Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: FBI informant’s in uranium scandal.
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Tucker-Hemmer/10p 1-2-3.
  • O’Reilly to sue over ‘contrived, false, and defamatory’ accusations.
  • Five women accuse MSNBC ‘senior political analyst’ of harassment.
  • Flashback: ‘As I watch other networks…I wait for their time to come.’
  • Late Night videos: Megyn Kelly with Seth Meyers
  • Tucker video: Unanswered   Q&A: Brian Kilmeade.
  • Video Q&A: Laura Ingraham.  Can Ingraham carry a prime time show?
  • Brianna Keilar: Emotions swirl covering news while husband deployed.
  • Lemon reports death threats.   Dinner with The Donald.   Raju awarded.
  • Throwback review: The Half-Hour News Hour. Namibia unhappy with CNN.

53 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Over a decade later and people are still saying that Half-Hour News Hour was a conservative attempt at The Daily Show when it was clearly more similar to Weekend Update.

    Also, that article is just another one involving conservative humor where they either ignore or just quickly mention Greg Gutfeld and/or Red Eye. Red Eye wasn’t quite a satire show, but it did a lot of it and it usually did it well. It also was able to last 10 years with good ratings for its timeslot while being a right-leaning humor show.
    Red Eye’s success undercuts most of the arguments the article tries to make.

    Article also ignores all the right-wing/right-leaning humor being done on online shows and podcasts. The shows exist. They just aren’t on TV.

  2. I am reminded of the zillion movies I saw as a kid where the leading man forcibly kisses the leading woman who recoils. Pulling her back she gives in and kisses him back. That was very bad role model material for a young Mark Halperin.

  3. Can’t wait for the angry, breathless monologue from Joe and Mika condemning their co-worker and serial sexual predator, Mark “The Grinder” Halperin.

    I have every confidence they will unleash the same vitriol and righteous indignation on Halperin as they did for DJT’s stupid locker room TALK with Billy Bush.

    • Mr. Halperin may be a great political journalist. But if even half these stories are true, he is a first rate, obnoxious jerk who deserves whatever is coming to him.

      • I’ve known he was a first rate, obnoxious jerk since he was a first rate, obnoxious jerk to Bill O’Reilly in his last Factor appearance before joining MSNBC.

  4. “our shared value of service.” Does Brianna really believe that a journalist on TV serves her country in the same way a Special Forces officer on his 6th deployment serves his country?
    Did I interpret that comment incorrectly?

  5. On his show last night, Tucker posed some very interesting questions about the Las Vegas shooting. For instance, why was Jesus Campos, the only witness, allowed to leave the US for Mexico? I didn’t even know he had left the country. I wish I had a clip.

  6. So Don Lemon said “At CNN we don’t do opinion, we put the story out there & we try to stay in the middle of the road.”

    CNN put his crying letter to President on the Op-Ed page.

  7. So O’Reilly is going to sue somebody. That reminded me…didn’t Eric Bolling say he was filing a lawsuit? I haven’t heard anything about it since he served notice on the opposing party (which is not the same as filing the suit).

    • Fox has mostly dominated in the 25-54 demographic for years. News programming in general skews old be it broadcast or cable. The chatter about FNC’s viewers is an attempt to delegitimize Fox.

      • Oh I know, I was being facetious. While it’s true FNC average age is older, it is likely because they have way more viewers. Also the 25-54 year old demo ratings show they have more of the younger viewers that the advertisers like. This is why FNC ad rates are double to triple CNN and MSNBC.

  8. Good night for Hemmer holding the audience.

    Hannity with another win — Friday’s seem to be his weakest night; also the only night of the week that I’ve noticed him using taped episodes.

  9. That buyer’s remorse is worse than ever after I read The Hollywood Reporter’s recap of Megyn Kelly’s appearance on Late Night. I shouldn’t have bought the Settle for More audiobook, nor should I have bought Getting Real. I wish I had known at the times I bought each that they would accuse what feels like every straight man at Fox News of sexual harassment, I could have put the money toward jazz albums.

  10. Today’s most popular links:
    5 unhappy with CNN
    4 Emotions swirl
    3 Ingraham carry
    2 Five women accuse
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Flashback: ‘As I watch other networks…I wait for their time to come.’

  11. What happened to the contributor on the Specialists who wore a bow tie and was kind of dorky. Can’t remember his name. He was supposed to be a Trump fundraiser or something I think. Don’t see him on any shows since. Not that I really liked him much anyway.

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