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    • It’s not Matt Lauer’s obligation to defend the indefensible. Or to dispute that Megyn Kelly is a bad match for the morning Today Show.

  1. I thought Laura Ingraham made a strong debut last night. Her questions were more incisive and more intelligent. Also she isn’t as hung up on her good looks, like Megyn and even Dana Perino are. Those two are always preening for the camera.

  2. Said it before, I’ll say it again: all Ailes had to do was renew Carlson’s contract and all this “fierce” stuff would’ve been cute and kitteny as before.

    • I respectfully disagree. It seems that many, mostly woman, were holding back for fear of retribution. I don’t like that fact the Carlson waited to say something until it benefited her. However I think Fox News is now a clean house without fear of harassment and is better in the long run. Again I understand that not all accusations may be true, but I do believe something was happening and something had to be done.

      • Carlson was an opportunist. Tantaros is tangled up in seemingly endless litigation over a bondage/suggestive book cover and then claimed a “ Playboy Mansion” atmosphere. Some of these accusers played the game till they had nothing left to win. The more genuine victims are those women behind the cameras who didn’t have the glamorous jobs and the big bucks.

        • Agree Carlson would have likely stayed and said nothing if her contract was renewed or they met her demands. Tantaros is an idiot, her story has changed so much she has had her own lawyers bail on her. There have been whispers of something going on a Fox News in regards to harassment for years and the Fox haters, like Stelter and Sherman have mentioned it repeatedly in stories. I think now Fox News is the most female friendly news station and the haters only have to past to rehash and bash Fox. NBC/MSNBC just had their own problems with a known harasser and I believe CNN day is forthcoming.

      • It’s natural to wonder at what point grown women are responsible for not going along to get along.

        We sure don’t have any trouble condemning male actors and corporate colleagues who knew that Harvey Weinstein was a psychopathic predator and who kept quiet out of self-interest.


  3. Imagine this as the lead paragraph in an alternative universe blog story:
    “CNN News host Jake Tapper reported Monday that he received a cease and desist letter from a lawyer representing Donald Trump over his reporting on the election Russian influence.

    • He’s suppressing the free press! Subverting the 1st amendment!

      He’s a tyrant trying to bring an end to the chief defenders of truth and democracy!

    here’s an email I’ll rush to respond to:

    New Passport Rules
    The Ministry ofExternal Affairsjust recently announced a new setof rules forapplying for a passport. And we’ve summarized some ofthe major changes that thesenew rules havebought in.

  5. Fox News @ Night was alright , still wish it was more a fast paced newscast with a bunch of stories but apparently cable news channels don’t want to do that anymore.

    • Maybe they should re-title the show and call it The Nightly Rehash. I doubt if I will be watching that show except with breaking news. Laura Ingraham’s new show was a winner though. Lots of new guests and information.

  6. Again Fox News covers the news of the day and doesn’t fixate on any one story…….they do it when its a bad day for the right or the left…….after CNN embarrassment with the missing Plane story they have a lot of guts complaining how any news network covers ANY story. Guess being in 3rd place has made them a bit bitter.

    Personally I hate it when a news network just replays the same info hour after hour as I’ve complained for years here when I watch for 4 hours and I know NOTHING that they didn’t tell me in the first 20 min.

    What was known at 9pm that wasn’t known at 4pm yesterday? So why spend all night telling us the same thing over and over again…..tell me the freaking News of the day.

    Other things did happen yesterday…….its a big world.

    I think a Greg banned phrase should be ……on news networks “we don’t know yet”………leave the guessing to the SYFY channels.

  7. Oct. 30, 2017
    8 p.m. – Carlson 3,275,000 / 738,000
    9 p.m. – Hannity 3,508,000 / 764,000
    10 p.m. – Ingraham 3,274,000 / 622,000
    11 p.m. – Bream 1,865,000 / 401,000

    Laura Ingraham‘s new 10 p.m. Fox News show came in first for the hour, drawing 3.27 million total viewers and 622,000 in the A25-54 demo. While the viewer lead was commanding (+26 percent over MSNBC’s The Last Word, and a +145 percent lead over CNN Tonight) Ingraham’s edge in the demo over Lawrence O’Donnell was by just 10,000 viewers, or +1.6 percent.

  8. News Channels are on for 24 hours a day, they should cover more than 1 story a day. CNN and MSNBC beat you over the head one long story all day and most of it is either pundits as guests bloviating and adding nothing. Funny enough CNN’s HLN focuses on more than one story, CNN should be talking about them too.

    • Last night was an anomaly due to the liberal perception of a bad news day for Trump. Williams was up 25% compared to last Monday and CNN was up nearly 50%. I think it will take time for folks to get used to a new (non repeat) program on at 11 pm ET on Fox.

      • You took the words out of my mouth. It was not a typical news day. MSNBC doesn’t get that number of eyeballs typically. I suspect that by the end of Nov Shannon will be #1 at 11pm. Maybe sooner. Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

      • Shannon will be fine. I still wish they would have a news/comedy/pop culture hybrid show on at either 11pm or 12 am EST. It doesn’t have to be “Red Eye” necessarily. Something like Kennedy’s show on FBN. Bring back Andy Levy or Tom Shillue. They could also try Jimmy Failla or Dave Smith.

    • The drop from Ingraham and where she finished compared to the other networks doesn’t look great, but when you look at her ratings on their own, 1.9 million with 400,000 in the demo is pretty good.

      Fox would probably be very pleased if Bream gets over 1.75 million viewers with consistency. 1.5 million is probably what Fox wants that show to at least get.

      It would be shocking if Laura stays over 3 million. I think Fox would be really happy averaging 2.5 million from her.

  9. No these “God is Great” a$$holes mowing down people are not even remotely crazy. They are Islamic extremists filled with hate from any ideology that seems to motivate tens of thousands. “Crazy” is the guy who talks to the moon and is thrilled the moon talks back.

    • CNN chryon (bottom caption) said he shouted “God is Great in Arabic” yet it actually means “Allah is the greatest”. Who is CNN trying to defend / protect? Why suppress the true meaning, I thought their new slogan was facts first.

    • At least we know why this guy killed all those innocent people. Still no explanation for the Vegas killer. Strangest case I have ever heard of.

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