Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Greg Gutfeld on the of Las Vegas.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Tucker-Brian Kilmeade 1-2-3.
  • F&F First expands: Heather Childers anchors 4am, Mele/Schmitt 5am.
  • The Story video: on the Vegas massacre and more.
  • HuffPo: Meet Jesse Watters, the racist white guy who ‘gets off easy’.
  • Wemple: Is intense Las Vegas coverage prepping the next copycatter?
  • Jeff Zeleny won’t explain himself.  Cablers named to distinguished list.
  • Impartial MSNBC anchor mocks hunters.   CNN pulls Playboy headline.
  • Ratings sag, but NBC suits ‘will be patient‘ with Megyn.  Today’s lawsuit.

38 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Stock market up 24% since Trump elected. Happy happy, joy joy! I’ve moved my gains into gold. William Devaine and I get together and count it naked.

  2. Now Fox and Friends First start time is the same as CNN’s Early Start, though I am not sure why the would need sets of co-anchors…

  3. Back when Red Eye was canceled, the main reason given was that Fox wanted to do more live coverage and they just wound up with more reruns.
    [Andy and Tom mentioned (not sure they were told) that Fox likely were going to do eventually do something and Red Eye wasn’t just canceled for more reruns long-term.]

    With the additions of 11:00 pm and 4:00 am, that reason now makes sense.

    I wonder how long this was planned and if some of the unforeseen changes in 2017 delayed these moves.

      • As of this week, Greg (6 + podcast), Bill (4+), Andy (4) and Tom (15) now combine for over 29 hours of content (well, whatever the number is minus commercials) a week.
        Most of these shows also book a decent amount of past Red Eye guests.

        Bill’s new Compound Media show has been pretty good so far and has already shown that it is going to book a lot of past Red Eye guests.
        Probably the most similar to the spirit of Red Eye at it’s best as anything has been in years. It has the nothing to lose feel that Red Eye had for years.

        • I didn’t even know Bill has a Compound Media show! That’s great news. I wish Andy wasn’t stuck on HLN.

  4. I’m predicting that by 2030 we will have landed a man on Mars and returned him safely. Also, FOX & FRIENDS will have its own channel.

  5. Cable News Top 30 from Tuesday, October 3rd.

    FOX News holds all programs in top 10 with every program from 7 am to 11 pm in top 20.

    Rank Viewers.. Net.. Program
    1… 3,868,000 FOX.. HANNITY
    3… 2,814,000 FOX.. THE FIVE
    4… 2,666,000 FOX.. SPECIAL RPT W/BRET BAIER
    5… 2,617,000 FOX.. FOX NEWS TONIGHT
    6… 2,469,000 FOX.. FOX AND FRIENDS
    7… 2,455,000 FOX.. THE STORY
    8… 2,315,000 FOX.. AMERICAS NEWSROOM
    9… 2,273,000 FOX.. YOUR WORLD W/NEIL CAVUTO
    10.. 2,097,000 FOX.. OUTNUMBERED
    11.. 2,045,000 MSN.. RACHEL MADDOW SHOW
    12.. 2,026,000 FOX.. AMERICAS NEWSROOM
    13.. 2,002,000 FOX.. HAPPENING NOW
    14.. 1,918,000 FOX.. OUTNUMBERED OVERTIME
    15.. 1,901,000 FOX.. SHEPARD SMITH REPORTING
    16.. 1,900,000 FOX.. FOX AND FRIENDS
    17.. 1,845,000 CNN.. ANDERSON COOPER 360
    18.. 1,768,000 MSN.. HARDBALL WITH C. MATTHEWS
    19.. 1,749,000 FOX.. DAILY BRIEFING W/D.PERINO
    20.. 1,738,000 FOX.. SR/LAS VEGAS SHOOTING CVG
    21.. 1,588,000 MSN.. ALL IN W/ CHRIS HAYES
    22.. 1,517,000 MSN.. LAST WORD W/ L. ODONNELL
    23.. 1,455,000 CNN.. ANDERSON COOPER 360
    24.. 1,394,000 CNN.. CNN TONIGHT
    25.. 1,375,000 MSN.. 11TH HOUR W/B. WILLIAMS
    26.. 1,369,000 MSN.. MTP DAILY
    27.. 1,362,000 CNN.. ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT
    28.. 1,349,000 MSN.. BEAT W/ARI MELBER
    29.. 1,331,000 CNN.. SITUATION ROOM
    30.. 1,324,000 FOX.. FOX AND FRIENDS

    Source –

      • I am surprised as well. Hopefully, it’s just due to events, which we know helps CNN.

