Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Audio: Eboni K Williams will ‘pursue other opportunities‘ in tv.
  • Monday’s numbers: Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Steinberg: Cavuto gets down to business when calling out Trump.
  • Somerby: Rachel Maddow and her ‘baby-poop colored‘ cannisters.
  • Nets scramble to sign Ronan Farrow.  Hill: Kasie DC’s purple prose.
  • Sunday showdown: MediaBuzz beats Reliable.   Weekend numbers.
  • Katy Tur recalls her Brooklyn roots.   Surprise! Trump watches Fox.
  • CNN’s Stallworth says NFL protests are about the ‘gender pay gap‘.
  • Tucker videos: Lisa Bloom, Weinstein’s

43 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. “Gender pay gap” and “housing discrimination?” How many concussions has Stallworth had?

    • There’s no doubt that Ronan Farrow was deeply affected by what happen to his sister and with the sister who is now Woody Allen’s wife.

      He went after another predator and I don’t think Harvey Weinstein had enough money to buy him off.

  2. Trump and I have something in common. We watch fair and balanced news coverage on cable. That and talking too much.

  3. Cable News Morning Programs Total Viewers
    8 am Monday 16 October 2017

    Fox News – Fox & Friends 2,024,000
    MSNBC – Morning Joe 912,000
    CNN – New Day 672,000
    HLN – Morning Express with Robin Meade 209,000

  4. “I’ve not accepted anything yet. I’m continuing to have good conversations with good networks….”

    It sounds like Eboni is done at Fox. But why would you leave your radio gig without nailing down your next TV gig?

    Curtis blamed Bolling for The Specialists failing — interesting that Eboni did not push back. That show was flawed with or without Bolling.

    • The lack of appearances on Fox was a big sign that she was/is likely on her way out. She had a book to promote yet wasn’t appearing on air.
      If they still had plans for her, you would assume that they would have found ways to use her.

      Fox has probably known she was going for a while now. She probably knew that she was not going to get another hosting spot anytime soon and other places would give her one.

      The radio station probably wanted to go ahead and move on. Maybe try some people out so they can choose someone new by the start of the year.

    • I would certainly keep Eboni and have her replace Juan Williams on The Five in a New York second. Someone at FNC doesn’t know what talent is. Juan is basically very dull, can’t anyone see that?

      • Eboni was never liberal enough when she would appear on The Five. Now that she has become more liberal, she probably should have been tried on The Five again.
        At the same time, she probably was not going to get a chance on a bigger show when The Specialists failed.

        Fox has done a poor job of hiring or retaining capable liberal hosts and are just kind of stuck with Juan when it comes to The Five.

        Beckel was much better on The Five. Roginsky did a good job of going one against four. Powers did fine when she would fill in.

        Now they have people like Fowler and Harf who just don’t bring much at all. They haven’t given Tarlov a chance yet, but I don’t think she would be a great fit for the show either.

        I’m not even sure who is out there that they could hire that would be good in the role.

        Juan was better when Bolling was there. They did a good job playing off of each other.

        • Agree, I don’t think Eboni is considered a democrat or even liberal. The second chair from the left has always been for a democrat/liberal. I miss Beckel, he was always good entertainment, even though I rarely agreed with him. Funny also is Eric Bolling used to think the middle chair was the most prominent, So much so on his copycat show, The Specialists, he was in the middle. Funny as the rest of The Five hosts, outside the democrat/liberal were way more popular, especially on twitter. Also rather a slap in the face when they put Jesse Watters in the middle chair.

        • I never got the impression that Eboni is a liberal. She’s much more of an independent. In any case, FOX is crazy to lose her.

  5. S.E. Cupp’s show started doing better in the ratings with Puerto Rico and Las Vegas in the news, but during those stories, the show became more serious and became a bit more of a traditional news show. Especially when it started having more remote guests.

    Now the show is staying more serious (at least compared to what it was), but the ratings are back down. Yesterday was one of its lowest rated episodes. It finished 43% lower in the demo than the second lowest HLN show.

    The show becomes pretty unwatchable when it is overly serious. I can’t imagine there are any viewers who like S.E.’s monologues.

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