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  1. Can I say I am not looking forward to the news today? A Republican Senate candidate accused of molesting a 14 yo girl and a Menendez juror being released to go on vacation saying the prosecution railroaded Menendez. Guessing the verdict Not Guilty will happen today since jurors hate to deliberate over a weekend.

  2. I don’t doubt that Donna Brazile knows the skeletons in the closet at the DNC and probably at CNN.

    That said it is just the mentality of these campaign insiders and media advocates to do what Brazile did in scolding Jake Tapper for saying her actions embarrassed CNN.

    As it stood, CNN let her hang around for two weeks on suspension. Tapper may have been the only CNN person frank enough to rebuke her publicly.

    Brazile is used to wagon-circling from media members and ideological colleagues. She views Tapper’s justifiable pique as disloyalty. That pissed her off. She had to deal with this right in the midst of Wikileaks exposing the rigging at the DNC.

    She had condescending Clintonites AND what was dropped in her lap by Obama and the temperamental and entitled Madam Clinton.

    Clinton’s grandiosity and big-wig sycophants made her feel like the scrub woman in the kitchen. She was supposed to roll up her sleeves and clean up the messes and stay there until her presence was required…and all the racial connotations of that.

    Stelter and the rest of the folks at CNN can denounce Brazile’s revelations all they want. She may dial it down a notch, but she won’t take too much of that stay in your place stuff. CNN may discover that she has some political allies of color who might not either.

    • No one “deserves” a daily show. You either get high ratings or you don’t. Ask Gretchen Carlson.

      From every indication, both Harris Faulkner’s and Dana Perino’s shows are ratings challenged. They will both be cancelled. The only question is how soon.

        • They usually have approximately 400,000 to 800,000 more viewers than MSNBC and CNN. I suspect they vary so much due to time day. Examples from this week:

          WED 11/8
          Harris Faulkner 1,570,000 viewers
          MSNBC 862,000
          CNN 799,000

          MON 11/6
          Dana Perino 1,713,000 viewers
          MSNBC 1,004,000
          CNN 806,000.

          Some days they have more than competition combined.I suspect Fox News is happy with their performance and I haven’t read anywhere that they will be cancelled. Fox needed more female hosts and Harris and Dana are very smart, talented and well liked (popular). Dana has 1.7 million twitter followers, near the top for Fox News hosts.

          • Why cherry pick the dates? At least use the same date when there is no breaking news and compared to noon and 3pm.

          • It was just a sample from this week, which is why I gave the approximate ranges they beat the competition. Here is NOON to 3 pm ET Tuesday 11/7 – no breaking news that I am aware of:

            Cable News Rank-Show-Network-Time-Total Viewers
            14 FNC OUTNUMBERED… Noon 1,895,000
            20 FNC S SMITH REPORT. 3 PM 1,589,000
            21 FNC OUT# OVERTIME.. 1 PM 1,570,000
            23 FNC DLY BRF PERINO.. 2 PM 1,524,000
            37 MSNBC LIVE VELSHI…. 3 PM 968,000
            38 MSNBC LIVE K. TUR….. 2 PM 929,000
            42 MSNBC LIVE MELVIN…. 1 PM 862,000
            43 CNN NEWSROOM……… 3 PM 846,000
            44 MSNBC MITCHELL…….. Noon 834,000
            45 CNN NEWSROOM……… 2 PM 799,000
            46 CNN WOLF………………… 1 PM 799,000
            47 CNN INSIDE POLITICS. Noon 750,000

          • Thanks for the detailed numbers. From 1.9 million to about 1.55 million for Faulkner, Perino, and Shep Smith. Then to 1.62 million for Cavuto and 2.46 million for The Five.

          • Agree. Outside Fox & Friends at 6 am and overnight rebroadcasts, the 1, 2 & 3 pm hours typically have the lowest total viewers lately. I am not totally sure if that has always been the case and looking at ratings earlier this year and last aren’t a good comparison, due to the Trump impact with all news networks getting higher ratings.

            I and I suspect Fox News is a little disappointed at Ingrahams ratings, she definitely isn’t knocking it out of the part as you say.

          • I can’t think of anyone who would do better than Laura. I am certain that Tomi Lahren would do much better than Shannon Bream if the show had a younger flavor, maybe with a bit of fun added. Shannon is oh so serious at 11pm, when something lighter is called for.

          • It was interesting that Brian Kilmeade had good ratings when he hosted 10 pm for numerous days in September. He easily beat “stop the hammering” Larry on MSNBC. Although it was rather small short term sample. I think Fox News needs to do more promotion and Laura needs to book some big league guests.

          • They should give Tammy Bruce a shot at a show; ever since I heard Laura dropping f bombs on her radio show when she thought she was off the air she lost me—way too unprofessional for someone who’d been doing it for years. I’ll read her books, but don’t care for her on broadcast media.

  3. The FCC should block that proposed merger of Disney with Fox – Disney already owns ABC, ESPN and A&E and whatever else – that’s too much consolidation.

    • They only own half of the A+E networks with Hearst
      The local stations were already taken out of the deal because of that, Fox was considering giving up their local stations to Ion media. Plus there’s nothing to block if the deal is not happening. The Sinclair buying Tribune thing is also too much consolidation too.

    • In dealing with all the networks on ratings releases I’ve found there are many creative ways of spinning them. In CNN’s case, they like to tout Total Day vs. MSNBC in the demo and ratings vs. past performance. They largely stay away from prime due to numbers like the ones above.

      • CNN & Zucker are the spin masters.

        Zucker claims through “internal research” their brand hasn’t been hurt by the fake news moniker, yet their viewers and website visitors are down. If he isn’t spinning, why not release their “internal research”.

        Back in 2013, CNN claimed Anthony Bourdain has attracted 10 million new viewers overall and 5 million the 25-54 demo. Bourdain has never even come close to those numbers, he is lucky to get 1 to 1.5 million total viewers. Note sure where they get those numbers, but obviously pure spin.

        • Oh no, I’m not saying that at all. I’m just making the point that all networks highlight whatever best point is avilable and go from there.

  4. Congratulations to Chris Wallace. Interesting when you include his Fox News Sunday rebroadcasts on Fox News Channel he does very well. On Sunday, October 29 (Nov 5 had breaking news, so cable rebroadcasts were preempted) he was #1 in Total Viewers.

    Total Viewers Sunday, October 29, 2017
    4,120,000 FOX Fox News Sunday*
    4,040,000 NBC Meet the Press*
    3,408,000 CBS Face the Nation
    2,950,000 ABC This Week

    *includes rebroadcasts on their cable networks

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