Wednesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. It wasn’t too long ago that those who deserted during combat faced a firing squad. Things have changed, and not for the better.

  2. Does Trump ever says he’s sorry? I’ve never heard it. Does Maddow? Same answer. I’m hoping the CNN political reporter Daniella Diaz does. Odds are reporters are so driven to insult Republicans in general and Trump in particular, they are bound to step in it.

  3. NFL says players should stand for the national anthem. Also they should be respectful at funerals, and be nice to animals. If they want to make a statement though, up to them.

  4. FBN does cover politics more than its competitors so that does give it a boost because people are still stuck on the politics slog (really really surprised people haven’t gotten tired of it yet) Business news channels , otherwise are niche so they are doing something that attracts more broad audience.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 back of the bus
    4 calling Bergdahl ‘deserter’
    3 mocks polio survivor
    2 cause headache
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN pundit crosses over to MSNBC.

  6. Trish Regan hosted 10pm tonight. Sometimes an odd pattern creeps into her speech: she inserts odd pauses into her sentences. For dramatic effect, maybe? Its a little off-putting.

    • I think Trish is great. I didn’t notice you criticizing Steve Hilton’s accent, or Brian Kilmeade’s obvious teleprompter reading. Brian is great in the morning, but he doesn’t belong at night, too much of a light weight.

      I thought Trish was great and one of her segments went viral on Mediaite.

      • Why would I criticize Hilton’s accent? It’s a natural speech pattern shared by millions of people, not an affectation. I’ve dinged Kilmeade in the past for his tendency to scramble words on occasion, but he’s not hosting 10pm this week, Trish is. I do like her red hair but I don’t think I’ve seen her host an entire hour until this week. It wouldn’t hurt her to work on her delivery a bit.

        • Let’s keep an eagle eye on her ratings from last night.

          Btw, do you know if any FNCers read your blog? Ever been contacted by RM or some other Fox bigwig?

          • I’m sure she will do better than Steve Hilton. He is not exactly an electrifying personality.

            Someone must read it because I get tipped to possible links every now and then by the PR dept (to be fair, I have gotten similar tips from MSNBCNN, though less often). But I don’t recall ever hearing from a ‘bigwig’ and doubt Rupe has ever heard of this site. I did get an on-air mention from Bill O’Reilly once. (Much nicer than the one I got from Maddow.)

          • You are too modest, you have dozens of Fox News personalities following you on twitter! Also, I thought your checks were signed by RM? 😉

    • I LOVE Trish!

      I never paid any attention to Trish when she was at CNBC

      Probably cause I thought she was a commie pinko Liberal, boy was I wrong! ???

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