish them, etc etc etc it’s all fine. Perfectly legal. Has been ever since the NY Times published its own ‘stolen documents’ now known as The Pentagon Papers. It was a crime for Ellsberg to steal them, it was not a crime for the paper to publish them, or for anyone else to encourage, cooperate, or assist in the publication thereof. It’s that pesky old 1st Amendment.

    Unless I’m missing something this latest bombshell is a dud. It sounds so enticingly shady so the usual suspects will make all sorts of hay with it. But what the dishonest media won’t tell you is unless you implicate Don Jr or some other campaign actor in the actual hacking of the DNC computers, there’s nothing illegal about distributing and/or publishing the “stolen documents” (see New York Times Co. vs United States).

  6. Interesting data point on Richard Engel filling in for Maddow on Friday. He could not hold her audience — the audience actually dipped and went back up the next hour for O’donnell.

    I bet crazy JoyAnn Reid would hold that audience much better when Maddow is out.

    • Perhaps they changed the channel to watch “Inside with Chris Cuomo” on HLN? The NY Governors little brother only managed to get 274,000 viewers at 9 pm & 180,000 at 10 pm. The decrease at 10 pm is people turning back to MSNBC. LOL

      • Chris Cuomo’s father was Governor of NY and then his brother became Governor and he’s doing cable TV. He’s like Fredo from the movie The Godfather where Fredo’s father and brother were both accomplished and respected men (in the crime world, that is) and Fredo winds up running a prostitution racket in Las Vegas.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 pt one
    4 watches Brian
    3 brings ratings
    2 is over
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Fox News analyst accuses Georgia State Rep of sexual assault.

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