Friday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: The further expands.
  • Thursday’s numbers: Hannity-Tucker-Maddow-Kilmeade 1-2-3-4.
  • Wagmeister: Celeb publicists waging soft boycott of Megyn Kelly?
  • Video: Tucker and Joe Concha delineate the
  • Tony calls ‘baloney’ on Hillary’s Weinstein reply.  Birds of a feather.
  • CNN lawyers target fake CNN site.  The nefarious power of tv news.
  • Anthony and Kimberly sitting in a tree.  Shareholders back Murdoch.

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    • I always thought it was triskadekaphobia, but that is a fear of the number 13. Peggy Hill even thought 113 was bad luck (from the first episode of King of the Hill where Bobby was going to play baseball and was asked by Hank to give 113%).

    • They would seem to be compatible. Too bad the Mooch flamed out after 10 days, proving Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer were right when they said he wasn’t ready for Prime Time.

      • Who thought the Mooch was a Democrat? I first saw him on FOX Business bragging about voting for Obama but he was friendly to FOX which I thought was strange

        Later on I find out he’s a Republican lol

  1. First Gavin Newsom, now Anthony Scaramooci, Kimberly must like guys who spend more time in front of the mirror than she does!

  2. Concha did a lucid and cogent job of articulating the dynamics around the NBC decision to scoot Ronan Farrow off to another outlet with a blockbuster.

  3. What is it with MSNBC not carrying the Las Vegas news conference……they are just doing 2 this week and MSNBC didn’t air the first one at all and now for the only other scheduled one……they are talking about hour old news on Iran….with two people against Trump and non-journalist and Clinton supporter Katy Tur……….


  4. I think the Disgraced head Racist stooge may finally be getting a clue that MSNBC is a political operation and doesn’t have any real journalist left.

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR 16h16 hours ago
    If MSNBC’s “The Last Word” is a liberal opinion show why is anchor Ali Velshi subbing as host?

    While I love laughing at him…..I wish somebody would inform him that he looks really dumb comparing Alies and BO to Weinstein……….the Key word is RAPE….which neither Alies or BO were accused of.

    • Was he trying to claim “The Last Word” wasn’t a liberal opinion show? That Velshi isn’t liberal?

      • The head DRS has me blocked (snowflake alert!), but I did see ‘Moe’ explain to him that it’s all right because Velshi is really a business anchor who also does opinion and that makes it fine because doing Lawrence is basically the same thing and… oh never mind, it doesn’t make one minute of sense but that’s the way cultists think.

        I still recall some weeks ago when MSNBC was ignoring breaking news coverage of some event ‘Moe’ saying that’s a good thing because he doesn’t believe in live coverage. It’s much better to wait to watch a summary report later on when all the facts are in. But just the other day he was telling everyone how he was watching live coverage of the fires.

        If it weren’t for double standards, these people wouldn’t have any standards at all.

        • Well you NEVER listen to dry drunks……I don’t look at MOES crazy stuff anymore so i missed that…….Funny but MSNBC says his show is “The latest Breaking news and Live coverage of the days important stories”…….I guess im missing that he does Opinion according to them………of course lets be honest MSNBC doesn’t have any Journalist who don’t do opinion anymore so it shouldn’t be a shock that they put someone they falsely claim is a “journalist” to host a opinion show.

          And don’t you just love that the Disgraced racist’s call me a coward because I wont get a twitter account to confront them there (like its my fault they get banned everywhere else) but when somebody does confront their lies they block them in a heartbeat the cowards that they are.

    • it’s difficult striking a properly serious perspective on the subject because it’s so politicized.

      Yes, whether it’s a woman fearing that it might deter her career to turn down an invitation from Ailes or O’Reilly, or from Harvey Weinstein, it’s a pretty shitety position to find yourself in.

      Just don’t do it. Don’t do it to women or to men. Look outside the workplace for companionship, I don’t care if you work 24/7 and don’t have a social life. Don’t do it.