        The competition at 2 pm CNN Newsroom had 1,182,00 viewers and MSNBC Live with Katy Tur had 793,000. They were ranked 34 and 50, respectively, in cable news.

      • This week is not likely to say too much about what the ratings will be going forward. Maddow clearly is not going to keep finishing in third in the demo.
        I think there was a day last week where she had a show in the top 10 of the all cable shows 18-49 demo rankings. Monday, she finished 49th. 35 Fox and CNN shows beat her that day.
        That won’t keep happening.

        Although, I also think that 2:00 is a time slot that would be near the bottom of Fox ratings no matter what they put on there. Those three hours between 1:00 and 3:00 eastern are probably the hours when the largest percentage of people nationwide are working.

      • I turned off Dana’s show today after about 10 minutes. She is a real lightweight and always cracking jokes when it is not appropriate. Apparently she still thinks she is doing the Five, not a serious news show.

        And why does Trish Regan keep getting passed over?

          • Well switch her to FNC. Perino won’t last if she can’t good get ratings in this big news environment.

          • Dana did have 2.7 million on Monday. That is likely one of the biggest numbers in that time slot since Trump has become president.

            This week of ratings will need to be seen as a fluke because of how high some of the numbers have been.
            So, it is way too soon to decide if something is succeeding or not.

        • I think Fox still likes Regan even if not as much as Ailes seemed to. She was used fairly regularly as a fill-in on Outnumbered and Your World the past few months.

          Cavuto is 59 years old, has MS and has had cancer and open-heart surgery. I’m not sure how much longer he is going to keep working so much.

          [He did sign a “multi-year” contract in Jan 2016, but that was before his heart problems. Also, two years is technically multi-year, so his contract could be up in January 2018.]

          If that seat opens up, and Fox wants to still have a business show (I think they would), Regan would be a huge favorite for it. Bolling is gone, Varney is too old, and Payne is too controversial.

          They very well might just be waiting for that spot to open up for her.

    • Really strong numbers for Hannity so far since the move. One of my long standing pet peeves with him are the taped shows. It will be interesting to see if Fox allows him to go back to taping afternoon shows once the news cycle calms down a bit. If Fox is smart they will demand that all prime time hours be live.

    • This list can’t be correct.

      MSNBC runs ads that proclaim that Morning Joe is the go-to place for everyone from the beltway to the heartland in the morning. Everyone who is anyone watches Joe and Mika.

      Must have just been an oversight.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 distinguished list
    4 lawsuit
    3 will be patient
    2 racist white guy
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Jeff Zeleny won’t explain himself.

  7. Why is MSNBC getting destroyed in the ratings you might wonder?
    CNN and Fox are talking about Las Vegas…just after a 40 min news conference…….MSNBC is talking about Russia……Russia……Russia……prepare to be crushed again MSNBC.

      • Yea I stopped…….I guess I do it because I remember the old MT……he seemed like a nice guy who made a lot of good points and seemed to have good insight on media issues….Ive seen his insight for years…….. I also agreed with quite a few things he said. However something changed him in 2016 and now I don’t even recognize him….I guess I just wish the old MT would be there…….but I see no hint of it what so ever……so Ive stopped and i’m giving up. Its just really sad to see what became of him…..I really do worry about his safety and the safety of others.

        Did you see the search Martha posted last week I think it was…….since hes been banned here…..he talks about us just about everyday tagging people he knows have blocked him and will never see the posts……..its just so sad to see what Trump’s election did to him……at least thats what I think did it.

        But hes so closed mined….I realized I was just wasting my time.

  8. Should be another good night for Hannity

    MSNBC – Maddow fill in talking Tillerson
    CNN – Pelosi town hall on guns

    • I think it was a poor decision by MSNBC to allow Maddow to take off the second week of highly visible head to head with Hannity.

      • They knew she was going to get hammered by breaking news coverage so they pulled her so they could say oh it was just a sub that week. Maybe even use that as an excuse to not count the week in the monthly summaries. (CNN is notorious for this sort of thing, like using non-standard Live+7 ratings numbers in their monthly press releases.)

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