Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Maddow-Tucker Carlson-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Megyn debut: emotion and promotion.  Gianno Caldwell to FNC.
  • Today video: Megyn debuts saying ‘I’m for now’.
  • Betsy beholds Brian.   Legion of Brothers.   Empty seats in Baltimore.
  • 9:19 am: Think Progress; ten minutes later: impartial CNN reporter.
  • Video: on the first amendment at sports events.  More.
  • Swamp Watch video: Are tech giants than government?

62 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

    • Or focus his attention on being a spokesperson for the causes he has always championed, and on enjoying his kids.

      Build a brand of “looking out for you” as the means of engaging our culture/public life.

  1. Re: “Empty seats in Baltimore”: Without clicking on the link, I’ll assume that Z gleefully shares that the one Spin Stops Here Tour event that didn’t sell out had empty seats. What a loser that suit-settling sexual harasser Bill is.

    • Zurawik is an IDIOT!

      BOR doesn’t have his show reaching 3 million people anymore

      So what does he expect? That BOR will have the same clout as before? ???

  2. Ryan Lizza is an IDIOTIC HACK!

    TRUMP doesn’t just attack Black people!

    He’s attacked Megyn Kelly, a Hispanic Judge, Parents of a Fallen Soldier, John McCain, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina

    He attacks anyone!

  3. What is FOXs’ obsession with Jason Chaffetz?
    Do they really think he’s some ROCKSTAR that everyone wants to watch?
    FOX is putting Jason Chaffetz everywhere on FOX News & FOX Biz, I’m sure the guys really LOVE watching him! ???

  4. Nice catch re: the Media Matters tweet and Ryan Lizza’s tweet 10 minutes later.

    Everyone who is in grade school knows that if you’re going to plagiarize you at least change a thing or two so as not to tip off what you’re doing. Lizza didn’t even mix up the order of the names.

  5. Megyn Kelly’s show was alright , it’s not something I would watch every day but it was alright was kind of nice seeing a show not talking about politics . Megyn seemed relaxed and very happy which is good, so hope it does well.

        • I did not see the show this morning (which is why I did not comment if it was a good debut), just linked to a reviewer that did and thought it was awful.

          For the record it was not Eric Wemple, it was Hank Stauer. If I can find a positive review, I will post. This was the review getting all the mentions on Twitter for the “Bride of Frankenstein” comparison.

          (full article)

        • Well as we have seen may times………if the stooges hate it…….bet money on it being a hit! They are almost never right about what American want to watch.

          Nothing makes me laugh harder than when head racist Ice posts
          “Fox wonder why they losing”

          and post a screen cap of something he doesn’t think should be covered……..and the next day that show is shown to have been the #1 show!

          • Not to mention the fact that Fox isn’t losing. They usually win every weekday, total and primetime, in both total viewers and the demo. But Ice knows more about what Fox should cover and arrogantly second-guesses the news judgment of the #1 cable news channel in the world. That takes chutzpah, but then so do racial attacks on Harris Faulkner.

          • He still never answered why anybody would consider me a racist. And, the “H.A. Bennett” he quoted was yet another of his aliases.

          • Everybody here is now a racist because that’s they only way his weak mind can accept that the Disgraced Racist ICEMAN isn’t……….hes clearly lost it…… glad I don’t have to see his rantings anymore. Hes called J$ and me as having racist tendency and even Cecelia has caught his eye.

            Funny before his ban he never thought that……..Trump has destroyed his mind…….hes a stooge now completely……..only I don’t read his stuff because instead of laughing I just feel sadness for what hes become. I mean Martha’s search came up with at least 3 twitter accounts where he just talks to himself about J$ and people on this blog………but that’s not a obsession in his mind……..reading a blog you were banned from……everyday….that’s not a obsession if you ask him………its only a matter of time before the shooting starts.

            I mean Cecelia a racist? Give me a break………funny thing is he cant see it with ICE but finds it everywhere else.

          • Today the frozen stooge broke new vistas of stupidity. He posted a picture of Harris Faulkner dancing next to a Trump backer as proof that Harris is a “very biased Trump supporter”.

            No I’m not making this up.

          • Just got home…haven’t read the laughing stocks feed yet…….anything to target a woman of color….but not racist of course… least in stooge world. The real world….it gets clearer every rant he makes.


          • The best part is him answering his own posts and quoting his various aliases. To see true racists, him and his little friends need only look in the mirror.

          • He gave you the all-purpose answer given to Obama critics for the past nine years– because Obama is a black liberal politician, so hands-off.

            Forget about it [flawless Brooklyn accent]

          • Yes, evidently it’s racist to disparage Lord Obama on physical attributes and a history individually specific to him, but not racist to disparage Harris Faulkner as a self-loathing caucasian-wannabe based upon assumptions of how she should think and act according to her race.

            Nothing new here, folks …and please note that it’s hard to miss folks…when you’re given frequent updates on them…

        • I hope her risk pays off. I bet she got tired of doing the FNC show every night, and wanted something way different.

  6. Tried watching Fox’s Ice-T hosted documentary “Who Shot Biggie and Tupac”. A grinning Soledad hobnobbing with some of the seediest of thugs sent me running for the remote. It is true that I believed the Russians shot them both.

  7. Hannity/O’reilly speaking tour????

    Bill O’Reilly

    Sean Hannity will make big announcement on his Fox show tonight about me, your humble correspondent! Also- I’m on Hannity radio show tmrw!

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 beholds Brian
    4 Gianno Caldwell
    3 emotion and promotion
    2 CNN reporter
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Empty seats in Baltimore.

  9. Kind of sad watching The Five today at five all happy and all and thinking how it all turned out so badly for Eric Bolling.

      • True. It was just that story. However it seems it ripped the cover off what FNC already knew. Otherwise I think they would have brought him back like they did with Charles Payne.
        Bolling always that borderline meathead/jock persona IMO. Sad though it seemed the pictures happened years ago.
        The death of the son makes you wonder about the kid’s vulnerability out there in legal-weed Colorado.

          • I don’t understand why you still think there has to be a lawsuit. Private companies fire or part ways amicably (as in his case) all the time without a lawsuit being filed. It’s obvious Fox News found something in their internal investigation and/or Bolling knew he did something inappropriate and wanted to save further embarrassment.

          • I haven’t listened to the interview yet, but based on past statements, I don’t think Sivan was an original recipient of the photo. So, she wouldn’t have a reason to file a lawsuit over it.
            Michael Moynihan, who used to simply appear on Fox as a guest, also seems to have seen it. Pretty sure the photo got passed around. That is likely why there were so many sources.

            Sivan used to work at Fox.

    • I was happy for them, especially Dana as it was known she didn’t like the 9 pm timeslot for personal reasons. Bolling only has himself to blame and he agreed leave the network, so there must have been something found in the internal investigation.

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