Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Hillary and CNN’s
  • Reliable Sources: Indictment imminent; Fox goal ‘to help Trump‘.
  • CNN’s dodgy dossier reporting and undisclosed ties to Fusion.
  • Levine: John Huddy lawyers up ‘to fight Fox’s false accusations’.
  • Why CNN should disavow Brian Fallon.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Slate’s Fox hater has a soft spot for The Five.  Q&A: Dana Perino.
  • The Cable Game:  Unreliable tweets make for unreliable sources.
  • The Story video: Convo on oppo research Katy elopes!

50 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Glad “The Five” is back in the late afternoon. Have always said the show has a great friends getting together for drinks after work vibe that really works.

  2. Amazing how many times lately a CNN employee or contributor tweets something dishonest or in bad taste and never apologizes or acknowledges their error. Zucker policy must be ignore and/or quietly delete and the outrage will eventually go away.

  3. I liked John Huddy as a reporter. Sad to see him be fired like that. Since the Murdoch boys took over things seem somewhat off the rails.

    • Reading what he said in that story…….Id say they dodged a bullet……he clearly was NOT going to be an employee I would want working for my company. It makes me sick to see what Fox did to him with the phone, computer and car…….however as a former IT guy I know……. a disgruntled employee can do a huge amount of damage in mere minutes so I know why they did it.

      Hes a good reporter…..he will land on his feet…..but unless the fight story is BS….he wont win the lawsuit………not after what he just said about Fox….which may hurt his next job chances.

  4. S.E. Cupp’s special ‘I was harassed’ edition of her HLN program didn’t give her a bump in the ratings. She wasn’t the lowest-rated show on HLN but was just a point or two away from it and about at a par with her showing on other nights. It’s striking how HLN ratings nearly triple when Forensic Files comes on.

    • S.E.’s show’s ratings look to be very dependent on what its lead-in does and Thursday wasn’t a very good afternoon for HLN. The show should not be so reliant on the ratings of reruns.

      Her Thursday special had her second best ratings of the week while its lead-in slot had its second lowest total viewers and fewest demo viewers.
      The special finished slightly above what the show had averaged for the first three days of the week.

      Considering the added attention they gave the special, it did mediocre numbers. It was below what the show averaged in its first five weeks.

      Not good for a show to try to be important when no one is watching. The show should be concerned with getting more viewers.

      It started off decent and now has tried to be too serious and isn’t very good at it.
      With the exception of the immediate aftermath of hurricanes and Vegas, the viewer numbers have gone down since the show became more serious.

      • Also, I think it is doubtful that the public at large cares much about the harassment stories. It definitely seems like a story the media likes because they can talk about themselves. They aren’t talking to many average people about the topic.

        The stories are not that surprising. I think many people just assume bad things about Hollywood already and people mostly care about what the media says not what is happening to them.

        I don’t find it likely that anyone other than Megyn Kelly (I’m assuming she has) has benefited in the ratings from the story and I would think that she would get diminishing returns the more she focuses on the topic.

        Likely another example of media paying too much attention to social media for their story selection.

      • Why is Cupp’s show doing so poorly compared to Ashleigh Banfield? I haven’t watched either, just curious.

        • Banfield of course benefits from having been on longer and there are even more available viewers at 8:00 ET.

          I think the biggest thing is that Banfield’s show appeals to HLN viewers more.
          Also, Unfiltered is a political show that doesn’t seem to be very appealing to the right or the left.

    • You know, I “want” to watch her show to see if I like it…….but frankly I just forget HLN even exist unless Im reminded here that it does……which is to bad because I once left it for most of the day for most of the week.

    • Was that when she leaned back at a desk wearing a miniskirt showing off her legs , stiletto heels, sucking on a pen leering at the camera on Red Eye? ?

      • I don’t like it when female journalists and political analysts and opinionizers do cheesecake stuff.

        It undermines their credibility. They aren’t actresses, though the business imperatives seem the same, unfortunately.

        That still doesn’t give anyone license to put their hands on anyone else. That is harassment and could be assault.

        • I agree. Some of the Instagram accounts of those women conflict with the image of a professional woman and are clearly designed for the cheesecake effect.

  5. The Cable Gamer piece is choice.

    I wish I remembered a nonpartisan Brian Stelter.

    I’ve only seen him as the male version of Joan Walsh.

  6. I read today that special counsels inform people they are going to indict before they make the announcement, and that isn’t being done by Mueller.

    What’s he reason for that? Maximum drama?

    • If Buzzfeed is to be believed, the Manafort stuff is from well before the campaign and relates to a previous investigation of wire transfers.

      The day after Mueller ends his investigation he should call for a special council to investigate Uranium One and then announce the firing of Rod Rosenstein as the number two man at DOJ.

      Pursue them all — the Podestas, Clinton, Mueller, etc. He might not get them all but he could hit their wallets hard with legal fees.

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    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
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