Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Maddow-Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Shannon Bream anchors Fox News @ Night, starts Oct 30, 11pm.
  • GQ profile: Tucker Carlson, ruthless debater who’s kind in real life.
  • Video: to Jimmy Kimmel personal attack.
  • Brian Stelter newsletter goes after FNC:
  • Profile: CNN’s Acosta convinced he’s on the ‘right side of history‘.
  • O’Reilly warns Laura Ingraham: The left is going to come after you.
  • Bonesteel: ESPN needs to worry about Fox News, not Fox Sports 1.
  • Another CNN failure to disclose.  Megyn to shift away from politics.
  • Videos: Tucker debates how has changed.
  • Lawrence says the hardest word.  CNN Digital faces $20M shortfall.
  • CNN reporter thinks Melania sending coded messages about Barron.
  • Somerby: There are a million contradictions in Mika’s multiple memoirs.

102 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Lawrence O’Donnell made the rarest of things nowadays. A straight forward apology.

    That said, someone should tell him that Botox is not his friend.

    • Smart move to apologize, but he makes it sound like it was a one-time event. If it was leaked by disgruntled worker on his program or MSNBC and they leak more, than Larry has a problem. He better hope the leaker isn’t thinking “I’ll get you my pretty and your little doog too” – wait Botox isn’t pretty and oops wrong Larry dogs spelling 😉

        • It’s a hammer of justice
          With his a bell of freedom
          Larry sings a song about love between his brothers and sisters
          All over this land!

          • he is straight up on where he stands and he worked long hours in the legislation biz previously. i do not like him, agree with him or watch him much anymore but i know he has a brain and experience, he just goes over line, takes conclusions too far. he is obielike to me. Sad, IQ is a terrible thing to waste.

          • A fight he had years ago with Glenn Greenwald on Morning Joe was one of the best ten minutes of TV I ever watched.

          • Yeah, Wikileaks were not the good kind of leaks.

            Leaks are best when they come from Republican administration insiders against Republicans, or they compromise national intelligence via our own shadow government spooks.

          • Lawrence is all about the love.

            I remember LOD implying that Romney is a racist based upon the premise that since there are no pictures of Romney matching during the Civil Rights Era when he was in college, it must be so…

  2. Stelter has a point that leaks are the cabbage of his profession.

    What he ignores (because he can) is that the phenomenon of leaks present obvious questions to any person with half a brain (this accounts for most media members) about the integrity of the information, the ethical health of the stratum engaging in such practices.

    Someone should also ask Brian if uber-experienced Judy Miller could get a job anywhere else but Fox…and why not…

  3. The Brian Stelter newsletter is nothing more than liberal propaganda and actually should include a disclaimer that it’s a CNN advertising section. He includes immature attacks on FNC and it’s hosts, rarely mentions anything about CNN or MSNBC for that matter. Zucker likely hought this would be a must read for media folks, but it’s bias against FNC, conservatives, GOP, Trump, etc. has likely made it a joke among the impartial media journalists. Zucker aka Stelter think they have the best media unit, but based on ratings, twitter followers, etc. that is not the case.

    • it is interesting that Obama and Trump both have an obvious fair amount of self-love yet they each express it so differently. still ends up saying “i am the only smart person here” of course. in no way does it replicate the gwb self depreciating jokes, or the clinton and reagan “aw shucks” sort of image. i hope we are not stuck with this self importance stuff forever.

  4. FoxNews at 11pm —– We’ll do it live!

    Shannon Bream will take on Brian Williams and Don Lemon. Seems like a no brainer rather than running a Tucker re-run.

    Fox News @ Night will be a live hour of hard news and analysis of the
    most compelling stories from Washington and across the country. With
    news breaking at all hours — and often late into the evening — the show
    will provide viewers with the very latest must-see information from
    FNC’s deep bench of correspondents and experts. It will function as a
    capstone on today’s most consequential news, with an eye toward setting
    the table for tomorrow’s ever-changing developments.

