Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Maddow-Tucker Carlson-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Scarborough: The media have been ‘pretty damn hostile‘ to Hillary.
  • Bila blindsided.  Flashback: Maddow argues Weiner was innocent.
  • CNN schedules another town hall.  Zucker play: CNN hires Bhahara.
  • Coleman: O’Donnell leak authorized by ‘senior level‘ MSNBC staffer.
  • Maloney: O’Donnell meltdown leak suggests inner turmoil at MSNBC.
  • ‘Finally my job is going to align with my soul, with my reason for being.’
  • Tonight Show video: with Fallon.  He leads the War on Fox.

30 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I don’t know if Shannon’s show will do any better on the ratings than Tucker reruns

    It starts Oct. 30, same day as Laura Ingraham

    Hopefully FNC will have Shannon’s and Jenna Lee’s replacement by then, as well as the 2 p.m. host

    Here’s what I’d do

    Jackie Ibanez to F&FF

    Julie Banderas to AN

    Heather Childers to HN

    Sandra Smith to ANHQ

    Melissa Francis to Out# (with Harris and two rotating hosts)

    Laura Ingle to Fox Report Weekend Saturday and Sunday

    Sandra likely will fill in for Abby when she’s on maternity leave so that would give Harris and Melissa some ANHQ slots

    Who would fill in for Jackie when she’s on maternity leave?

    I’d vote for Lea Gabrielle

    In any event, Lea and Molly Line would be the top fill-ins

  2. LOGIC: O’donnell was mean to people working for him as the “who’s hammering” video shows. One or more got fed up and got revenge.

      • The Daily Mail article said that the make-up and hair staff on The View are glad to be rid of Jedi because she made unreasonable demands. Funny, I read the same kind of things from the behind-the-scenes staff when she left Outnumbered. I still like her, though. I think FOX would be smart to hire her in some capacity.

        • I like her. But, if true, irritating the hair and makeup up people in TV is the equivalent of aggravating the people cooking/serving food in restaurants. It’s not good to do. Still think FNC should consider taking her back.

        • I didn’t realize that Jedadiah is a Never Trumper. If so, I would prefer that she not return to Fox. There are too many never Trumpers and liberals at FNC already. NO on Bila.

    • Made a lot of sense for Jedediah to join The View when offered. She went from a second tier Fox News contributor who seemed to have little future as a host at the network to being a co-host on a well-known network show.
      She was going to be seen by a new audience and be able to represent conservatism/libertarianism on a show that has never had a good enough representative of those ideals. She would be paid more. She also got to meet all kinds of different people. More career opportunities were likely to come from being there than at Fox.
      If it went well, the upsides were really good.

      The biggest risk had to be leaving a steady gig to go to a show that has been dysfunctional for years (probably since it started.) and had a lot of turnover.

      It really didn’t wind up doing that much for her. Being a host on The View is not the gig it once was. I don’t think anyone who wasn’t famous before joining the show has become famous from being on the show in quite a while.

      She probably doesn’t regret going there, but she fell victim to the show like many before her.

      • Not sure how accurate the Daily Mail story is. There is a lot that sound possible, but there is also things that sound unlikely. Also, The View knew they looked bad after the Page Six story, so they clearly are just throwing all kinds of things out there to try to save face.

        It says they went after McCain when Variety broke the story she was leaving Fox. That story broke Friday morning. Bila announced she was leaving Monday morning. Within a couple of hours, CNN had multiple sources that said Meghan was in the late stages of negotiations.
        That timeline isn’t very believable. How does Meghan make that big of a decision and get that far into negotiations over the course of a weekend? Especially far enough where sources start leaking to the media.

        They said they were wanting Meghan in 2013. They said they were looking for a conservative host over the summer. If they liked Meghan years ago, wouldn’t they have reached out this summer to see her availability?
        If Meghan had been planning on taking a break from media when she left Fox, then why would she agree to a new job so soon? If she was planning on staying in media, but didn’t know about The View offer yet, why would she leave Fox?

        She probably knew that she could go to The View and took some time to decide if she wanted to leave Fox.
        Also there is the possibility that she was just waiting out her contract until she would be available.

        I don’t think Bila brought viewers to the show or caused them not to watch. Her role was to give the Right opinion and she seems to have done that role perfectly fine.
        The View doesn’t want to acknowledge that no matter who they hire, the show is still going to be awful.

        • One more comment on this: you’re probably right about timeline. But, the story may be right about the focus groups. FNC has contributors & hosts for every variation within GOP: Establishment, Business, Evangelical, Libertarian, Moderate, etc. Very similar for their Democrats. But, on ABC, she was it as far as a right wing contributor and she wasn’t technically a Republican. May have been off putting to some viewers.

  3. TGIF. So glad to be home after week on the road for work. However unusually hot here in Minnesota for late September, currently 93°. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  4. Can someone tell me a good source to start checking the broadcast TV ratings for 9 a.m. ET Mon-Fri?

    I suspect I am not alone in wanting to check how Megyn Kelly does against Kelly & Ryan next week.

    Or for that matter, how she does compared to the current 9 a.m. show on NBC.

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