Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos:  harassment
  • Reliable Sources videos: O’Reilly flap; Gretchen Carlson; media pressure.
  • Q&A: Brian Kilmeade talks Trump etc.  Facebook locks out Smerconish.
  • Too wacky for HuffPo: new Maddow conspiracy theory lays an egg.
  • NY Times revives O’Reilly flap with story of $32M payout to Lis Wiehl.
  • Castillo back at CNN.   Van Jones in Cleveland.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Tucker video: The left hits Gen Kelly  Greta finds work.

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  1. One of the gossip sites I read claims that FOX is luring Bill O’Reilly back. Does anyone think this is true?

      • You would think he would hook up with NewsMax, if nothing else. He uses their studio for his daily videocast. Maybe it is all about money and he can make more money by staying away from a free channel and charging for his opinions.

    • Even before the new NYT story, O’Reilly returning was highly unlikely anytime soon. There really is no need for them to do so right now. Ratings are good, talent costs are likely down a lot, and they already have new shows starting soon.
      I think Fox probably is set for now.

      O’Reilly would lead to a PR problem and would also be an expensive hire. It’s not like he would probably even want to go back to doing The Factor at this point.

      • funny i have never studied just live where nothing else is used. pedir, to ask i have never heard used, perdir is to lose. i will use pedir on my domestica and see if she knows what the hell i am talking about. likely another big hole in my knowledge wall.

    • The O’Reilly/Ailes/Fox payments often sound like they could care less about money and would rather just stay out of court. O’Reilly clearly has tons of money and doesn’t seem to have that extravagant of a lifestyle, so he is likely willing to throw around a bunch of money to try to protect his image.

      Gretchen Carlson did not deserve $20 million based on the public accusations nor based on potential future earnings. Fox/Ailes was just trying to save face.

      O’Reilly also looks like he was often unwilling to fight back accusations in court to try to keep other wrongdoings private. Though, I don’t know how you settle for that much when there is no criminal charges or convictions.

      Even if he is not supposed to talk about this lawsuit specifically, he is going to have to in some way. Especially with the claim of “nonconsensual sexual relationship”. Everyone is going to assume that means rape. Although I’m not sure how something can be considered a “relationship” if it is “nonconsensual”.

      • Gretchen Carlson is one of the great talents of this era. The fact that she can’t find gainful employment just attests to the power of Roger Ailes, it’s a conspiracy I tell you, a conspiracy.

      • I can certainly understand O’Reilly not wishing to have a public fight, especially if he didn’t have a leg to stand on… however, you can see where that got both he and Fox.

        The Weinstein scandal has more than revealed the insular and self-protecting world of these vastly wealthy and influential gods. As the cultural black sheep, Fox never had that peer privilege and protection.

        Whether the charges are gospel, and/or a more complex legal and political construct of our current age, Fox should have ascertained that by not fighting, they were utterly surrendering to all who wish to gut them.

      • Between Carlson and Wiehl, 52 million dollars were paid out.

        Frankly, there shouldn’t be a media org in the world, liberal or conservative that isn’t trying to find out what’s up with that.

        What was happening at Fox? Is there any thing comparable in the larger corporate culture? What are the dynamics at play here in the larger culture?

        Are there other Miramax-like places? How do they keep things from public scrutiny?

        This is a story.

    • Companies don’t just pay out staggering amounts like $32 million just to make them go away. Lis Wiehl, as we all saw on her segments, is a smart attorney. She must have had incriminating phone conversation recordings, emails, etc to have been paid that much. Personally, I like Tucker better than OReilly anyway.

  2. You just have to feel sorry for the Disgraced Racist Ice sometimes…….hes mind just doesn’t work sometimes.

    Today we have this from Fox News
    Fox News‏
    TONIGHT on @GregGutfeldShow, @greggutfeld talks @POTUS’s ISIS claim, the PC Halloween police, & more – Tune in @ 10p ET on Fox News Channel!

    To which the racist response was saying this:

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    So the show is basically Trump snowflakes complaining for an hour?

    Did he forget that Greg invited his cowardly self to appear on his show? His response was to hide in his Moms basement attacking women of color on the Internet. 4 Shows syill no ICEMAN.


    • It’s Saturday’s highest-rated cable news program. Mr Freeze ridiculing it shows how clueless he is about cable news programming. But he’s still got Kim-Jong Un as his #1 fan so there’s that.

      • J$ you know you are jealous that you haven’t had a vicious dictator who has murdered thousands, perhaps millions of his own family, friends and citizens retweet you. What a great accomplishment you are missing!