    • Does this really make sense for the penny pinchers at FOX News? I mean that’s why they got rid of Red Eye
      They saw ratings weren’t good enough to have a new show on at that hour when a rerun makes just as much $$$ without shelling out more $$$

      • There’s a difference though , 11pmet : two other channels are live as well plus it’s 11pmet 8 west so there’s more an audience than say 3amet. 11 might bring in more return than say 3amet.

        • a Tucker rerun doesn’t cost anymore $$$

          a new Shannon Bream show, you will have to pay her & the staff

          I’ll go conservative & say $10 million more

          If she doesn’t improve on Tucker’s rerun #’s, the bean counters will be telling FOX to cancel the show

          • 10 million in salary for production people, mostly interns, talent and guests? set and equipment sitting there, i guess a little extra light electricity cost. 10 million???? maybe i been out of the modern world too long, or not long enough.

          • They were going to pay Megyn $25 million

            For Shannon I guess around $8 million sounds reasonable + another $2 million for the entire crew

          • don’t see it, but i do not know her income. it sounds out of proportion with what i have seen. do not know if one can know. i guess j$ could tweet her and ask???

          • They were going to far overpay for Megyn and they likely knew it at the time. If Megyn was all the sudden out from NBC and wanted to go back to Fox, I’m not sure Fox would even offer her $15 million now. That would still be with the assumption that she would be their top star.
            Most bigger names who have left Fox have not done well elsewhere. Fox has learned that the brand is the biggest star. Almost everyone is replaceable. Therefore they don’t need to overpay people.

            $8 million is way too high for Bream. That would probably put her only behind Hannity and Shep at Fox.

            It’s very possible she isn’t paid even one million if they haven’t given her a new contract this year. It wasn’t until this year that she got a weekday hosting gig. This solo show will likely not average as many viewers as America’s Newsroom does and that show is on for two hours.

            I think she would have to get to 3 million viewers a night (which would make her the number one show on cable news) to get to an $8 million salary. That also would make Fox move her to 8:00 or 9:00.
            Very unlikely that this show will be a top five Fox show. I think Fox would be pretty satisfied if it is just top-10 in cable news.

            I think Fox is doing this show partly because it will be so cheap.
            At the start of the year, Fox didn’t have any DC shows that aired 8:00 or later. Now they will have three.
            There will be people who work on all three shows. Fox is now going to get more out of them while they are still on their eight hour shift.

            The crew will be people on salary who would have been paid about the same whether Shannon’s show existed or not. I would be surprised if there is more than five or six people who will work solely on this show.

          • Weren’t most of you gentlemen just bitching about it being all punditry in the night line-up and referencing Williams on MSNBC?

          • I am glad they are trying this and with Shannon Bream is bonus , plus it’s that “buffer” show I was talking about they should in their line up around the opinion shows.

          • If there is a breaking news story (especially non-political) that needs covered in primetime, they can have her come on early. They won’t have to have three hours of opinion people anchoring news.

          • I personally will enjoy watching her give Don “Missing Jet in Black Hole” Lemon a bloody nose in the ratings.

          • Also she never had a toy air plane on TV and ask if a black hole took a plane off the Earth or got drunk on TV on New Year’s Eve twice !

      • Show shouldn’t cost too much. Bream is likely going to be working under her current contract. She will likely use the Special Report set. Fox DC is going to have employees there at that time of night already because of Laura’s show.
        I’ve heard that one of the reasons Red Eye stuck around so long was that Fox was already having to pay crew to be there at night and needed a show for them to work on.

        Fox doesn’t like just letting other networks be live when they are in reruns. Fox and Friends First (at least the newer version) was, at least partly, a response to MSNBC having live programming start earlier than FNC.

        Tucker’s rerun has been losing to Brian Williams for months in both total and demo. Possibly for as long as Tucker has had a rerun at 11:00.
        In August, Brian Williams averaged 1,807,000 total and 405,000 in the demo (likely got a good bump from Hurricane coverage). Tucker’s rerun averaged 1,410,000 and 368,000.
        Fox doesn’t want to just let the other networks have that time slot without a fight.

