Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-Maddow-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Rothstein: Brian Stelter wonders if ‘the right’ has ‘lost its mind‘.
  • Somerby: Doting Maddow profile shows how liberals have failed.
  • Megyn Kelly video: Lauren Sivan opens up about Harvey Weinstein.
  • Q&A: CNN’s Jeff Zeleny.   Back to school.   Harvey Levin in Israel.
  • Swamp Watch video: An NFL team is a
  • Ruben Navarratte Tucker’s show, lives to complain about it.
  • How ‘Southern gal’ Ainsley Earhardt became America’s morning star.

38 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. The Weinstein Company is reportedly set to change name amid sexual harassment accusations. Probably to something touchy-feely… but in a good way.

  2. Damned if I’m letting tax breaks fund a new NFL stadium in my NE Ohio county and let turds disrespect my anthem! That, and we don’t have enough people to fill an end zone.

  3. It’s official…

    Alex Weprin‏

    Inbox: ABC has named Meghan McCain a co-host on “The View” and a contributor to ABC News.

    • A view many conservatives hold on former conservatives that have gone Trump. A lot of us felt that way about Wolfowitz pushing GWB into democracy building. Many Americans are simply conservative.

    • She sort of explained why. Didn’t think she was going to be believed. Didn’t think it was worth the hassle. Knew she could avoid him and it wouldn’t impact her career.

      Not sure how many people she talked to, but she clearly had told people including someone that night. Courtney Friel said that she had been told.

      Between what Bill Schulz said on his show today and what Sivan said with Megyn Kelly, it sure sounds like Yashar Ali (who broke the Bolling story) was told about Sivan and called her about it.

      With the other stories out there last week, she probably decided to go ahead and tell her story.

    • Given the specifics of what happened when he lured her into that hallway in the restaurant I wouldn’t want to talk about it either. I commend her for telling her story as I would still be embarrassed to tell it to anyone, let alone on national tv.

      • Embarrassment wasn’t the reason Sivan didn’t say anything. A very powerful and rich man put her into the position of having to risk her reputation, her career, and possibly her physical well-being in what would likely be a futile attempt to expose a predator.

        Sivan found herself in the most morally challenging of positions that fate occasionally deals people. Should I risk everything and do the right thing in an attempt to get this guy off the street?

        There but for the grace of God go the rest of us. Wouldn’t have wanted to be in Sivan’s situation and don’t know how I would act.

        However, let us have a moment of respectful silence for those people who throw caution to the wind in order to do the right thing from jump.

        Let theirs be the standard to which we aspire.

        That said we need to remember too that as devout and as zealous for godly precepts as Sir Thomas More was, he frankly stated that martyrdom should not be a life goal and that the exercise of earthly common sense and a sense of perspective often serves as a divine ticket to self preservation.

        Let’s remember that in considering the difference between asking a woman to twirl around, to hug you, and to engage in double entendre, from being cornered in a hall and humiliated, and being spit on in the face.

  4. Jemele Hill apparently has the same traits as thugs who get shot because they refuse to follow police orders. Stubborn stupidity.

      • There’s been nothing stealthy about that since they gave ☪ظ☭ma airtime for his NCAA brackets; I must admit, I was surprised they didn’t have him do it this year. He was probably too busy in the South Pacific on Geffen’s yacht and then resting up at his Fortress of Sedition in Kalorama.

  5. Today’s most popular links…
    5 lost its mind
    4 taxpayer-funded cash cow
    3 Lauren Sivan
    2 America’s morning star
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 (Ruben Navarratte goes on Tucker’s show,) lives to complain about it.

  6. Anytime a dipstick like Stelter questions if “the right has lost his mind”, you just know the right is doing something right. Right?

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