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  1. Juliet Huddy ‘breaking her silence’ on O’Reilly sounds like A-1 hype to me. If she was paid off she can’t talk about what happened to her. Of course she might surprise everyone and break her NDA but my guess: she isn’t going to disclose anything confidential.

    • I guess we’ll see, but I have a hard time believing Huddy has agreed to go on Kelly’s show just to sit there and refuse to answer every relevant question she’ll be asked.

      It would be difficult on practical and PR terms for O’Reilly to sue Huddy and collect meaningful damages for her breaking a confidentiality agreement. Such a suit would expose him to unwanted scrutiny in several ways, and it would be arguable that by publicly dismissing all accusations against him as false, he has disparaged and defamed Huddy and other accusers, freeing them to speak. It seems from prior reporting that Fox was involved in negotiating her settlement, and they are no longer aligned with O’Reilly.

    • I don’t know what Juliet said, but I’m no longer a Megyn Kelly fan after her bridge-burning monologue, which I read a recap of at TVNewser.

      • It is not to doubt or diminish what happened to Megyn at Fox to note that this is an opportunity for her to work her way into the good graces of people who routinely condemn her as a soulless racist.

        • In life, it’s a surety that we all want to be in the good graces of people with the power to do us great good or ill.

          When you can do that by doing the job you took on as a talk show host focusing on things Kelly described as “female ambitions” and stuff… more power to you.

          Its hard to see that as opportunism on her part.

    • You were correct Johnny. While the entire appearance was carefully arranged to make it feel as if Huddy was ‘breaking her silence’, she herself did hold to the NDA.

      • She conveyed what was needed by talking about how emotionally devastated she is and her fear and peril in taking on a corporate behemoth.

    • Bill Schulz said that Huddy will be on his show tomorrow, but I can’t imagine she will add much more.

      Though it is also possible that Schulz will try to say it for her.

      There are likely a lot of people who have been told these accusations that do not have NDAs applied to them.

    • Wasn’t there a email where Juliet wanted to be on one of BOR’s segment?

      I read Gretchen chiming in on the BOR situation & she is such a fraud lol

      An email or note to Roger Ailes had her like begging to be on BOR’s segment!

  2. Re: “Audio Q&A: Bill O’Reilly talks to the NY Times”: Clips are few and far between and we mostly hear from the doubting podcast hosts, including one with a vocal fry.

  3. The anti-O’Reilly forces won’t rest until he is banished from the public eye, destitute, and/or dead. And even then, they will dance on his corpse.

    • Beck actually asked about the $32 million settlement and his relationship w/ Lis Wiehl. O’reilly dodging claiming he’s not allowed to discuss because of the settlement. He’s not really answering anything.

      Says he had 3 personal settlements in 20.5 years at Fox News to protect his children. (makes no mention if Fox made any settlements on his behalf)

  4. There were three people reporting that Laura Ingraham story (one of them the annoying Andrew Kirell) plus an editor, yet the story got published with the preposterous claim that Laura’s show would be the first time ever Fox had a regular live program at 10pm. When you can’t remember far enough back to recall Greta van Susteren, or do the three minutes of research it takes to check such a claim, that’s slopppeee work.

    • That Daily Beast headline was really misleading. They clearly wanted the reader to think that there was recent behavior that was “terrifying” staffers and there was nothing recent mentioned in the article.

    • As you can see the paragons in our media have different ways to harass and punish the ladies, whether it’s to put them in their place as sexual play things or just generally bitchy and inconvenient women.

      Ingraham is the latter type victim and it may well be coming from the folks she greets in the halls of Fox and from Fox foes.

      Megyn Kelly most recently felt the ire of being someone who failed to live up to the role our culture warriors had for her.

      By doing her job now in reporting what amounts to a Weinsteinesque contract for Bill O’Reilly, whereby sexual peccadilloes and payouts were built into his employment status, Kelly is now getting the respect that comes from being politically useful.

      I wouldn’t wish our elites on anybody, in any era.

