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  1. I think O’Reilly will reach a deal with Newsmax. I’m sure his podcast is doing well but he has too big of an ego to leave TV, where he reigned as the #1 cable news host for a decade plus, and just ride off into the sunset after getting fired. It will be interesting to hear about any clauses Newsmax wants in a contract in regards to his personal conduct, but O’Reilly will still bring the ratings and Newsmax will have a top-tier talent for a couple of years.

        • The Daily Wrap. Looking back now after two years, we really had some tremendous regular panelists (who couldn’t be under contract anywhere else in order to book them) considering the venue: Noah Rothman, Jessica Tarlov, Carl Higbie, my partner Rick Ungar, Brad Hirschfield, Bill Tucker, Amy Holmes, Heather Hansen, Kelly Powers, Gayle Trotter. Fun stuff. Perhaps there’s something coming down the pike similar somewhere else. Then again, perhaps not. #Cryptic

    • Stelter and others are pooh-poohing Newsmax TV to the point of claiming that even One America News has surpassed them. They don’t understand that a Bill O’Reilly show immediately propels Newsmax past the OANs of the world and gives them increased visibility and viewership. I imagine if they can afford it they’ll jump at the chance to get Mr Bill on their airwaves.

  2. Kimberly Guilfoyle’s closet….that is a lot of shoes but she is certainly not alone when it comes to ladies and their desire to have that perfect footwear to go with a dress.
    That said, I would be overwhelmed by all the choices and would get stuck in there trying to narrow it down.

    • High-end apparel can be mini works of art, depending upon the designer. I understand each pair of shoes being special.

      However, shoe stores don’t harbor 500 pairs of kicks.

      These duds aren’t old cereal boxes,..but there is an element of a hoarding personality with this.

    • They’re gonna make me feel sorry for Megyn.

      Welcome to Megyn Kelly Today, Today, a new daily column in which we will share the most memorable things that happened on Megyn Kelly Today every morning until we are no longer able to watch Megyn Kelly Today without feeling like there will be no tomorrow.

    • Donna B. was Al Gores campaign manager. Aways leary of Hillary and her good dead of assuming DNC leadership got her nothing but grief. As did slipping the CNN debate questions over the transom.

      • I didn’t know that. It explains a lot about Gore by picking someone who isn’t quite the sharpest tool in the shed.

  3. WaPo Headline “Most Americans approve of Trump-Russia probe, and nearly half think Trump committed a crime, Post-ABC poll finds”.

    The power of saturated news media antiTrump coverage and wishful thinking by Democrats. Not even tablescraps of evidence yet to warrant such results.

    • But media is glad of this news, but will accuse Trump supporters of being naifs by believing things without factual evidence.

  4. Fox News demo numbers were lower last night likely because of the World Series game 7. My take is conservatives and independents like baseball.

  5. Laura and Justice Thomas was very good interview, humanity-showing wise. My wife gets home from work late, and I had that on TV watching it, and my wife was floored that Justice Thomas was on, and doing an interview. She was impressed and humbled both at the same time. I hope that this interview had a large audience, I really liked it and I liked Laura’s whole show last night.

    • I think there were some click-baity tweets and headlines that mischaracterized what he said. But he was calling “liar!” on articles that gave his full quote in full context as well. Sometimes he shoots first, aims later.

    • How can you be misconstrued when Fox repeatedly played his video statement in its entirety, no edits. Tapper made a complete fool of himself and is blaming Hannity for his blunder. This isn’t going away soon, and will do permanent damage to Jake Tapper’s journalistic reputation.

      • Tapper’s comment wasn’t just a fatuous one (as it was misconstrued to be) about there being a “beautiful” context for the expression of allahu akbar, but one of his regret that all too often now it’s used in the commission of violence.

    • I had seen it.

      I read they pulled it after the terrorist mowed down those people in NY.

      That’s some hideous irony there.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 ‘Everybody knew’…except Morning Joe hosts and MSNBC execs.

  7. I’d check out what David Corn has to say on Twitter, but he blocked me years ago. Just hope he keeps his paws off Mother Jones.

  8. NOT A MENTION on CBS Evening News that DNC indeed rigged the election in favor of Hillary over Bernie. Not important I guess.

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