Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Trump terror Bill
  • Reliable Sources videos: Kellyanne Conway; evil Murdoch; Ronan Farrow.
  • Agayeva: CNN should not endorse ‘crimes against humanity‘.
  • Somerby: The ‘gong-show-level sophistry‘ of Maddow and Sciutto.
  • CNN’s paywall and merger concerns.  Joy Reid at John Hopkins U.
  • CNN expert: Maybe terrorist struck because of an old traffic ticket.
  • Tucker video: Jim Acosta, CNN’s  Sunday talkers.

63 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. I see that KO was back on ABC’s The View, I don’t need another reason not to watch this joyless waste of time!

    • I don’t know if any of this is true or not, but I get the point that you are making that even if true, does not negate an iota of King’s brilliance.

      Not one thing he achieved, and his steadfast nonviolence and appeal to the best in us while achieving it, is negated.

      He did accomplished his purpose while his home was bombed with his wife and children in it, and in the face of much more hatred and violence.

      We have become a nation of infantile tyrants when we are able to ignore God-given genius and mission for a particular time, in order to focus on the human failings that we’ve rendered up as the bugaboos monoliths of our current era.

      • Christ Church in Alexandria Virginia, house of worship to both George Washington and Robert E. Lee, decided to remove statues of each last week to avoid controversy. That act was named “loser of the week” last night by my one of the SPECIAL REPORT panelists.
        I was in a wedding party there back in the nineties and remembered glancing up in awe from my pew seat at the little silver ROBERT E. LEE seating marker plate. Hope they didn’t pry that off too.

          • By the nineteen-nineties, “with malice toward none, with charity for all”, was still operative. Lee was still revered by friend and foe.

    • Other than an admission/denial from Baez, if there was a curious journalist, the love child seems the easiest thing to prove / disprove. A prominent black LA dentist in MLK’s circle in the 50’s and 60’s should be easy to figure out. Work back from there, find the child, and have DNA tested.

      Who knows how much is true? It could all be rumors and smears accumulated by J Edgar Hoover’s FBI. However, the love child rumor seems to provide enough details that could be tracked down.

  2. Intellectual Twitter spat between Anthony and Alec from DailyMail:

    Bourdain came to his girlfriend’s defense, tweeting to Baldwin: ‘You are really too dumb to pour piss out of a boot’
    Baldwin fired back at Bourdain, tweeting: ‘You should stick to eating worms and keep your mouth shut’

    • Last week Alec admitting to “bullying” women in the past. I wonder if his “bullying” is what everyone else considers harassment. It wouldn’t surprise me if some women (or men) come forward now.

  3. For some reason this news report made Bella anxious:

    “Socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro recently proposed the introduction of rabbit farming across many of the country’s major cities and has launched a campaign aiming to change people’s perception towards the animals by considering them as meat rather than animals.”

  4. Howie Kurtz defends Jake Tapper against Fox News. Why is Dead Wood Kurtz even working for Fox News? One of Roger Ailes rare blunders. Send Howie back to CNN or the Washington Post, or whoever else will take him.

    • I didn’t get to see the show and with breaking news……doesn’t look like I will……..but I would point out that its NOT Kurtz job to defend Fox News or CNN or anybody…..hes a media reporter………he tries to be fair and balanced………you don’t see CNN media guy defending Fox News because it just wouldn’t occur to him to be fair to anyone but the left..

      • There was nothing out of context about Fox News’ coverage of Jake Tapper’s asinine attempt to rehabilitate the phrase “Allahu Akbar”, which is basically a war cry. If you were on an airplane and someone screamed Allahu Akbar how would you feel?

        Fox News played the Tapper clip several times from start to finish, with no editing. Kurtz is a conventional liberal who occasionally defends the Republicans, simply because he wants to keep his job. Most of the night-time hosts on FNC refuse to put him on the air, preferring to get Joe Concha to fill in.

    • Howard was rough on the evening network news last week for not covering a word of the Donna Brazile revelations on the day Politico broke the story. There was room to defend Tapper even though I wasn’t in a mood to hear it.

    • Wow… first Kelly, then Gretchen Carlson, and now Kurtz!

      Keep this up and you might turn out not to be the sycophant we know you to be.

      Is any criticism of FNC allowed in your world?

      • I always liked Gretchen Carlson, I don’t know what you are talking about. Stop making stuff up. Her viewership ratings were low, but I did like her show.

        • Oh? I thought I remembered you slamming get after she spoke out about OReilly and Soles.

          You didn’t?

          • I liked her show. She was cancelled because her ratings were low, not because Roger Ailes was punishing her when supposedly she wouldn’t have sex with him.

          • So when you said this, you were expressing how much you liked her?

            “Mitch Alan a month ago
            Gretchen Carlson hasn’t gotten any offers for employment, so Ailes judged her value correctly. Fox News got scammed by her and many of these other female accusers.”

            Now, I believe you said something hilarious about “making stuff up.”

          • Not really, I was one of the few people who liked her show. She claimed it was cancelled because she wouldn’t sleep with Ailes. It was cancelled because her ratings were low.

          • You’re arguing a strawman.

            You said she “scammed” FNC.

            Is that not then a “blunder” by Ailes for bringing her in, in the first place?

  5. I was looking forward to seeing Lauren Sivan on Gutfeld’s show last night but most of it was pre-empted due to coverage of Pres. Trump’s Japan trip.

  6. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 anti-Trump activist
    4 talkers
    3 old traffic ticket
    2 crimes against humanity
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Somerby: The ‘gong-show-level sophistry’ of Maddow and Sciutto.

  7. I spent most of the weekend going through the earliest J$P posts from 2004-2007. Hundreds of these have over time become unviewable, because of video clips posted in formats that are no longer supported, or audio clips that have been embedded with now-obsolete software. I converted all the video clips (except for two I couldn’t find at all) to modern-day mp4 clips that most any browser can play, re-embedded the audio clips so no special plug-in is required to play them, and rewrote the embed code for hundreds of pages (most of that last was done in a batch fashion so it sounds more impressive than it really was).

    Through it all this journey through the lie-busting origins of J$P reminded me how widespread and conscienceless the lying about Fox News was in those days. From dishonest websites to people like Olbermann and Media Matters the most outrageous falsehoods were told, and nobody fact-checked any of them. In one particularly galling case I was told by Brian Stelter (then proprietor of TV Newser) that Olby, when confronted about the untruth of something he said about Bill O’Reilly, was not going to do a correction of it. For his part, Stelter played along by not reporting either Olby’s lie or his refusal to correct it in the pages of TV Newser. Times change, but sometimes people don’t.

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