      That said, it doesn’t make things better to turn all unwanted sexual attention into some sort of ultimate Sin Against The Holy Spirit. Where all improper encounters are the same as rape because the best that can be said about them is that they aren’t rape. Sheesh. Violence is different from nonviolence. It’s even different from the psychological duress of speech and of ideas (contrary to Antifa), even though both can cause pain. It is a difference that matters.

      I think too, that something else to keep in mind is that we know Harvey Weinstein is a predator, and likely a violent criminal. But we truly don’t know all the facts. Paula Jones said that Bill Clinton pulled it out and told her to kiss it, is that rape? According to Kathleen Wiley, Clinton placed her hand on his crotch. Is that rape?

      Ive heard that four women have accused Weinstein of rape, but we haven’t heard the details of what happened. The media should try to remember that.

      Boy, it’s a different day from when the media wasn’t just ignoring the accusations against Clinton, as they have for years against Weinstein, but treating Clinton accusers like they were dirt.

      • Paula Jones said that Bill Clinton pulled it out and told her to kiss it. Is that rape? According to Kathleen Wiley, Clinton placed her hand on his crotch. Is that rape?

        Not rape, but sexual assault. Johnny could fill in the punishment that type of behavior would bring when he was prosecuting

  5. The magic kingdom laid off several hundred at ABC today. A piece of news I missed was the “pink slime” settlement amount:
    “ABC also paid out at least $177 million to settle a defamation suit leveled by a beef processing company against its news division. That settlement, perhaps the largest of its kind in U.S. history, removed an even larger potential liability from ABC’s books.”

  6. Imagine the man who used to occupy the middle seat on The Five being involved with all the recent discussions about sexual harassment.

  7. Thursday, October 12th

    Rank Viewers Program
    1. 3,044,000 HANNITY
    3. 2,530,000 RACHEL MADDOW SHOW
    4. 2,386,000 SPECIAL RPT W/BRET BAIER
    5. 2,375,000 FIVE, THE
    6. 2,213,000 STORY, THE
    7. 2,041,000 FOX NEWS TONIGHT
    8. 1,929,000 FOX AND FRIENDS
    9. 1,843,000 AMERICAS NEWSROOM
    10 1,812,000 LAST WORD W/ L. ODONNELL
    11 1,800,000 DAILY BRIEFING W/D.PERINO
    12 1,712,000 FOX AND FRIENDS
    13 1,711,000 YOUR WORLD W/NEIL CAVUTO
    14 1,664,000 AMERICAS NEWSROOM
    16 1,640,000 HARDBALL WITH C. MATTHEWS
    17 1,626,000 OUTNUMBERED
    18 1,609,000 ALL IN W/ CHRIS HAYES
    20 1,517,000 HAPPENING NOW
    21 1,257,000 11TH HOUR W/B. WILLIAMS
    22 1,220,000 MTP DAILY
    23 1,206,000 FOX AND FRIENDS
    24 1,202,000 BEAT W/ARI MELBER
    25 1,094,000 DEADLINE:WHITE HOUSE

    • I don’t pay that much attention to the ratings……..I don’t see MSNBC M Joe on that list…….I thought it had OK rating that it would be in the top 25……does it Not?

      • It was #26 yesterday and Wednesday, #31 Tuesday and #30 Monday with an average of 1 million viewers. Fox & Friends at 8 am averages about 2 million with New Day on CNN averaging about 700,000 at 8 am.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Fake CNN site
    4 of a feather
    3 soft boycott
    2 calls ‘baloney’
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Anthony and Kimberly sitting in a tree.

    • Some “celebrities” were falsely claiming on twitter that he didn’t comment or show concern initially.

  9. I’m sorry but reading about Weinstein “pleasuring himself” in front of women is disgusting, but also isn’t that wording trying to downplay what he was actually doing. Note you could replace Weinstein with William Jefferson Clinton in that sentence.

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