Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: of sports; Kimmel’s
  • Reliable Sources: Russia; accurate Kimmel; speaking of sports; racist Trump?
  • Video: Judge Jeanine wonders if Roger Goddell is
  • Fox & Friends video: Fox ladies on Abby Huntsman.
  • Attorney for Andrea Tantaros fires his client.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Vogue names weekend morning host ‘hardest working woman‘ in news.
  • Hayes and Reid host ‘global citizen’ festival.  Megyn’s four big challenges.
  • Hey, whatever happened with that boycott of Hannity?  Nothing, actually.
  • Mediaite: Tucker is a ‘white nationalist‘; Mediaite: Shame on you, he is not!

60 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Really bad week for S.E. Cupp’s show in the ratings.

    The show averaged 86,000 a night in its first week. The next three weeks averaged 106,000, 111,000 and 95,000, respectively.
    This week, the show averaged only 68,000 a night.
    [In August, the lowest rated, non-rerun, cable news weekday show (ones that air more than once a week) averaged 75,000 a night.]

    In the 25-54 demo, the show averaged between 35,000 and 37,000 for each of the first three weeks. The next week, the show averaged 29,000. This week it averaged only 22,000 a night.

    So, this week, it was down 21% in total viewers and 37% in the demo from its first week.

    On Thursday, the show had 59,000 viewers with only 12,000 in the demo. MacCallum had 33 times as many viewers and 34 times more demo viewers.

    The show likely had a bit of a fluke down week after getting some better weeks thanks to more people watching cable news because of hurricane coverage. A bad demo lead-in on Thursday hurt their demo for that night and it affected the weekly average.

    HLN is likely planning on letting the show have some time, but if it reaches the point that it is the least viewed show on the top six cable news networks, I don’t know how they keep it around.

    • Andy Levy (who was so good on Fox) is on that show as I understand. Keep meaning to watch it for him but forget about it when I get home from work. Will make sure I catch it at least once next week.

      • I’m a big Andy fan but I thought he would be more of a co-host. He’s just another panelist. At first I thought he looked uncomfortable. Now I think he just looks lost.

      • I’m not expecting the show to even get 1/5th the ratings of Fox in the time slot, but just two Thursdays earlier, the show had 1/9th of the demo viewers of MacCallum’s show.

        Dropping to 1/34th two weeks later is awful. That is even with Martha’s show also being down from that previously mentioned Thursday.

        Getting 1/10th of the ratings of the top rated cable news show in their time slots seems like a reasonable expectation for HLN shows.

        HLN shows should at least be beating Fox Business shows simply because of network placement. Cupp’s show probably is beating most of them in the demo, but very few in total viewers.

      • There was a time where HLN used to be able to beat MSNBC and CNN in primetime, (Beck and Grace were there, later Velez-Mitchell too) until politics really became the annoying thing cable news channels want to latch too and management screwing up the channel…

        But yes to compare to FNC now would be un fair . Cupp’s show ratings have ebbed and flowed like sling shots though….

        • I’ll never understand why HLN ditched the courtroom drama and thus Nancy Grace and Jean Velez-Mitchell (and some guy – Poulitan or something) in the process. Yes, they probably took a lot of heat for Grace’s antics but they had a loyal audience.

          • Grace left on her own accord though, I mean of all the things the channel went through the consistent thing was Nancy Grace and Robin Meade were always there. Vinny Politan left on his own accord in 14 to be an anchor for WXIA-tv (like HLN is in Atlanta)

    • HLN is not remembered at much as it was before If I went up to someone and asked did you watch HLN last night they might say what’s an HLN? They’ve not promoed her show or others on CNN or other channels at all. Only Robin Meade did well without promo ing , that’s not going to work for everything else though. Who’s going to watch if they don’t know it exists?

  2. Are young people so stupid that they don’t understand they will no longer have to pay the tax penalty for not having Obamacare if the repeal bill passes? Or is it that cable news networks NEVER mention that in the same breath of Medicaid ramifications?

  3. Here is a clear example of what the Disgraced Racist Newshounds do to #1 Fox News. Here they LIE about Trump……not much chance the racist doesn’t know hes LYING…….but he knows if people are crazy enough to follow him….they wont check…..they do this exact thing with Fox news all the time.

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    Richard W. Retweeted Donald J. Trump
    Not one Tweet today about Puerto Rico yet Trump has time to campaign. #Maria
    6:23 PM – 20 Sep 2017

    But you know with a Disgraced racist newshound…….there’s a catch…….and of course there is…….hes LYING……Trump did post about PR…… before when the storm hit…22 hours before….the racist posted this and then later in the day after he LIED about trump. Yet he NEVER told him poor deluded followers he was LYING to them and was wrong……..he does the same thing with Fox all the time.

    Before the LIE

    After the LIE


    • Dang Gatxer.

      I just noticed that some coward on Twitter, who is apparently afraid to confront you here at J$P, is taking you to task over this comment.

      If I was you, I would use your Twitter account (if you have one) to defend yourself. His comment was replied to by someone with 1300 followers which means it is getting widespread distribution.

      He’s basically calling you a liar. Seems to have some longstanding beef with you I am not familiar with. But I hate it that they are attacking you behind your back.

