Friday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Panel looks at the DoJ and
  • Thursday’s numbers: Hannity-Tucker Carlson-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Sean Hannity is inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.
  • MSNBC pundit hits Trump over death penalty…but there’s a catch.
  • Q&A: Brian Kilmeade opens up about Megyn, Gretchen, Trump, etc.
  • For Time Warner merger deal to close, they may have to sell off CNN.
  • Borchers: Fox News reinvents the exit poll.  Video Q&A: Chris Wallace.
  • Video: Gregg Jarrett on of the ‘rigged’ Dem primary.
  • CNN unveils shopping guide, refreshes store.  Corn leaned too forward.

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  1. CNN –

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  2. In October 2016 – Brian Stelter Sums Up Why Trump’s Rigged Election Claims Are So Dangerous, yet he hasn’t condemned Donna Brazile for the saying the same, Stelter has been suspiciously quiet regarding this whole matter. The media critic doesn’t have problems with tweeting other politics, but mainly as it is anti-GOP, Trump, conservative. CNN has become extremely partisan, perhaps surpassing MSNBC. Thanks Trump for exposing CNN, Stelter, Zucker, etc. true colors.

    • CNN has yet to report on the David Corn matter (per Alex Griswold) and their website has nothing on it. Their chief media reporter has not tweeted about it either, as compared to all the people at Fox News he’s tweeted about. MSNBC is naturally silent as well. These media blackouts would be a good story for someone to write, one that might even end up being our #1 link o’ the day.

      • It is quite astonishing. CNN suppresses so much news that doesn’t fit their ideology or narrative. The “Reliable” Sources newsletter does the same, so I don’t bother to look at as it’s only stories that Zucker & Co wants you read and it’s not all encompassing of all the media news.

        • I heard a rumor that Twitter, Facebook, the IRS, and the Justice Department do the same thing, but naaah, that can’t be right, can it ? The entire honest part of the DC Guvment would stop that you would think. Ok, gotta go get these unicorns back into the barn, before they scare the other fictional creatures.

        • Thanks. There’s no point even calling anyone out or engaging anymore. We all know the score. We all know who is biased. Those who aren’t blindly partisan in this business know what the deal is: Media reporting has now been weaponized. When the ammo is fired only depends on who the target is.

      • You know I heard over and over on CNN that Papadopoulos was this big deal in the Trump admin…….so I did a search on their website and before last week his name had come up in 3 stories…….non of which were about him……..doesn’t sound like he was on their radar for being such a big deal.

      • Corn is a lefty journalist, working for a lefty media outlet, whose honchos say they investigated the harrassment charges against Corn and moved on.

        End of story, dude…

      • Well, remember too that “resistance” toward the result of an election was deeply subversive and dangerous, back in the days when CNN was so smug in its chattering class bonafides that there would be a Madam President.

    • Stelter is CNN’s version of Sean Hannity, only Hannity doesn’t label himself as being a nonpartisan, objective journalist.

  3. Just when you got overwhelmed by the liberal influence of two of the three cable news channels, here is a taste of food for thought of today’s internet sampler:

    “My wife and I do not let our children watch Nickelodeon or Disney. Both networks are quite committed to indoctrinating kids into leftwing culture. Disney is actually worse than Nickelodeon, but both are terrible. The boys act like girls. All are effeminately interchangeable. Asexual beings with fabulous hair and shopping spree problems encounter problems solved by leftwing platitudes.”

    • They grow up to be those ADT pj-clad big little-boys, brushing their teeth with the tykes in the kiddie bathroom, while desperate-but ever-diligent mommy, tries to keep the wolf out.

  4. What company is going to buy the news network that is in 3rd place in a 3 way race? A network that shows almost no hope of being even #2.

    1) They cover the DNC revaluations this morning where last night’s CBS NEWS did not, Just to say CBS did? Is there a pattern here?
    2) Mentioned the DNC debt problem as the catalyst for Clinton’s takeover with no mention the cause was an inattentive Obama.

    • I’ll bet Obama knew exactly how much was still owed by the DNC. He was such a fabulous fundraiser for HIMSELF! Just shows you the actual disdain he held for those who propped him up for 8 freaking years.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Thursday’s
    4 reinvents the exit poll
    3 sell off CNN
    2 too forward
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Q&A: Brian Kilmeade opens up about Megyn, Gretchen, Trump, etc.

  7. Johnny,

    On Tucker they just played video of Keith Olbermann on The a View saying words to the effect that after 9/11 no one tried to curtail the nation’s freedoms.

    I must have dreamed the era of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, where Keith spent every “Special Comment” moment accusing Bush of everything from trying to end habeas corpus, to using terror alerts as political propaganda and a means of intimidation.

    I remember one special…Special Comment where Olbermann accused Pres. Bush of instigating his acolytes to commit crimes ala King Henry II and Thomas Beckett:

    “Of course, Mr. President, you did none of these things.

    You instructed no one to mail the fake anthrax. Nor undermine the FBI’s case. Nor call for the execution of the editors of the New York Times. Nor threaten to assassinate Stephanie Miller. Nor beat up a man yelling at Senator Allen. Nor have the first lady knife Michael J. Fox. Nor tell John McCain to lie about John Kerry.

    No, you did not.

    And the genius of the thing, is the same, as in King Henry’s rhetorical question about Archbishop Thomas Becket: “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?”

  8. After beating Maddow last Friday with a live Pirro led Hannity, Fox went back to a taped Hannity tonight.

    It must be in his contract that he can tape Friday and start the weekend early.

    Ingraham is doing her show live.

    • I wonder if they are testing between live guest hosts and taped Hannity. Perhaps they would consider a blend of both – a live guest host with a few taped Hannity segmentsy.

  9. Finally watched Shannon Bream’s new show tonight. Would give it an A-/B+. Shannon is great. She’s smart and insightful. Interruptions/people constantly talking over one another (think the CNN 8 person panels or Bill O’Reilly/Eric Bolling at their most irritating) are my biggest cable news pet peeves. Shannon, to her great credit, let her two panelists tonight make their points with a minimum of interruptions and cross talk. It was nice. Finally on the plus side, looks like she will be discussing topics that don’t get much airtime otherwise (tonight she discussed Martin Luther with author Eric Metaxas)
    The one area that I think the show can improve on is energy. The pace moves rather slowly which works for Bret Baier in late afternoon. But, I can see itchy remote controls switching to “Golden Girls” reruns on Hallmark or “King of Queens” on TV Land about quarter of the way through if they don’t pick it up some. Overall, very good and happy Shannon gets her time to shine.

    • She has an excellent show. And, speaking as a Catholic, the Luther book is very good. With the changes that my Church has made over the years, there really isn’t a great deal of difference.

      • I might read that, being a Lutheran. As for changing, all churches are doing that, conforming to the ever changing mores of the people. IMHO, not good.

        • At my church, I prefer the traditional services. I am not a fan of the blended and especially the contemporary services. My pastor stated the same, but said we have to adjust and offer options for the masses, which I understand since attendance has been dwindling.

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