      • The Left in general does not have honor for Women, they are to be used. If they go along they get along. It’s an old story played out in real time in the last months, the “wilding” of Melania is going on right now. Try to find a great read called ” The WIlding of Sarah Palin” from a few years ago, it was so eye-opening for me. It explains the Left’s use of women to a T

  5. All of this old news about settlements with a several people (Kelly, Huddy, Carlson, etc.) now making comments seems to be a well orchestrated attack on Fox News. I suspect NYT and CNN are collaborating most likely because Fox is regaining viewers and is #1 again, while CNN is starting to become a far distant third. The Ingraham article is probably part of the plan, considering the sources. Fox News viewers are smart enough to see through this and know that Fox has changed for the better and realize NYT and CNN bias and hatred toward Fox News are impacting their “reporting.”

  6. Bad CNN : fruit is a social construct , what if that apple says it’s a banana? Denying that fruit’s right to be whatever fruit it wants to be is wrong.

    • Unless the banana is gay.

      It seems that what gender you want to bang in bed is the only thing on earth that is utterly immutable to our intellectual overlords.

  7. NBC has released an email Megyn sent about Bill O’Reilly. Brian Stelter is hyping it on twitter, complete with the pointy fingers (when he really wants to promote something) but the email itself has nothing in it about O’Reilly doing anything to or mistreating Megyn. It’s all Megyn complaining about stuff O’Reilly said and/or did, nothing about him doing anything in particular to her. So why the hype and the double pointy fingers?

    She wrote this email in Nov of 2016, when she was already heading out the door (her final show was just a few weeks away).

    • Bolling could have done that far more gracefully and graciously.

      Right… so he wasn’t fired and is now working on projects with FNC?

      • He’s really stretching it claiming he wasn’t fired. And by inserting himself into this he’s just reminding people of why he was fired, and the still-unexplained circumstances of his son’s unfortunate death.

        • I feel for him and can understand him being extremely vulnerable as to what happened to his son, but not to the point where I don’t expect him to have gleaned some sense of tenderness toward the pitfalls of others.

          This message seems more designed to bolster his rep than any other motive.

        • Exactly. Unfortunately I have had to fire a few people in my career and in most cases you say something like – do you want to resign instead of having a firing on your record. All of those I offered, resigned instead. Bolling obviously has strong feelings about his son, I suspect some may be of guilt which is understandable. Also the first and longest phase in dealing with suicide is keeping telling yourself and others that they didn’t commit suicide, especially since many of us have grown up to believe it’s a sin, until you experience personally, as I have. It’s not a sin, it’s a psychological issue.

  8. Gutfeld complained about producer story selection for the third time in just the past week on The Five. I bet others feel the same, but Greg is the only one who will say something.

  9. Apologies to Eric Bolling and prayers for him and his family. The message I tried to send was that allegations harm kids. Nothing more.— Bill O'Reilly (@BillOReilly) October 23, 2017

    Bolling replied – “Thanks Bill, apology accepted.”

  10. Today’s most popular links:
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    3 turns on O’Reilly
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 ‘Sources’: Fox staffers fear having to work for ‘tyrant’ Ingraham.

  11. Ingraham is a great choice IMHO. But these stories about working for her have been around for years. She should try some breathing exercises, take a walk, whatever, before hurling an object or going off on a rant before she experiences a Lawrence O’Donnell situation.

      • I agree. One person sexually harassed on a job is one too many and clearly Fox had issues. But, no, not every woman at FNC was harrassed.

        • I have to wonder…….how long before the lawsuits start to hit CNN and MSNBC…….Does anyone really believe it only happened at Fox News and not one case at the other networks?

          HW has opened the gates………its only a matter of time.

          • When it comes to the MSM, the risk still out-weighs any benefit.

            The media is glad to jump on a story about sexual harassment because it is an identity politics narrative that they like.

            That doesn’t apply to accusations in their ranks though.

