Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Reaction to and analysis of
  • FNC changes: Sandra Smith 9am, Harris 1pm, Dana 2pm.
  • Q3 numbers: Fox News #1; CNN gains; MSNBC has Maddow.
  • FBN beats rival CNBC in Business Day for 4th straight quarter.
  • Monday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Maddow-Dana Perino 1-2-3.
  • Sean beats Rachel.  Coop, Maddow named to distinguished list.
  • Eboni K Williams can’t shake her stalker.  Mr Bill returns to Fox.
  • Megyn mania at NBC: insiders ‘confused‘, co-workers ‘outraged‘.
  • McKelvey: Behind the scenes at the most powerful show on US tv.
  • Tucker video: Joe Concha discusses of racism.
  • Athey: MSNBC fails to report church shooter a Sudanese immigrant.
  • Audio Q&A: Lauren Sivan discusses Fox, Ailes, Eric Bolling, and more.
  • MSNBCNN invite conspiracy monger to discuss NFL; CNN hires him!

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  1. Re: MSNBC fails to report shooter was a Sudanese immigrant. Have to say, and it disappointed me, that Bret Bair failed to mention it was a CC holder that helped stop the carnage at the church.

  2. Just like some coin ESPN as MSESPN, perhaps CNN is now MSCNN. It is so obvious CNN is now a very partisan network and it’s hosts/media critics routinely attack and tweet negative and immature comments about conservatives and Fox News. It’s funny they criticize Trump for doing exactly what they now do on a regular basis. CNN = unfair and unbalanced.

    • jajajaja we are all unfair and unbalanced. i get it. what is baffling the media is that the stratification of the voting public is beyond their ability to characterize. they simply refuse to report what is front of them. they seem intent to drive a round peg in a square hole.
      Novaks “prince of darkness”, great book, discusses the change as both parties purge their respective malcontents, ME ME ME ME, in an excellent bit of prose. how do you account for the large large % of people that just hate it all. i’m telling ya, u keep up the crazy stuff and you can stay off my lawn permanently. The point being discussing media as in support with certain ideas is falling apart. Fox used to be conservative. that is goneamundo. very few left, one in the hospital.

    • That’s been the most ironic part of the Trump presidency.

      His tomfoolery has served to expose them as dilettante tyrannical two-year-olds.

          • No, Johnny, he is not. Not ever.

            From coining the term “fake news” without an iota of irony, to championing the jettisoning of the tenets of journalism based upon self-referential reasoning, he has never been above the crudest, most obvious sort of partisanship.

            He’s a shameless complete hack.

  3. NFL ratings and attendance have been falling the past two years for various reasons. I believe a major one being that players were using BLM type issues to stage a protest during our beloved national anthem. Our national anthem honors our country, flag, freedom and those who fought to maintain our freedom. It is like me protesting unborn babies rights during the national anthem. It doesn’t make sense. Now Trump enters the picture in his typical non-diplomatic way chastising the protesters. The NFL players, owners, union, etc. further the protests on our national anthem and CNN/MSNBC for the most part condones. For the NFL, this does not make business sense, especially when the NFL will not allow players to honor other issues with emblems on their helmets. While I disagree with Trumps tact, he is right and the NFL is in a big lose-lose situation. I personally quit watching the NFL last year and choose to watch or read about the highlights after the fact. I now suspect many more will be abandoning them for getting into the political fray.

    • A major reason of NFL ratings going down:
      – kickoff
      -commercial break
      -3 or 4 plays, punt
      -commercial break
      -2 plays, player injured
      -commercial break
      -3 or 4 plays, booth review
      -commercial break
      -commercial break
      ——return to top of list——

        • Damn right. Move that metal, that’s what makes America great!
          Not that i would drive anything made in the USA. Guitaras si’ caros, nunca!

      • And the commercials are: Stupid beer commercial, stupid car commercial, stupid insurance commercial, stupid cellular commercial, stupid movie trailer, stupid fast-food commercial, etc. ad nauseam, lather, rinse, repeat.

        • People in commercials are all happless, but happy. Maybe just stupid husband with a wise wife or smartass kid now and then. Lots of dancing in joy over whatever is being sold. As culturally diverse as a PBS kids show.

          • That reminds me of the ADT alarm company ads where the thugs attempt to bust in as vigilant mom is closing up shop for the night and dad and kids are in the bathroom brushing their teeth in their jammies.

            Forget ADT, girl! Get a better man!

