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    • My take is one could question whether any of the following MSNBC types, I listed below, actually went into the voting booth and pulled the lever for Hillary.

      I am not saying they necessarily voted for Trump. They could have voted third party — or not voted at all.

      I just got the sense they had reservations about Hillary’s fitness for office just like many of us.

      Joe Scarborough
      Willie Geist
      Nicolle Wallace
      Alex Witt
      Ali Velshi
      Chuck Todd
      Stephanie Ruhle
      Andrea Mitchell

      To your point, did some of these participate in shows with a liberal tilt?

      I’m probably the last person to opine on this. With rare exceptions like “Special Report” and “Shepard Smith Reporting” on Fox, I find almost all other programs on MSNBC and FNC have a noticeable bias — to varying degrees of course.

      • Cant agree with that list much……I doubt very much because of their reaction on election night and the next day that……geist,Todd. Mitchel or Velshi didn’t vote for HRC… was in their pained faces.

        AS I said before I have no problem with OPINION host supporting who ever they want and making it clear even if they never say so who they are voting for……..its when there so call “journalist” are just as clear that I have a problem.

        I don’t consider anybody on your a current journalist they do too much opinion stuff.

        • As for the names you mentioned (Geist, Todd and Velshi) I don’t recall that reaction — but I’ll certainly give you the benefit of the doubt..

          If what you wrote is true, there are multiple explanations for that. Not the least of which is the possibility that Hillary was their SECOND choice and Trump was a distant third.

          I stand by my view that everyone on my list was critical of HRC on multiple occasions prior to election night. Not unlike Brit Hume and Dana Perino were of Trump on Fox. Even though IMO there’s a strong possibility they would have also had “pained faces” election night if a Democrat had won.

          Actually, my only point was that there were a handful of on-camera folks (on both FNC and MSNBC) who were occasionally so critical of the opposite candidate that their channel generally supported that it made you wonder who they voted for — or whether they voted at all.

          This is different from stating unequivocally who they voted for. I tend to go for shades of grey not unprovable ‘absolute’ assertions.

          Which is not to say that you don’t make some good points.

      • Looking at your list I think Willie Giest plays it fair, so does Witt and Todd, Rhule, and Velshi , Mitchell has some biases but still can be fair when need be . Wallace was defiantly apprehensive about Trump or Hillary and that makes sense Trump is not conservative which she is and Hillary isn’t either.

        For those people appearing on shows with a liberal tilt :Geist not really, he’s too busy , Wallace did but that was to have a conservative guest, Witt never really appears on anything but anchoring, Velshi and Ruhle have but that was to talk about something money related , Todd not much, Mitchell again not much.

        With FNC’s daytime it has more non noticeble bias , at least with America’s Newsroom and Happening now , Outnumbered is an opinion show.

    • I cant think of ONE major person on MSNBC that even might have voted for Trump……its pretty clear that even their so called “journalist’s” like Katy Tur voted for Hillary.

      At Fox I can think of many who may have voted for either HRC or Trump…….the case at MSNBC and CNN isn’t hard to figure out it was HRC all the way……doesn’t represent America as a whole now does it?

      • Hmm…..under things that make you wonder…….just 4 min after I posted this the Disgraced racist stooges posted tweets about people claiming Tur is clearly not a impartial journalist

        …….ending with a attack on……wait for it…..on….Emmy Award winning Journalist and of course woman of color Harris F.

        Obsessed much???


          • Still no darn pizza…….Had not talked about her in days….then I post and just 4 min later….there they go.

            Head disgraced Racist ICE has made at least 13 anti Emmy award Journalist Harris posts in the last 2 days………but he doesn’t target women of color of course….LOL

            I report you decide.

    • In ten years everybody got divorced and then married each other, except Willie and Barnicle. Not saying it won’t happen.

      • Those were the Sam and Diane days, before Mika’s and Joe’s relationship revealed itself as being the most banal sort of social climbing codependence.

        You know, back in the olden golden days when Mark Halperin calling the then POTUS a dirty epithet actually was considered unprofessional, and worse- unseemly, and garnered a suspension.

        • Who would dare treat a President with such disrespect? Or the Office of the Presidency? As usual: IT ALL DEPENDS.

    • Stelter motto: “I think I’ll go back for seconds” or “Honey, are you going to finish that?”

      (poor guy has put all his weight back on and then some……..Trump stress eating????)

    • What’s really telling about the treatment Levin received from Stelter and Ross is that neither of them gave nod to Levin’s experience as chief of staff to Reagan’s AG.

      There was no journalist’s curiosity masquerading as professional cordially in order to glean what insider’s insight Levin might have, or even info from old contacts in the agencies.

      No. Just pull out the stops political advocacy for the prior administration.

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