Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Maddow-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Video: Impartial MSNBC anchor to lecture Trump.
  • Somerby: Maddow’s laughs, pauses, frowns, etc are all pre-scripted.
  • Evans: Hannity Las Vegas Tribute special features Rascal Flatts et al.
  • FBN tops CNBC as the Dow hits historic milestone.   Ali Velshi at ISU.
  • Wagmeister: Why other Today hosts are joining in during Megyn’s hour.
  • Chris Wallace decries ‘media bashing’.   CNN’s 19 seconds.   Today’s oops.
  • Tucker video: on the ‘unconscionable’ acts of Rep Wilson.

35 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

      • I taught a liberal’s kid how to shoot, and he joined the NRA. Not sure who went to the farther corner of the doghouse.

        • Fuggedaboudit Larry. GC gets the same talking points as Juan, but is also charged with leading the conversations into never land. Journolist II is real and its spectacular on so many levels. They get Chris Wallace to spout AP quotes instead of actual truth in his questions, sorta like ” make a good question, but use the truth-less lead in of a left wing title in place of the actual scenario” this is what the level II is all about.
          Ezra is still proud of his techniques of mislead, misdirect, misconstrue, and misspeak and misquote.

          • juan? erza? yo, Tom, smell the ocean air, i would end ssi, medicare, public schools, all the agencies that gov i forget his name from texas could not remember …. that puts me to the right of everyone here. you wanna compare me to someone choose the judge nap or rand paul. you are just continuing the 3rd grade air of the room, the ins and outs. i call bs.. what larry said is really common and i bet he would admit is really kinda awful and just is an emotional reaction. we all have them. “kick em out and watch em suffer under their stupidity” is pretty common, and a bad symptom. no mas no menos. i was not mean about it, he gets it. from the day that puke rolled down the escalator i have said he is an FDR big gov dangerous populist liberal. so insult me for beliefs i hold please not some made up knee jerk crappe. juan, like obama and GWB are all nice people, they, like trumpers, are just wrong on the issues. clintons, trump, reid, pelosi, i would not let on my property. they are not decent people. not once, not ever would i make the nasty insults that have been thrown around this room. when people are insulted by ideas, not personal comments, they have the *(^&*(^ problem. Hey larry, how about we throw u out? hey 1.2.3. allah akbar. trust me, he is ok with that. btw, Chris Wallace is better at his job than anyone here has ever ever been in their job and we have a fair amount of diverse experience floating in and out.

    • Irony between Maddow and Somerby is they very much alike in one area. They both like to use a lot of words or a story and/or wild tangents just to give their viewpoint. I know many like this, but for me it depends on the topic. Somerby’s main topic is Maddow and I am not always fond of reading a real long story about her ridiculous nature, thus I always give a cursory look at his posts.

  1. Today’s most popular links:
    5 brings on her Mom
    4 Chris Wallace
    3 19 seconds
    2 oops
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Wagmeister: Why other today hosts are joining in during Megyn’s hour.

    • Upside of Megyn’s ratings problems…….she drags down and kills off obnoxious, wine swilling Kathie Lee and Hoda?

  2. Shannon Bream anchored 10pm tonight. I guess she’s healed up from the cornea surgery. She was wearing glasses a week or so ago for one day; I wonder if there was a connection. She looked good with specs, but she looks good all the time. She’ll do a good job at 11pm; only thing she needs to work on to to slow down a little bit. Sometimes she talks a mile a minute and it’s a bit much.

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