Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: The panel reacts to
  • Wednesday numbers: Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Neil Cavuto celebrates a career milestone.  Q&A: Maria Bartiromo.
  • Short fuses:  McCain snaps at Peter Doocy; Tapper snaps at Mr Bill.
  • Joe boasts of Mika’s ‘mind meld‘ with the North Korean government.
  • Critic of FNC praises ‘informed, intelligent’ Harris Faulkner segment.
  • #TBT video: covering the 1987 crash on CNN.
  • Richardson: ATT/Time-Warner deal could give CNN unfair advantage.
  • Tucker video: The real implicates the Clintons.
  • Impartial CNN anchor in a twitter spat.  Galloping gourmet in Armenia.

57 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Steve Hilton lost over half of Sean Hannity’s audience on Tuesday night. That has to be a record! Who is programming Fox News these days? Time for some mgmt changes.

    • That was priceless.

      Wasn’t there recently a similar moment when some anchor was chiding a guest for their lack of knowledge and the guest was a PhD in the field?

    • You left out the “F” in “MMFA.” We’re not talking about mixed martial arts, though I’d like to. I know some of the names, and even worked with Eddie “Truck” Gordon when we were younger, but I have yet to see a fight in its entirety.

      • Oh yeah I did. How could I forget the F in them. LOL.

        Cool to have worked with Eddie Gordon. My friend who loves UFC will be impressed. We used to go to Buffalo Wild Wings in the past to watch UFC. Not sure if they are big into showing that anymore.

  2. McCain has been especially odious lately. He should get together with Tapper. Why did those voters in Arizona elect him again?

      • I think McCain is largely focused on his legacy now.

        He is only too aware that if he doesn’t oppose Trump he will once again be the man who behaved honorably long ago, but who changed into a bitter and explosive out-of-touch rich crank.

        You know…the guy the media morph him into when he runs against a liberal.

  3. Liberal weaponization of goldstar moms is nothing new. Media eats that up, but if they switch sides, goodbye limelight. Anybody remember Cindy Sheehan as Rosanne Barr’s VP running mate vs. Obama?

    • Goldstar families less than complimentary toward the Obama Administration or who were against the mosque that was to be built near Ground Zero, were treated like the parents of the murdered Benghazi security officers.

      They were largely ignored.

          • The congresswoman has a long history of strange statements and outright lies. Those strange hats she wears my be orthopedic.

        • That was a story that needed to be told by the man who told it. Hopefully, though I won’t hold my breath, this will shut the da** media up. They are vultures even in the kind of situation they should just shut up about.

      • This is a valid point and I accept it as such. At the same time, it should be acknowledged that the whole awful issue almost surely couldn’t have become a media firestorm this week if Trump hadn’t made his “Obama didn’t call…” comment. This is a largely self-inflicted wound or unforced error.

        • Your response has nothing to do with the comment I made, but yes, Trump should not have said what he said about Pres. Obama.

          Did Trump ask to be proved wrong and to be corrected? Yeah.

          Should he have been asked about the ambush, his lack of response, his not calling the families? Yeah.

          Did it deserve to be the complete overwrought media firestorm it was, which led to an opportunistic treatment of fallen soldiers and their families that was far and away more willful and foresighted in its determined callousness than any of Trump’s original failings?

          Oh, yeah. Pretty much always.

          • What I meant was that it is true that those previous examples were “ignored” relative to what we are witnessing currently. While some of that discrepancy can be attributed to political media bias, some also is due to why the coverage is so intense this week. These families and fallen soldiers would not be the object of the media’s fixation without Trump’s boasting. That’s all.

  4. Have wondered why Lindsey Graham or others haven’t tried to mediate between POTUS and Senator McCain. I didn’t like what Pres Trump said about McCain’s military record during primaries but McCain’s constant trashing of Republicans gets old. Peter Doocy asked him a variation of same question Lesley Stahl asked on 60 Minutes.

    • Keith Olbermann.

      But what really ticked me off about Tapper’s (Richard) move was the approving replies from fellow O’Reilly haters, some in the form of GIFs.

    • That’s why Megyn should get on her hands and knees and ask for her job back at Fox News. Not at 9 PM but the 11 PM slot. She also needs to make nice with Trump.

  5. This summer we got FETV on DirecTV (channel 323) and I am really enjoying the ole B&W Perry Mason shows. I like to search online about the show, characters, etc. I didn’t know that William Hopper (Det. Paul Drake) was the son of gossip columnist Hedda Hopper? I also didn’t know that Barbara Hale’s (Sec. Della Street) son is William Katt, who would later be the detective in the Perry Mason movies. Katt was also in the movie Carrie and was the star in the American Greatest Hero TV show. This has been a things you didn’t need to know moment. 😉

    • Did you also know that Raymond Burr (one of my favorite actors) was gay? Maybe that is why Perry Mason never had a romance with Della Street.

      • I did read that and probably didn’t mention because I got my Mom to watch and she is still heartbroken to know that Rock Hudson was gay.

        Update – It was interesting to read about Burr and partners winery and also that he owned an island or part of in the south Pacific.

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