      • It’s one of Michael T.’s various identities. He’s a real prize, once posted a fake picture of me as a klansman in blackface. He can’t confront anybody here due to a well-earned ban.

          • Talk about a black woman’s skin color, ritual mentioning of her ‘white husband’, calling for her to get brain cancer…nice to see they’ve cleaned up their act a little over at the newshounds sewer.

        • I don’t think there’s anyone on the left who doesn’t default to that sort of invective.

          As it stands now, they can’t help but give everyone on the planet (including each other) 15 minutes of being a racist.

      • Not going to bother……that the mental patient who used to post here as Michael T……..he seems to think its his personal job to defend the head racist disgraced newshound ICEMAN. I made the mistake last week of following that search Martha linked. Hes banned from this site and yet he posted almost daily about us or tags people here even though everyone pretty much got him blocked.

        Since hes been banned I try not to even think about him…..I figure having to testify after he shoots up some school will be enough. Hes obsessed with us, hes got like 3 or 4 twitter accounts that are devoted to just people on this site and nothing else. When I followed that link last week I was SHOCKED how crazy hes become. His biggest complaint’s are the words I call the disgraced racist newshounds…..not realizing I only use words the newshounds have used against Fox News people…..mostly women of color……….which he never complains about.

        I have no interest in going on twitter and fighting with him in his 5 accounts……..this place is public……if he hadn’t got banned for being a jerk..and denied other accounts were him when they were………he could respond here……when J$ unfortunately let him back him I sure he will come back because he obsessively read’s this blog daily if not hourly.

        • I plan to organize all the blog posters here into taking a knee if Johnny ever allows him off the island.

          Well…since I have a bad knee, maybe I’ll just agitate that JD display a pinned post on the beauty and restraint of Andrea Tantaros.

        • I figure having to testify after he shoots up some school will be enough.

          Well, he did mention that he like to hang around elementary schools and watch the kids.

  4. Just for laughs we have this:

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    Richard W. Retweeted
    Does anyone in the Trump Administration check his Tweets?
    Six hours later Bill Schuette’s last name is still spelled wrong.
    10:07 PM – 16 Sep 2017

    But we have this from 3 years ago….one of many times hes missed spelled “Karl” Roves name even after pointed out to him. Never fixed.

    Richard W.‏ @IceManNYR
    Hannity still calling Carl Rove “The The Architect”. How did that least election work out?
    7:08 PM – 31 Mar 2014

  5. I see that Jane Skinner’s husband took the politically correct road and rhetorically wagged his finger at President Trump. I imagine everyone that wanted him fired, including Keith Olbermann, suddenly wants to beatify him (see also “strange new respect [Ding!]“).

    • Jane Skinner’s husband ought to start worrying about the collapsing TV ratings and half-empty stadiums. There was only about 30,000 in the house for the 49ers’ last home game.

      • By the way, Jeanine Pirro’s Opening Statement and subsequent interview with Michelle Malkin are a much-needed antidote to reactions from Goodell et al. My one nitpick is Pirro mispronounced NFLPA president DeMaurice Smith’s first name. It’s “diMorris.”

        • gotta say Mike C…….on the nick pick…….I would have had no idea that how you say that. I wish the shows had somebody to tell them how to say different peoples names…..BO said the IL Gov name wrong all the time…but somebody finally corrected him and he stopped.

  6. Megyn is DOA
    I read Free Republic & Breitbart & everytime a Megyn topic pops up, I read the comments section
    Oh boy, not 1 good comment out of hundreds ???

  7. another day another attack on women of color on #1 Fox News by the Disgraced Racist Newshounds……..and their fans from storm-front have come out fast……here’s the very first comments on the latest attack on Emmy award winning journalist Harris.

    john howard commented
    9 hours ago
    Is it just me are is she trying to lighting her skin to fit in with her
    husband friends, who will never accept her, bless her little heart!!!!

    Anita Hall commented
    23 hours ago
    May the bit*h share McCain’s recent health crisis ~ 1,000 fold ~ after
    she loses her job & no longer has health care coverage!

    The Racist Newshound “writers” must be so proud!



      • Worst part is Ellen head disgraced Newshound posted today and let that stay…….not shocked as they let people wish Fox News had been hit on 9-11 and everyone was killed.

        The “writers” must be so proud to be there.

  8. I’m sorry. I thought Joe Trippi was the Democratic strategist. Erin McPike acted more like that than he did. She bashed Trump and beatified Steph Curry. So much for MediaBuzz.

  9. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Nothing, actually
    4 four big challenges
    3 spring a surprise
    2 hardest working woman
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Attorney for Andrea Tantaros fires his client.

  10. I wonder why Andrea Tantaros’ attorney “fired” her – either the case is falling apart or she is not an easy client to work with (putting it mildly).

  11. Grades for Ohio school districts came out this week. Along with them came the annual media song and dance to deny that the mostly D’s and F’s of lower income districts meant the students were basically dumb.

    • A good friend of mine in high school had a little sister who flunked two grades in elementary school, simply because she refused to do homework. Finally after having some sense talked into her, she straightened up. Went on to become a Commonwealth’s Attorney, and a damn good one.

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