Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Rothstein: Trump is Stelter’s trough…and he can’t get enough of it.
  • CNN: ‘Keep in mind’, massacre victims are likely Trump supporters.
  • FNC premieres: Out# Overtime Daily Briefing
  • Lean Forward reporter: We’ll never know what drove Scalise shooter.
  • Reporter says ‘not one Latino voice‘ on tv news, ignores Kim Guilfoyle.
  • Scarry: Did back-stabbing Jeff Zucker trigger Trump’s hatred for CNN?
  • Trump’s war with the NFL was not sparked by racism, but by Fox News.

53 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Scarry- on the money, but for thinking that people like Stelter are “clueless” about the impulses and motivations that influence Trump via his supporters.

    The media is now a political advocacy group through and through. They think and behave as political strategists behave.

    The leftwing political narrative as seen from an elite ruling class of oligarchs, their investors, and sexual and gender fluidity pioneers, is what is important. All facts and details must be shaped or massaged into service of that.

    • Stelter and the left are not “clueless” about the impulses and motivations that influence Trump via his supporters. They just find them and us deplorable.

    • FUN FACT: Years ago Betsy Rothstein said she couldn’t afford to pay me, but did offer up Eddie Scarry, who worked for her at the time, to mow my yard at the cabin. Eddie demurred as that not being part of his skill set.

  2. Fox has several Latino hosts, reporters and contributors: Kimberly Guilfoyle, Geraldo Rivera, Julie Banderas, Bryan Llenas, Rachel Campo-Duffy. There may be others I am forgetting. A reporter, of all people, should know to check before making blanket statement.

  3. No TV for me today. My ALEXA flash briefing sourced by FOX NEWS and BLOOMBERG was sufficiant for now.

    • admit the truth larry, if he had said allahu akbar you would be all over it. you would post some 1. 2. 3. 4. question nonsense. lol
      i feel lucky actually to have heard late. i only looked ar Daily Mail because they post the most accurate pics and vids. Need to look at least once to understand what happened enough to sift through media lies, because next comes the politicians and their blame game for pushing agendas. Pulitzer waiting for the guy that does a med correlation to murder suicide book.

          • He ran over here to our small burg in order to offend someone as soon as he found out about the shooting.

            You know…the usual.

          • I simply take into account where he chooses to live. It tells me all that I need to know. And, he disparaged Lily Langtry. Only a hard core commie would do that.

          • i came and noted the truth, if this event is in any way connected with Islam larry would have made another stupid 1.2.3. conclusion post about his hatred of islam. i know you 3rd graders find the truth an offense but it is exactly what he has done every time so it is true. period end of story. nix knows me to have never said anything disparaging about women and look at his little 3rd grade little girl approach. really you have become kinda of pathetic in you shunning and bullying crape.

          • I’m often interested in what he has to say if I can understand him. You’re better off not being exasperated

          • If you look at his posts under his Disqus account via his wife’s name, his posts generally follow the rules of punctuation and linear thought.

            He saves the vaudevillian e.e.cummings act for here.

          • while you are troll searching my posts, look for any inconsistent views or disparagement of women as you 3rd graders play stupid click games.

          • I wasn’t troll searching your posts, I was looking for a post I saw from you in the sidebar, that I couldn’t find in the deluge of posts in the particular thread.

            I quickly noted that you save the bullshite writing quirks for this place.

          • In case anyone is unaware of this, if you see a comment in the sidebar it will say something like “27 minutes ago”. Just click on that and it should take you right to the comment in question. (Maybe a little above or below it, but close…I guess it’s not an exact science yet.)

          • school marm, troll, nasty cat, all the same. at least i am not nix and make up bs were it could not possibly exist. i do not recall saying anything like that to anyone here except you now. feel special.

  4. I wonder if the new shows (Outnumbered Overtime and Daily Briefing) will air today, or if Shep will take over at 11am. (Unlikely he’ll take over before then because Hemmer has big ratings but I could be wrong.) Vegas is a sad place today.

  5. I like Mora, but he’s a little off on how many Latino reporters/and anchors are on TV, plus they should have to be Latino to cover a US territory that has been hit by a storm , that’d be like saying you have to be born in Ohio to cover Ohio. The media overall decided to talk more about the NFL being mad at Trump instead of covering something that happened in a US territory . (Not saying Zero coverage happened, but they did get distracted by NFL stuff )

    • i would be offended if some city slicker of any color came to my small burg to offend me. i bet Madow going to Hamilton county in Ohio would get a great response. all negative. sending in a reporter that resembles the lives and people living in an area seems sensible to me. i guess i am a racist.

      • I should have been clearer, I meant that it’s not wrong to have someone who is from the same area or walk of life to report in that, like if someone is from Utah they would know it better than someone who only lived in Connecticut , but I mean that it doesn’t necessarily mean that reporters have to be from an area or walk of life to cover a story. (plus if they (the reporter) are open minded they might learn something themselves)

        • was not replying harshly, just that it seems sensible to have people like the people in the story as part of coverage.

  6. just flipped on Dudge, first i had heard. Like not really being 100% connected. For the first time i heard the media use “auto” and be right. there was full auto used on several vids. burst in excess of 40 rounds indicate a drum mag which explains the time it took to change drums. audio sounds like .223, so a mini 14 or AR, but it could be higher caliber because i just get that from listening to vid audio from a distance. bigger rounds have a more klugga klugga sound.
    nev is a full auto state i want to know if this guy owned this stuff legally
    never never never does the media go after med reporting. personally i am convinced, particularly the school shootings, have a lot to do with the medications people are on, or abruptly not taking them. there is a good book waiting for an actual reporter. review shootings and meds and i bet you will really get scared. i mean read the damne warning label.

    • P.S. It is illegal to obtain a BATF stamp if you lie on the application. The application specifically asks about meds you use.

          • I haven’t been watching TV, but saw a headline flash by my iPad that he was a multimillionaire retired real estate investor, so I wouldn’t be surprised one way or the other. One thing is for certain: no law could ever stop such a person.

    • How soon before CBS anchor Scott Pelley blames “to some degree” those country music lovin ‘ rednecks for this shooter, as he did Rep. Scalise.

      • Fortunately he is no longer anchor of the CBS EVENING NEWS, but the temporary fill-in is obnoxious enough to come up with something.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 likely Trump supporters
    4 Kim Guilfoyle
    3 trigger Trump’s hatred
    2 not one Latino voice
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Trump’s war with the NFL was not sparked by racism, but by Fox News.

  8. Did PBS NEWSHOUR think it was too early to push gun control? Bet the contributions from people like yews they didn’t. Thank you… and your little doog too.

    • Entry level jobs were minimum wage in first place, it was to give new workers/teens a work experience and little money. Now a business thinks what is more efficient for them giving a teen $15 an hour or a robot $0 per hour.

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