        Actually my sarcasm is really sad that we have people in this country that a brutal dictator likes/retweets and these people are presumably proud since they don’t denounce the likes/retweets from them.

          • I don’t think that Oswald Cobblepot has the intellectual capacity to intentionally be treasonous. I doubt that he knows Kim Jong-Un from Kim Kardashian.

          • She still claims not to be sorry for her trip to North Vietnam. I don’t think the awful Florida congresswoman is even vile enough to pose on an anti aircraft gun used to shoot down US pilots. Maybe Airforce One.

          • I thought that she had apologized for the tank thing and admitted that she was clueless in a flower power sort of way.

            I think the statute of limitation should have run its course on this one.

            I say that as someone who lost no relatives or friends over there.

          • There was a little more to it than just posing with the anti-aircraft gun. If I recall correctly she also went on Vietnam radio to claim the US troops as deserting in record numbers with commanders who were drunks (both assertions obviously lies). The comparisons to Tokyo Rose are not unjustified.

          • It is curious how people come to their senses and realize that it’s okay not to want the policies you disagree with enacted, when it’s them who are doing the disagreeing…

            It’s finally seeping into the media cranium that their unalterable eight more years of rule by the awesome elite intellectual kool-kid class didn’t pan out because of their awesome Madam.

            I wish Trump would get more subtle with his media jousting and maybe the media would turn some of their focus to finding the next incredibly brilliant, humane, and flawed solely in really kool ways…like we are….candidate.

            Shiny object…keep ’em busy….

          • I lost my brother. There is nothing that Hanoi Jane could say that I would remotely be interested in.

          • For many veterans, the statute of limitations will never run out. My dad, a WWII vet, would leave the room if by chance a Jane Fonda movie was on TV. Until the day he died, he believed she was a traitor who should have been charged with treason.

      • You know….You would think that as a American……if I couldn’t tell my tweets from those of a foreign county who hates American……I might re-think my positions……but not ol’ racist ICE….he doubling down.

        • The Porno Cat gives that fool a run for his money. But none of the bunch are exactly Mensa material.

          • He’s not really in the stooge pack, but more a fellow traveler in ideology. I think him smarter than the rest and more careful about rash behavior. Least likable than any of them except the humorless ICECLOD though.

  3. Bill O’Reilly’s latest tweet, a tout of Killing England‘s positive reviews and rating on Amazon, has been replied to by many haters, taunting him worse than Jake Tapper did. The link above is what brought on the hate. I don’t want to believe this. It can’t be true.

  4. If things were so bad for Wiehl why did she stick with him for so many years? She was even the co-host of his failed radio program. On the other hand, you don’t pay someone 32 million if you committed no wrong. Those two always seemed a bit too familiar, with O’reilly even flirting/hitting on her on air.

    When will people learn that you don’t dip your pen in the company ink?

      • Why would O’Reilly think that Wiehl’s affidavit absolving him after a king’s ransom of a settlement was persuasive of his innocence?

    • An affair gone wrong would not be surprising at all, but it also is possible that nothing happened until 2016 or she just held off until she was no longer under contract or they had a falling out.

      The fact that he promoted her book so much when she was not even on and even gave it away for free to Premium Members never made much sense.

      Some of the examples that article gives about trying to make it look like O’Reilly was misbehaving on-air are really poor. I’m pretty sure he has told both men and women “you owe me” and he has also joked around with all sorts of people about all sorts of things on-air. With the hundreds of hours they probably appeared together, those were pretty mild if that is the best they found.

      • Great point about the books. He promoted her books just about as hard as his own. They seemed to have a co-beneficial relationship until something changed.

        I wonder if she knew when he was going to renegotiate his Fox deal and struck him at a vulnerable moment when he could not afford another public accuser.

    • Good points. Clearly, there were problems within the FNC corporate culture.
      On a much much less serious note, turned LSU game off and watching GG show. Great show as usual. My ADD mind going off though wondering if Rob O’Neill is a smoker (kind of looks it; but he killed Bin Laden so who cares) and how he has so much more hair now than a year ago. Looks like real hair. 🙂

  5. Just watched Lesley Stahl interview Joe and Mika on CBS News Sunday Morning. She did press them somewhat on the time frame in which they became a couple as well as their relationship with President Trump. Not a grilling but the “Morning Joe” hosts looked a little uptight in parts.

  6. Maria Bartiromo’s interview with Trump was a bit of a dud. Why does she insist on asking him questions that he has already been asked 10 times before? Would have to agree Lou Dobbs or Stuart Varney would have been more competent. I don’t think her interview made any news, unfortunately.

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