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    • Interesting.

      Lee Smith makes the point that FusionGPS offers up a form of quid pro quo to the the story hungry media in that their product comes as packaged as those delivery meal services.

      A complete kit, served up with dubious sources, polls, statistics, etc.

    • And engendered every sort of pseudo news commentary from our fake new media, from Trump as impatient boor, to his cruelty, to Trump senility.

      The most over-the-top ridiculous tweet was from John Podhoreitz tweeting that this was a rare example of deception from CNN.

  1. You have to wonder at this point is CNN deliberately misleading it’s Trump coverage to get a rise out of people including Trump. Zucker probably thinks that any publicity whether negative or positive is good for CNN. Perhaps they have embraced being truly Fake News.

  2. Showtime is producing “SMILF”! Triggering another War on Women? The foe-toe of Rosie O´Hag looks like she rolled out of a garbage truck! The funny part is her role is that of a crazy/deranged grandmother. She won´t have to lift the bar too far. Absolutely ridiculous and insulting! Sheesh.

    • Am going to really show my age here. But, I still remember Rosie O’Donnell as a contestant on Ed McMahon’s “Star Search” in the 80’s. She did very well as I recall. Her 1990’s era talk show was a great alternative to the Ricki Lake/Sally Jesse/Jenny Jones junk overtaking daytime TV back then. If she would get off politics and go back to comedy, her career would take off again. Sad.

  3. Re: “Video: Joe and Judith analyze how the media debate gun control”: The formula for gun control that Democrats want:
    Democratic president + Democratic-controlled House + Democratic-controlled Senate.

    There is no other way. It is a waste of time and energy to urge Republican leaders to do Democratic things, and to do them “NOW.” Get back the House and Senate next year, then vote for TBD against Trump in 2020. Then, and only then, will you have gun control and all the other items on the wish list. As Tom O’Connor bellows after Greg Gutfeld’s monologue, “PERIOD!”

  4. Taped Hannity beats Maddow Friday 11/3 –

    Hannity 3,180,000 viewers / 569,000 in 25-54 demo
    Maddow 2,657,000 viewers / 544,000 in 25-54 demo

    • Yep. Surprised that a taped Hannity held on and edged Maddow by 25k in the demo.
      If he can get away with it, I’d bet we will see Hannity go back to taping more nights than just Friday.

  5. Fox News proves once gain why it’s the cable news leader. Last evening Fox News was live until midnight, yet CNN and MSNBC choose to go to pre-taped programming.

    • I’m sorry but saying “Disney owns too much” or any variant of is a registered copyright of the Walt Disney Company probably.

      • But, on the other hand, 21CF presently has movie rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. Combine those with Disney’s Star Wars and Marvel, and you now have an extremely attractive entertainment library. Wanna see Captain America fight Magneto AND Jabba the Hutt? MCU fans can only drool.

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