Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Video: The Five‘s take on FNC gets Gorka.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Hannity-Maddow-Tucker/O’Donnell 1-2-3.
  • Justice Dept: Time Warner must sell off CNN to get merger OK.
  • Video: Tucker expose lies journalists tell.
  • Bill Hemmer avoids opinion, but defends FNC’s prime time hosts.
  • Video: Megyn leaves guest speechless.
  • Impartial MSNBC anchor arguing for gun control gets facts wrong.
  • Election night 2016 retrospective: Bret Baier, Lord, Kornacki, et al.
  • Time Warner merger deal rated ‘uncertain’ as Justice Dept ponders.
  • CNN avoids Menendez corruption trial.  Will you pay for ‘fake news’?

23 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

      • Every time I see that commercial, I think of the SCTV sketch “Lee A. Iococca’s Rock Concert” where Rick Moranis as George Carlin is talking about underrated vegetables. Beets…beets…beets…BEETS…beets…Beats me!

        • I remember watching early episodes of SCTV before anyone in America had even heard of it. SCTV started on GLOBAL, a small group of Canadian stations and being in Detroit I could pull in the low-power station across the river when the wind was blowing in the right direction, though the picture was rather grainy. Still I got to see all those original cast members and skits before most everyone else in the USA. GLOBAL also ran a debate show with Pierre Berton, something about movies with Shatner, and some British series not seen in the US back then, like Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, and an off-beat detective series Van der Valk, set in Holland. A small outfit, GLOBAL nonetheless had a news department, and some of the jokes on SCTV were inside jabs at various GLOBAL personalities. I still remember one GLOBAL anchor’s sign-off (which I saw because it came right before some program I wanted to see). He would end each show with a human interest story, something trivial but interesting. And then add: “That may not be news, but that too is reality.” GLOBAL went thru a lot of twists and turns from those early days but today it’s the second biggest tv network in Canada.

    • Well I doubt she would have given up a good job without someplace to go. Personally I don’t care for her but that’s what “fair and Balanced” is all about……..if I wanted to only see and hear people I agreed with (and be lied to) I’d watch only MSNBC.

    • I would assume that Fox News would definitely want her as at least a contributor. She is already on a lot for someone who is not one.

      They might also want her as someone who can do some hosting, but I don’t think she would move to New York to work for Fox unless she had an actual show and I don’t really see a spot for her. Unless they want her on Outnumbered.

      For a while, Fox has needed to make some bigger name hires to help replace everyone who is now gone. Loesch would be the biggest name hired in a while.

    • WTF is taking FOX so long to resign Monica Crowley??

      Please don’t tell me it’s the plagiarism issue??!!!

  1. Liberals have never give. a damn about facts surrounding gun control issues. Katie Tur’s ignorance is parr for the course. So is willingness to lie about the ultimate objective (confiscation of all firearms with repeal of the Second Amendment).

  2. Justice Dept: Time Warner must sell off CNN to get merger OK.:
    50% of the news
    Time Warner and T tell Trump to F off and T went up over 1% today on flipping Trump the bird news. Time Warner fell of course making it easier for T to swallow. It is the old Socratic paradox, evil+stupid=virtue.

  3. TVN post about CNN sell off concludes with this:

    But here’s a thought: if Rupert Murdoch succeeds in selling 21st Century Fox‘s TV and film studios, he could swoop in and acquire Turner Broadcasting, which would put Fox News and CNN under the same corporate roof.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 pay for
    4 and Glenn Greenwald
    3 gets facts wrong
    2 defends Fox News women
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Bill Hemmer avoids opinion, but defends FNC’s prime time hosts.

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