            Any accusation that led to a scandal within the media arena, might place the accuser in a sympathetic light temporarily, but as soon as that was over he/she would have “trouble” plastered on their forehead. Trouble, in that they were an emblem that sexual harassment happens among the sanctimonious enlightened…and trouble in the sense that their presence may embolden others with tales to tell.

            Accusers would have limited support outside of the business too.

            How eager would Norah O’Donnell be to take on the title of the girl who exposed a cesspool at CBS?

            Just how much gratitude would she have among her non-media friends, among the strata of people she aspires to, and any progressive audience member of CBS?

            There is no lasting benefit in this, other than money. And that is offset by the tremendous cost that would be exacted in every sphere of life.

          • As J$ likes to say, “Just my opinion; I could be wrong.”

            But it looks like some of the on-air talent who got in trouble were targeted by low profile accusers no one ever heard of — unlike those who came forward about Ailes, O’Reilly and Bolling. Or, it was a self-inflicted event such as was the case with Kurt Schilling.

            It also looks like if you take the long view (several decades) Fox News has a ways to go to catch up with ESPN for the most “Men Behaving Badly” trophy.


            Kurt Schilling was fired after he posted an anti-transgender Facebook post

            Steve Phillips was fired Sunday night over his embarrassing extramarital affair with a young assistant.

            Chris Berman was named in and involved with a sexual harassment claim for which ESPN settled calling it a “business decision.”

            Harold Reynolds was once involved in a sexual harassment case which made him leave from ESPN

            Neil Goldberg a successful producer d is appointed the audience by being charged with public indecency and peeping a neighbor changing through a window.

            Mike Tirico was suspended by the network for three months in 1992 for multiple incidents involving attempted groping, sexual solicitation, and stalking of female co-workers.

            During the early-to-mid ’90s, ESPN was a notorious boys club, with “no fewer than fifty cases of sexual harassment reported by women on the staff to ESPN management through the first half of the 1990s,”

            Washington Post

            Juan Williams was the target of disciplinary action after four female journalists at The Washington Post accused Williams of sexual harassment.


            Bill Cosby’s special project was cancelled in the wake of sexual assault allegations.


            Bill Cosby’s stand-up comedy special was cancelled.

            Fox Sports

            Jamie Horowitz was fired amid a sexual harassment probe


            Ailes (harassment), O’Reilly (harassment), Bolling (harassment), Rivera (infidelity), Henry (infidelity) and Payne (infidelity)

          • I would think it would be easier surviving an accusation against anyone even marginally big in the sports industry.

            That these guys represent a certain testosterone-laden ethos is a narrative that plays pretty well in progressive circles.

            The pickens get slimmer as you talk about the MSM. If there is a Gretchen Carlson,or Lis Wiehl (or even ten anonymous women) out there who have made charges against a big name MSM anchor or executive, the public hasn’t heard or it, let alone able to watch the career trajectory of the woman who accused him.

            I’m not saying that there aren’t any, rather my point was that there’s nothing in the interest of the media business and other businesses in general to make a federal case out of it. Their desire is not to encourage by blazing headlines, mass revelations that inspire both truth-tellers and liars to point the finger.

            Fox News is an exception. There are no loyal band of industry brothers who circle the wagons around Fox.

            The incentives and the risks are not equal for media women going public, depending upon where they work. Fox (and to a lesser extent ESPN ) are not representative of how such accusers fare in the broader industry.

          • I’m quite confident that it has happened at CNN. MSNBC, etc., and have wondered if the liberal female employees at those companies would ever speak out against the perpetrators of sexual harassment with whom they are ideologically aligned. Until the Harvey Weinstein situation, I doubted that they would because I can remember when Nina Burleigh stated that she would be happy to perform oral sex on Bill Clinton for keeping abortion legal. Now, like you, I believe that it’s a matter of time.

        • Many women have said that nothing happened to them at Fox.

          Some of them have likely had inappropriate things said to them, but they probably didn’t think it rose to the level of something to worry about.

          I think maybe only one woman who worked out of Fox DC has made any known accusations.

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