        Shannon Bream also was needing something to get her back to DC. Pretty sure she always was planning on going back. I think the original plan was for her to be in NYC for 3-4 months. If First 100 Days was a failure, Martha likely would have moved back to being with Hemmer.

  5. Wow, congrats to Shannon Bream, guess Hemmer has to find another co-anchor again. I like the idea they presented. Sounds better than what MSNBC and CNN do by talking more about the same politics you’ve already heard.

  6. It’s nice that Greta always sends congratulation tweets to people getting new programs on Fox News. I have a feeling she may have some small regrets for leaving, but I could be wrong. Perhaps a return with “Greta after midnight”

  7. as posted before 19th and 20 century political debates are not debates at all, but as rhetoricians say, they are “cattle calls “, “beauty contests”, just phony emotional ^&&$*^.
    now enters a debate for the first time i have heard of:
    A MOORE STRANGE DEBATE “When former judge Roy Moore and U.S. Sen. Luther Strange clash Thursday in a ‘Lincoln-Douglas style’ debate, the two Republicans will be wading into rare political waters. Debate experts and longtime political observers cannot recall such a high-profile campaign agreeing to this kind of debate format, unique in modern politics. Instructors and political analysts are also bound to study the Moore-Strange debate, rendering what was once thought as an overlooked contest into showdown ripe with national intrigue. ‘I would buy tickets to this one,’ said Phillip Rawls, a journalism professor at Auburn University and a former longtime reporter with the Associated Press who has moderated debates before. ‘Most debates are pretty boring. This has a potential to be great TV.’ … The 60-minute debate is scheduled to kick off at 5:30 p.m. and will be held at the RSA Activity Center in Montgomery. Raycom Media will stream it live online.”
    An LD debate has a timed intro for each participant that states their affirmative and negative positions. An in detail position statement by each candidate. Cross examination of each candidate by the other candidate inserted one to 3 times as arranged. w/ 3 cross x’es there is normally a refutation timed speech from each candidate, and peroration. no journalists, no outside questions, no fake questions from the audience, if there are judges they are silent and the decision is rendered on a form similar to a boxing card scoring each session with whys. I am sceptical but hopeful hope this is the first of many actual debates. I dream of a world that can “Flow Chart”.

  8. With Shannon going to primetime they now have to find a co-anchor for Mr.Hemmer , and they still haven’t filled Jenna Lee’s slot on Happening Now and the 2pmet hour either that’s alot of open space there.

    • There are a lot of moves left to make. You would assume they would want to have everything figured out by the start of 2018.
      [They better hope out Laura is successful and they are not forced to make another major hosting change.]

      Every show from 9:00 to 2:00 are down a host (assuming Outnumbered will again have three primary ones and 2:00 will wind up with a permanent one).

      They have a lot of options., but they likely will move hosts from other shows and then will have to find new ones for those shows.

      Fox is going to have to start making some hires of people who can host. They can’t simply keep moving around people in house. They are running low and a lot of their younger talent aren’t that great at hosting.
      They have had a lot of women exit the past two years and now it is mostly female hosting spots that need filled.

      Fox should begin raiding other networks for talent.

    • I wish they would put Martha back on at 9 am and give her 7 pm slot to Trish Regan. Martha’s show is a real snoozefest. Isn’t there a law that you keep getting promoted until you reach your terminal level of incompetence? That’s Martha M. Murphy’s Law I think.

  9. Just to prove I’m not the sexist pig some twitter tykes claim, HDTV is not flattering to male anchors either. Juan Williams looks like he was in a rake fight and didn’t have a rake. Bret Baier in the harsh sunlight outside the Whitehouse should have begged for more face powder.

  10. Today’s most popular links:
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    3 Brian Kilmeade responds
    2 newsletter
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Bonesteel: ESPN needs to worry about Fox News, not Fox Sports 1.

  11. My sending coded messages to my husband would never be ascertained, let alone successful.

    In fact, flat-out explicit statements such as “You park in a way that leaves me no room in the garage” never penetrate his consciousness.

    When I hear someone say they are on the ‘right side of history‘, I can be pretty sure that person is a pretentious _ _ _ H O L E.

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