Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Price football hits
  • Reliable Sources videos: Football furor; Puerto Rico; Trump’s 24/7 tweets.
  • Watters videos: Joe Concha spots a
  • Zucker play: Lisa Ling to ‘bare it all‘ in CNN cable news strip tease.
  • Tucker videos:  The Great Dr Seuss Controversy
  • CNN adds Kara Scannell, Dianne Gallagher.   Hannity corrals Trump.
  • Stelter shot at Tucker/FNC triggers pointed twitter reactions.  More.
  • Somerby: This cable star’s Partisan Entertainment is very Trump-like.
  • Turnabout: Russia accuses CNN of foul play.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Report: Megyn’s ‘likability’ scores heading South.   Q&A: Sandra Smith.

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    • Sometimes I change the wording of a link because I need more space to add something, or I think of a more appropriate wording. I originally said ‘blistering’ twitter reactions, then changed it to ‘pointed’: gave me a little more space to add the ‘more’ link + better described the reactions IMHO.

    • Brian Stelter is a media critic, so its ridiculous CNN uses him for political commentary, especially based on his total lack of experience/education in politics. I guess since Zuckers is known to dial into the CNN control room, he is able to speak to his known lackey via earpiece to give him talking points.

      • Over a week he probably gets more air time than most of their regular anchors do. He pops up everywhere from pre-dawn to late-night, opining on every subject under the sun. Not to make this a Stelter bash-a-rama but you don’t see Howard Kurtz on a dozen times a day commenting on everything from A to Z and beyond. I’m starting to think the Saturation Stelter strategy is designed to force CNN viewers to see him as a familiar face, to help his Sunday morning ratings. And that seems to have worked.

        • I would gladly host a Stelter b-a-r. My main beef with Stelter is he is not a journalist, he is a opinionizer. Much what he says isn’t based on fact, but his and Zuckers opinion and biases.

          • To Brian Stelter the media is democracy’s phalanx against corruption. Holy Crusaders of truth… standing against the ignorance and tyranny of any redneck who criticizes them…

            Unless it’s Fox. With Fox, Stelter becomes the world’s biggest media critic/cheapshot artist.

          • Zucker’s Pillsbury Dough Boy might take note that Holy Crusaders pretty much have a track record of being on the wrong side of history.

  1. Why the disgraced racist ICEMAN has lost it example #44574646

    Whines Fox news is covering NK before PR at 9am

    Fox News finds #NorthKorea more important than Puerto Rico not doing a full report from #PuertoRico till 12:09 PM

    Then at at 10am same thing
    FOX News starts their 12 PM hour with North Korea does quick report on Trump’s attack on #PuertoRico then goes back to #NorthKorea.

    Then Fox News covers PR first and he says this:
    At 2 PM FOX News deems Trump’s attacks on the San Juan mayor more important to cover first before covering North Korea.



  2. Judge Jeanine’s Opening Statement was powerful as usual last night but her news maker was the interview with Jason Chaffetz that excoriated Jeff Sessions. She got him to admit some damaging things about the current DOJ. I am hoping for follow up on the controversy this week

  3. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Sandra Smith
    4 More
    3 bare it all
    2 heading South
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Stelter shot at Tucker/FNC triggers pointed twitter reactions.

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