  4. Well Congrats to Sandra Smith on getting to be paired with Hemmer, to bad Jon Scott is being cut to an hour , though congrats to Harris and Dana.

    • Agreed. Harris’s promotion is well-deserved as is Sandra Smith’s. I like Dana Perino but I think they could have given that hour to someone else. Either way, I hope they all do well.

      They’re going to have to find a permanent co-host for Jon Scott. Just a guess but I’m thinking Heather Childers will get the gig.

      • IMHO if they were going to find a co-anchor for Scott they would have and it would be in the release. I suspect he is going to fly solo at 11am. (There was once, rumor tells me, a plan to expand Newssroom to three hours and dump Happening Now altogether.) Single news hours tend to get single anchors (Shep, Martha, Bret, etc). Though if I were king I’d get Julie Banderas in there to give that 11am shift a little Latin spice.

        • Good point re: the 1 hour thing.

          Yeah, I’d like to see Julie Banderas get more airtime as well. She’s been with the network a long time and has paid her dues.

          On a side note, I wonder what will happen with Shannon Bream who wasn’t mentioned in the press release. If my memory serves me correctly she wasn’t too keen on working in NYC as opposed to D.C. because her husband is a MLB player but I could be thinking of the wrong person.

      • I don’t think Fox wants to find a new host for Fox and Friends First, so I don’t think Childers is too likely to move unless they think she is a better option somewhere else.

        • Probably not, but she’s been holding down two shows on and off for quite a while.

          Personally I wouldn’t miss F&FF – they used to have interesting interviews with guests but these days it’s only useful if there is breaking news.

  5. Fox finally is close to having their entire lineup figured out.

    Though these just announced hosting moves looks like Fox is admitting that they have not done a good job developing/discovering new talent and also that they are not willing to move anyone over from FBN.
    It probably mostly says that Fox really has a thin bench of male hosting talent. Four of the five guys who have solo weekday shows have been in their roles since at least 2009.
    All five of the solo female hosted shows at the end of the year will be shows that started in 2017.

    Dana getting a second show makes sense. She is their biggest female star right now. Having her just be on one hour a day as one of five hosts was under-utilizing her.

    Sandra joining Hemmer is not a surprise, but staying on Outnumbered is a bit of one. This seems like it still might be temporary. Outnumbered doesn’t need her that badly and having Sandra host for three out of four hours between two different shows is not needed. Outnumbered needs a bit of a shake up anyway. They should give Sandra’s spot to Melissa Francis.
    Outnumbered will be Sandra’s secondary show and probably will be for Harris as well. It will be more important for Harris to make sure Outnumbered Overtime does well.

    This still leaves a need for a co-host for Jon Scott, but no longer splitting Happening Now is a good move.

    • Has Tomi Lahren appeared on Outnumbered yet? I might tune in for her, certainly not Melissa Francis or Sarah Smith.

      • No offense to Tomi, but she is still not ready to co-anchor Outnumbered or any other show. She reminds me of Sarah Palin but with a bit more to say and the ability to say it more coherently.

          • Well you can call them “co-anchors” or “panelists” or whatever – I think Fox has her in the right spot for what she brings which is red meat to the base. All I’m saying is she needs more experience first. I think she could certainly handle sitting in on Outnumbered but it’s different from the monologues she gives on Hannity’s show.

        • Heck, Sarah Palin. Is more entertaining than some of the stiffs they have on that show. I haven’t watched it in months.

          • Well, to each his own, right?

            I think there was a good reason why Fox didn’t renew her contract but I have no doubt she had a good number of fans.

      • I’m not sure Lahren has even been in the building since being hired. She always seems to be via satellite.

        It is looking like they are going to take it a bit slow with her. Since being hired, it has still mostly been just Hannity and Watters appearances.

        They will probably have her appear on Outnumbered eventually. The standard for appearing on that show is not very high. No reason not to have her on.
        She had a pretty solid appearance on The Specialists. So, she seems like she is capable of doing fine on a panel show. Need to give it a shot at some point.

  6. Nice win for Hannity. I think Maddow will still win more nights than not in the demo, but expect Hannity to compete much better than The Five did.

    Maddow has the “Olbermann effect” going for her — the face of the resistance.

  7. DirecTV is letting at least some customers cancel subscriptions to its Sunday Ticket package of NFL games and obtain refunds if they cite players’ national anthem protests as the reason, customer service representatives said Tuesday.

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  9. Loving Mr. Bill on Hannity tonight. Normally don’t watch this stuff in the evening, but these two titans too good to miss.

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